Abandoned Pup Left with Sofa Still Hoping His Owner Will Return




From the moment our furry friends walk through our doors, they become cherished family members. We shower them with love, care, and the safety they deserve. Yet, heartbreakingly, some owners betray this trust, leaving their pets behind. Enter La-Z-Boy Gatson, a poor pup who clung to hope, waiting for an owner who’d never return.

Waiting on a Deserted Road

In June 2019, along the lonely stretch of Gatson Road in Lincoln County, Mississippi, a 4-month-old puppy was found abandoned. This frail little fellow was spotted clinging to a recliner chair, left out in the open alongside a discarded TV. When Animal Control Officer Sharon Norton arrived, she found the pup starving and desperate, yet his eyes still filled with hope.

“He didn’t want to move from that spot,” Norton shared. It was clear he hadn’t eaten for days, but he held on, waiting for the owner who’d left him behind.

Feeling Relaxed and Safe

Determined to help, Norton approached the pup with food. His response? Pure relief. The abandoned puppy eagerly accepted the treats and comforting words he so desperately needed. Norton’s gentle care earned his trust, and soon, he was wagging his tail as she carried him to safety.

“He was very happy when I picked him up and carried him to the animal control truck. I could feel his tail hitting my back, wagging. He knows he’s safe now,” Norton recalled.

Named La-Z-Boy after the recliner and road where he was found, the pup was taken to Brookhaven City Shelter. After a bath and treatment for ringworm, he was transferred to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, where his recovery continued.

His Happy Ending

La-Z-Boy Gatson didn’t stay lonely for long. In July 2019, he joyfully announced on his Instagram that he had found his forever home. His new parents, Dave Trammell and Sommer Guy, were so touched by his story that they drove over 15 hours from Michigan to Mississippi to adopt him.

“Something about the way he looked just touched me. He just looked so cute and sad,” Trammell said.

La-Z-Boy quickly settled into his new home in Plymouth, Michigan, where he now lives with his dog sister, Penelope. He’s thriving, loving naps, and enjoys car rides with his family.

“I think he just wanted to have a home. You could tell he was really appreciative when we got here,” Trammell added.

From being abandoned on a deserted road to finding a loving home, La-Z-Boy Gatson is now living his best life. A simple act of kindness and a viral story turned this pup’s fate around, proving that hope and love can truly change lives.

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