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Basset Hounds are gaining popularity as pets thanks to their docile and affectionate natures. No one can resist the doleful eyes and long ears of this adorable dog breed!

Are you looking to add a Basset Hound to your family? Want to know how much it costs to take care of one, year after year, and especially in its first year?

Then read on! 

In this guide, we cover Basset Hounds’ first-year costs, puppy price, annual costs, as well as the lifetime cost of owning this wonderful pet.

The First-Year Cost of Owning a Basset Hound

One of the major costs you will incur after buying your Basset Hound is the spaying/neutering surgery. If you’ve adopted your Basset from a shelter, probably they have covered this. If you’ve purchased your pup from a breeder, then you must get it de-sexed as per the advice of your vet. Expect to pay between $300-$600 for this surgery – spaying usually costs more.

In addition to spaying or neutering costs, you will also spend on your pet’s vaccinations. These can cost between $170-$250 a year. Your vet might also advise some flea-tick prevention and deworming medicines. Microchipping can be around $20-$45. Expect the total medical cost to come to $500-$1000 in your pet’s first year.

You’d also invest in some dog supplies to keep your Basset Hound comfortable. These include ID and collar, leash, crate, dog bed, shampoo, grooming kit (for nail care, coat care, oral care), food-water bowls, etc. Expect the cost of doggy supplies to set you back by $200-$400.

You’d also need to train your dog in basic obedience. You can always do this on your own, but remember- Bassets can be stubborn and it might help if you enlist the help of a professional dog trainer. We can expect dog training to cost between $150-$400 for basic training.

Dog food and treats are another expense. Select a high-quality dog food for your Basset puppy which can take your annual expense to around $300-$500.

Adding all these costs, we arrive at a figure of $1800-$2500 in the first year. Please note that we have not added the cost of the purchase/adoption of your Basset Hound. We have also not included grooming costs, emergency vet bills, or the price of travel/boarding, etc. If you consider these costs, then your total first-year expense can easily increase by another couple of thousand bucks.

The Annual Cost of Owning a Basset Hound

After the first year, you’d mainly spend on dog food, medical care, pet insurance, and some miscellaneous expenses. Most Basset Hound owners spend between $900-$1200 annually on their dogs. 

Again, we have not included medical emergency bills or travel costs for a pet sitter or dog boarding. If you opt for these services, then your expenses can go up by a couple of thousand dollars.

Dog food costs – assuming that you select a medium-range dog food, can come to around $200-$400 per year. 

Your dog will need some more booster vaccines and a couple of routine medical checkups. Flea and tick prevention as well as deworming are some other medical expenses. These could bring the total annual medical expense to $400-$600. If you choose to buy medical insurance for your Basset Hound, you can expect to pay between $200-$400 annually for decent coverage.

Your Basset will also need a couple of professional grooming sessions to clean its ears and trim its nails. Expect to pay between $30-$50 per session.

Additional expenses (not included in the above cost estimate) include pet rental deposits ($200-$300), dog boarding (up to $500 a year), and dog walking ($50-$300 a month). Adding these costs, your annual expenses can go well over $3000.

The Lifetime Cost of Owning a Basset Hound

Basset Hounds live, on average, for 10-12 years. Mostly, they develop issues like dilated cardiomyopathy which is life-threatening. Some Bassets die of cancer. Treating these diseases can cost thousands of dollars but a good insurance plan could cover many expenses.

Assuming your dog remains healthy till the end, the cost of owning a Basset Hound can come to $14,000-$22,000. Again, these costs can increase or decrease based on your choices, lifestyle, and your dog’s overall health.

Price of Basset Hound Puppy – How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Basset Hound?

Basset Hounds breeders can charge between $500-$1200 per puppy. Some show-quality Bassets could go up to $1500-$3000. Certain rare coat colors in Bassets like lemon-colored or blue-ticked patterns can cost even more.

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