How Much Does an Airedale Terrier Cost?




Deciding to buy or adopt an Airedale Terrier is a big decision – one that you mustn’t take lightly. It entails at least a decade of commitment to walking, feeding, training, and caring for this smart, sassy, bold, and cute dog.

Airedale Terriers are confident, regal-looking dogs that belong to the hunting dog category. They are the largest member of the terrier group and are rightly known as the King of Terriers. 

Airedales are wonderful as pets. They get along with children and, with proper socialization, will even get along with other house pets. They make loyal and loving companions dogs and also are wonderful watchdogs.

The stoic and brave Airedale is also very intelligent. Their intelligence makes them easy to train but can also give them a stubborn streak. This can pose a challenge during training. 

Airedales fall in the medium-sized dog breed category. They weigh between 40 and 70 pounds with males tipping the higher end of the scale. They also measure approximately 23 inches in height, give or take a few.

Like many terrier breeds, the Airedale also originated in England – in a place called the Valley of Aire. They reached the shores of America by 1800 and the American Kennel Club was formed in 1888. Over the years, the breed had gained worldwide popularity, respect, and even celebrity status.

Here is a brief summary of how much you can expect to pay for the Airedale Terrier:

The average or median cost of an Airedale Terrier puppy is between $800 and $1500. Some reputable breeders even charge as high as $7000 for their pups from pure bloodlines and champion dogs. The most conservative first-year expense estimate of owning this dog comes to $4115. In the subsequent years, expect to pay almost $2700 per year on these pets. Since Airedales live for 10-12 years, the cost of raising one can fall between $25,000 and $40,000.

Let us check out these costs in detail.

How Much Does an Airedale Terrier Puppy Cost?

As of February 2022, individuals can be expected to pay between $800 and $1500 for Airedale Terrier puppies- on average. On the lower end of the spectrum, potential owners can buy an Airedale puppy for around $500.

However, reputable Airedale breeders are known to charge between $1900 and $7000 for a single puppy coming from pedigree bloodlines.

You can always find a cheaper puppy at a pet shop – here an Airedale will cost around $500 but most of these puppies end up costing even more than you’d spend at a breeder.

This is because they often end up with health issues since they are a product of unethical breeding.

To find a reputed breeder, it is best to seek referrals from the Airedale Terrier Club of America. A few tips to discern the right breeder: ask many questions and visit their facility.


Factors Affecting an Airedale’s Price

Age of the dog

If you buy a younger puppy up to 8 weeks of age, then you’d spend more compared to when you buy an older dog.


Breeders with stellar reputations also charge more for their pups. This is because they guarantee health checks, and also immunize their pups. They even test the parent dogs prior to mating to ensure healthier litters. 

If your breeder is located in another state, you’d also have to factor in the shipping costs. Expect to pay nearly $500 in airfare.


Adopting an Airedale Terrier is a lot cheaper than buying one. You’d only have to spend on the adoption fees which come to around $400. This amount helps cover the shelter’s cost of vaccinating and neutering/spaying the dog.

Here is a table showing these costs:

The minimum price of an Airedale Terrier$500
The maximum price of an Airedale Terrier$7000
National median$800 and $1500
Adoption cost$400


Cost of Basic Supplies for your Airedale Terrier Puppy

There are some essentials for your dog which are, well, essentials. Be sure to have these on hand before you bring home your pet. This will make life easier for both you and your pet.


Food and water bowls

Your little puppy will eat 4 meals and day and also needs fresh drinking water. We recommend investing in sturdy bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Plastic bowls are cheaper but they could develop cracks and become harbor grounds for bacteria. Sturdy bowls cost around $20-$30. Add in a silicone or rubber mat underneath to catch the food messes – for around $10.


Leash and collar

Once your Airedale is vaccinated against major canine diseases, you need to take it out for daily walks. For this, you need a strong leash and harness.

You also need to place a collar with ID tags around its neck. This can cost around $30.


Grooming kit

Airedales need professional grooming at least 3 times a year. You also need to groom regularly them at home for which you must invest in a brush, a comb, a vet-approved shampoo, some ear and eye wipes, nail clippers, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. These basics can cost around $50.


Bed and crate

A crate can provide your curious and intelligent puppy with some much-needed downtime. Crates are not punishment tools; rather they provide your boisterous pup with a safe and secure place to sleep.

Add in some toys and bed and your Airedale will thank you for it. The cost of a basic wire crate with a crate pad and blankets can come from $50 to $75.



Toys are a necessity for the intelligent Airedale Terrier puppy. Invest in some rope toys, balls, sturdy chew toys, and your pet will happily spend hours chewing them.

Avoid rawhide toys and toys that increase the risk of choking. The cost of basic dog toys is about $40.

Check out the following table that shows the basic supplies for Airedale Terriers with their approximate costs:

Crate, crate pad, and bed$75-$100
Dog grooming supplies – shampoo, brushes, nail trimmer, ear wipes, etc.$50 to $75
Toys – Kong toys, chew toys, ball, treat-dispensing toys, dog puzzles$40 to $75
Food and water bowls, mats to contain messes$30 to $50


Training Costs for Airedale Terriers

There are many choices in dog training in the United States, so much so that finding a fun learning environment for your Airedale to learn in can be overwhelming.

Here are some options for you:


Private or one-on-one dog training

Your puppy and you either visit the trainer’s facility or they come to your place. The trainer will train you and your dog together which means you learn how to train your dog. This can include basic etiquette, obedience, and even potty training. These sessions can cost between $50 and $120 per hour.


Board and train

A boarding school can be a great learning environment for your Airedale. It is an in-depth program that can help trainers rectify specific behavioral issues your pet may have. The program starts with some basics and works its way up to solve specif issues like aggression, fear, etc. 

Such training also exposes your pet to a variety of experiences to make it more confident. Trainers also include two or three private lessons with you so you can learn to communicate positively with your Airedale. The cost of this type of training is between $1250 and $2000 per week.


Puppy Preschool

A puppy preschool is the first step in helping you mold your pet into a dog you want as a companion. Puppies and their humans learn many basics here and your pet can also socialize with other dogs. Puppy preschool is built on a strategic foundation so your Airedale can become a well-behaved member of your household. This training can cost between $80 per week (or $20 per class.)

The following table shows these costs:

Group training (cost per class)$20.00 to $50 per class
Private training (cost per session)$40.00 to $120
Dog boot camp /board and trainweekly about $1250 to $2000
Minimum online training program price$99.00
YouTube videos$0.00


Airedale Terrier Dog Food Costs

Check with the breeder, rescue home, shelter, or whichever place your dog called home to determine the brand of food to feed your pet. This way, there won’t be any digestive upsets or additional stress for your Airedale as it tries to adjust to the new environment.

Later on, you can check with your vet about the best food for your Airedale. You can choose from dry dog food or Kibble, wet or canned food, raw food, and these days, even freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.

Always choose high-quality food as it is better for your dog’s coat and leads to fewer allergies.

Here are some feeding guidelines for Airedale terriers:

  • Feed your puppy 4 times a day. Choose high-quality puppy food or dog food that is labeled for all stages. An active Airedale puppy weighing 30 lb. will need around 900 calories of food per day.
  • Feed your adult Airedale twice a day. An average-sized Airedale will need 1300 calories per day. The recommended amount of kibble or dry dog food for active Airedales is between 2-3 cups. You can divide this into two meals.
  • A pregnant or lactating bitch will need frequent feeding and also more calories.
  • Senior Airedale terriers will also need different food based on their health.

The following table shows the monthly food quantity to purchase along with approximate costs:

TypeApproximate monthly quantity for an Airedale Terrier weighing about 50 lb.Approximate monthly cost
Dry dog food/kibble30 lb.$50
Wet dog food50 lb.$75
Freeze-dried food10 lb.$100
Raw food15 lb.$35 to $50
Dog treats$25


Best Dog Food for Airedale Terriers – Comparison

Airedale Terriers need high-quality food which is balanced and preferably free from grains. Avoid cheap foods as they tend to lead to skin and coat issues.

You can also choose food according to your pet’s life stage. Whatever age your pet is at, make sure you select premium dog food meant for that age. Look for foods that meet the AAFCO dog food guidelines.

You can also choose foods recommended by veterinarians. Ensure that the food uses natural or organic ingredients. These days, some brands even advertise their foods to contain human-grade ingredients.

Read the food labels and make sure the first few ingredients listed are premium animal protein only. Stay away from foods with fillers like corn, soy, etc.

Based on these features, here are the top foods for Airedales with costs and features:

NameFeaturesCost per lb.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog FoodMade using real premium meat, also packed with omega 3 and 6, antioxidant-rich natural dog food$2.09/lb.
Royal Canin Medium Sized Dog FoodContains a blend of probiotics and antioxidants, as well as EPA and DHA, easy to digest, encourages chewing$2.51/lb.
Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Skin Dog FoodEasy to digest, ideal for dogs with food sensitivity/allergies, vet-recommended food, made in the USA$2.71/lb.
Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Wet FoodFree from wheat, soy, and artificial ingredients. Easy to digest, high levels of Omega fatty acids$2.44/lb.


Airedale Terrier Medical Costs

Your breeder will have completed your Airedale terrier puppy’s initial vaccinations. Take a record of these for your vet to see. This way, s/he can provide you with a schedule for the remaining vaccinations and booster doses.

Vaccinations will be a major expense for you in your pet’s first year. Most vaccines are priced between $45 and $100. Some vets also add in deworming and flea and tick protection in these costs.

Before your Airedale turns one, you’d also have to make a major decision about its neutering. If you do not plan to show your pet or have it mated, then it is best to get it desexed. This can prevent many behavioral issues as well as certain cancers in dogs.

The desexing surgery can cost anywhere between $200 and $400 depending on your pet’s gender and your veterinary practice. Spaying surgery is slightly costlier than neutering surgery.

Deworming and flea and tick prevention is also a major expense for you and you need to get it done regularly. Remember: the cost of treating illnesses caused by these internal and external parasites will be a lot higher than what you spend on their prevention.

The following tables show these different medical costs:

Airedale Terrier puppy’s ageVaccine (mandatory) and costVaccine (Optional) and cost
6-8 weeksDistemper ($20)Bordetella $10
10-12 weeksDHPP – distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza ($20-$50)Bordetella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, influenza $20-$30
16-18 weeksDHPP and rabies (about $75)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Leptospirosis- $20-$30
12-16 monthsDHPP and rabies (about $75)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis  $30-$40
Every 1-2 yearsDHPP ($20-$50)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Coronavirus, leptospirosis $30-$40
Every 1-3 yearsRabies as per state law ($15 to $20)


Other Medical Costs

Flea and tick prevention can cost nearly $200 per year. If your dog acquires fleas, a flea dip medicated bath can cost around $30 at the groomer. Dog shampoo for fleas and flea combs cost between $20-$50. Deworming pills can cost between $8 and $50 for 6 months of protection. Heartworm prevention medicine costs around $50 for a 6-month supply whereas heartworm testing can cost around $60.

A routine medical checkup at most veterinary clinics can set you back by $40-$60 per visit. Blood tests can cost around $100 while an X-ray can cost up to $200 or more. Emergency surgery can cost about $1000 and hospitalizations are at $500 per night.

An allergy test for an Airedale Terrier could cost up to $200. Dental cleaning is another major expense of around $200-$400.


Common Health Issues in Airedale Terriers and Their Costs

Airedales purchased from reputed breeders are generally healthy and hardy. However, some common health issues are known to be prevalent in this breed.


Hip dysplasia

This is an inherited disease in the breed- which is why we stress upon buying your pet from a reputed breeder. These test their dogs and prevent mating of ones that are prone to developing hip dysplasia. The cost of treating HD surgically is very high – nearly $2000 per hip.


Von Willebrand’s disease

Symptoms of Von Willebrand’s disease are bleeding from the stool, bloody discharge from eyes and nose, etc. Some dogs might carry the VW trait without showing signs of it. Again, breeders should ensure their dogs are healthy and free from this trait. There is no cure for the disease but blood transfusions could be an option.


Gastric torsion

This is a  common condition in deep-chested dog breeds. The dog’s stomach twists and fills up with gas causing the organs to move. Gastric torsion needs expensive emergency surgery to set back the stomach in position and ensure that no damage has occurred to the internal organs. The cost of this surgery can be almost $2000 to $5000.


Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for your Airedale Terrier?

One can never anticipate when a pet needs medical help. Unexpected veterinary bills can set you back by thousands of dollars but pet insurance can protect you.

Many pet owners have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket because they do not save for such emergency expenses.

But your Airedale terrier’s life is bound to come with uncertainties. No matter how careful we are, our pets could dart into the traffic or swallow a sock or bone or a button. It is our responsibility to mend our doggo back.

We love our Airedale and purchasing pet insurance is one way of showing our love for them.

A recent survey showed that most dog owners spend an average of $10,000 over their medium-sized dog’s life span. These costs can go up higher if the pet comes up with a major illness. Every year, 1 out of 3 pets needs emergency care.

All this goes to show how important medical insurance is for pets. Most plans cover unexpected injuries and illnesses, surgery costs, cost of hospitalizations, diagnostics, and even prescription meds.

Here are 5 top-rated pet insurance companies and their monthly costs:

NameFeaturesPrice per month
Pumpkin InsuranceVoted as the best overall pet insurance in 2021, offers 90% cashback on most bills.$18.95
Healthy PawsNumber #1 rated pet insurance by customers in 2010-2021, most claims are processed in 2 days$39
PawpRated the best pet insurance for those on a tight budget$24 for up to 6 pets
EmbraceVoted Forbes list of America’s Best Insurance Companies 2022.Accident plans start from $13/month and wellness plans from $18 a month


Additional Costs of Owning your Airedale Terrier

In addition to the necessary costs mentioned above, your Airedale Terrier could also need the following services:

Dog walking

This cost depends on pet owners’ lifestyles. If you are too busy to walk your buddy daily, you could enlist the services of a walker.

Also, people with irregular work hours can benefit from dog walking services. These generally cost an average of $20 for a 30-minute walk.

Pet boarding

If you travel frequently, you can either choose to take your fur baby with you or board it in a pet hostel. Even if you make one trip in a year, the cost of boarding your Airedale can be between $100 and $300 per annum. 

Should you choose to hire a pet sitter, then the cost can be even higher depending on the services they include. Most charge between $40 and $80 per day.


Airedale terriers have special grooming needs. Their wiry coats need hand-stripping and most owners take their pets to professional groomers at least 3 times a year.

Professionals charge between $30 and $75 for basic grooming and special cuts and baths can cost even more.

Home insurance/pet fee deposits

Then there are some expenses like pet deposit fees which landlords charge if you live in a rental unit. These can be almost $200 per year.

If you have your own home, you might want to buy home insurance and even have your yard reinforced to keep your pet safe. Home improvement projects can cost around $500 to $1000.


Key Takeaways – How Much Does an Airedale Terrier Cost?

As can be seen, owning a medium-sized dog breed like the Airedale Terrier can be fairly expensive. Here is a quick recap of all the costs above:

Initial Cost

The initial investment includes the price of your Airedale. If you buy your puppy from a reputed breeder, then this cost can be between $800 and $1500. Some reputable breeders even charge as high as $7000 for their purebred puppies!

Considering the purchase price with basic supply costs, dog training, spaying/neutering, and other medical expenses, the first-year cost of owning an Airedale can come to almost $4000.

Annual Cost after the First-Year

For most Airedale owners, the annual cost of ownership of this wonderful dog breed can be as high as $2000 spent mainly on food and treats, routine and emergency medical care, pet insurance, grooming, and pet boarding.

Lifetime Cost

The average lifespan of an Airedale terrier is between 10-12 years. If you spend around $2000 on your pet each year, then the lifetime cost can come to almost $25,000. If your pet develops a health issue in its senior years, then the costs can go higher to almost $30,000.

These costs will vary based on where you live, your style of dog-parenting, and also your pet’s overall health. Some costs like food and medical care costs are inevitable but you could reduce other expenses like dog walking and pet boarding. 

We hope this guide helps you plan financially for your wonderful Airedale Terrier.

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