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Afghan Hounds are beautiful and graceful sighthounds that were bred to hunt in the deserts. They make loyal, loving companion dogs but need a lot of training, care, and attention.

Are you looking to add an Afghan Hound to your family? Perhaps you already are the proud owner of a gorgeous Afghan Hound. In any case, you may want to know how much it costs to raise this lovely dog breed.

Afghan Hounds measure between 25-27 inches at the withers and weigh about 55 lb. on average. They have beautiful silky long coats that could be available in colors like black, white, fawn, beige, blue, brindle, etc. Needless to say, they need a lot of grooming to maintain that luxurious coat.

As a potential Afghan Hound owner, you must commit to the care and upkeep of these dogs. Of primary importance is to ensure you can financially afford an Afghan Hound. 

Let us take a look at the first-year cost, annual costs, and lifetime cost of owning an Afghan Hound. We will also cover the Afghan Hound puppy price.

The Cost of Owning an Afghan Hound in the First Year

The first-year cost of owning an Afghan Hound can fall between $3500-$4000. We have calculated this based on the following figures:

The average first-year vaccination costs come to $170-$200. Your vet will also recommend deworming and flea-tick prevention which can cost around $200 per year in total. You must also spay and neuter your puppy. This surgery can cost between $300-$600 with spaying being the more expensive of the two. Your puppy will also need two to three routine exams which can cost $50-$100 each.

In addition to these medical costs, you’d also spend on training your pet. Afghan Hounds can be challenging to train – so, it may be best to go for professional dog training. This can cost between $500-$1250 a year.

Dog food cost for your Afghan puppy can come to $50-$100 a month depending on the kind of food you feed it. This can bring the annual cost to $900 per year.

You’d also spend on some basic equipment such as a bed, a puppy crate, leash, and collar, some grooming tools like brushes and shampoos, as well as bowls and chew toys, etc. Expect these to cost between $150-$500 depending on the quantity and quality of the items.

As can be seen, we have not included other costs like the cost of grooming, dog boarding, dog sitter charges, pet rental deposits, emergency medical costs, dog walking, etc. If you consider these costs, then the first-year cost of owning an Afghan Hound can go up by $2000-$3000.

The Average Annual Cost of Owning an Afghan Hound

In addition to food, the major expense of owning an Afghan Hound is medical expenses. You need to take your pet for annual booster shots, deworming, flea-tick prevention, and a couple of routine veterinary checkups.

Expect the annual medical costs to be around $600 although these can increase if your dog develops any major health issue or needs some specialized medical care.

Pet insurance is a must-buy for these dogs. You can get good coverage for routine and emergency medical expenses when you buy good pet insurance. Most pet owners spend between $200-$400 per year on pet insurance.

Dog food costs for most adult Afghan Hounds can fall between $75 to $200 a month. If you go for premium dog food, then the annual cost of dog food alone will be $2400. Cheaper food will bring the costs to $1000 per year.

You need to take your Afghan to the pet groomer to keep its luxurious coat in top condition. Expect to pay between $100-$300 a year on 2-3 grooming trips.

Thus, the annual cost of owning an Afghan Hound after the first year comes to $2000-$3000- not including emergency medical costs, travel, dog walking, and pet boarding. If you add these costs, then the sum can go up by another $2000.

The Lifetime Cost of Owning an Afghan Hound

The lifespan of Afghan Hounds is 10-11 years. This brings the average lifetime cost to $23,000-$30,000. This can vary greatly based on your Afghan’s health in its senior years as well as your lifestyle.

Afghan Hound Puppy Price – How Much Does an Afghan Hound Cost?

The price of Afghan Hound puppies varies from breeder to breeder. Top breeders charge $1000-$2000 for purebred Afghan Hound puppies.

The price of show-quality Afghan Hounds is higher than pet-quality dogs. Also, certain coat colors like blue-colored Afghans cost more.

You can always buy cheaper Afghan Hound puppies from Craigslist or pet shops. Here, you could find dogs for $100-$500. But please be careful while buying from these places. Often, these dogs are inbred or sourced from puppy mills.

Adopting an older Afghan Hound from a shelter can cost $50-$500 and this fee even covers basic vaccinations, deworming, and spaying and neutering.

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