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Belgian Malinois is a hardworking, intense dog breed devoted to its owners. It is bred for military and police work, makes an excellent guard dog, and is known for its bravery. Cairo – a Belgian Malinois – became a canine hero for working alongside Seal Team Six – the team that took down Osama Bin Laden.

Are you looking for information about a Belgian Malinois price? Then this guide covers all the details.

Belgian Malinois Price – How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost?

The price of a Belgian Malinois from a reputed breeder in the USA is between $2500 to $3000 with the national average cost being $1067. Puppies that have already begun training for a guard dog or police or military work can even cost as high as $10000. 

The first-year cost of owning this fabulous dog breed can fall between $2000 and $4000 (not including the puppy price). Most Malinois owners spend between $1000 and $2500 per year (after the first year) on their dogs. Since the lifespan of these dogs is 10-12 years, you can expect to spend anywhere between $12,000 and $30,000 on your pet.

Belgian Malinois – Initial Costs

How Much is a Belgian Malinois Puppy?

The initial costs of owning a Belgian Malinois puppy include the puppy price or adoption price and the price of basic equipment, etc.

Most people spend between $1500 and $2500 on a purebred Belgian Malinois puppy but pups that have already begun training can cost between $5000 and $10,000. This price can vary based on the breeder’s reputation, the puppy’s bloodlines, the dog’s age, and also its coat colors.

The reason behind this high cost of Belgian Malinois puppies is that they are pretty rare in the US and also much in demand.

Belgian Malinois puppies sold by backyard breeders, puppy farms, and pet shops cost a lot less ($500 to $700) but it is best not to buy from such places. These puppies are brought up under appalling conditions and many have health issues and behavioral problems.

You could do a noble deed and adopt a Belgian Malinois from an animal rescue home. Most shelters charge a nominal fee for rehoming dogs ($300-$600). The advantage of adopting is that you could get a house-trained Malinois that might also be neutered/spayed.

Belgian Malinois puppies with no papers$500-$750
Belgian Malinois with papers$1000 – $2500
Show-quality Belgian Malinois$5000 – $10,000
Working Belgian Malinois$4000 – $7500
Trained young adult Belgian Malinois$10,000 +


Basic Equipment Costs for Belgian Malinois

The initial costs of dog ownership also include the cost of some basic equipment required to make your pet more comfortable. This includes the following

  • Crate – This large dog needs a sturdy crate which can cost between $100-$500 
  • Bed and liner – $40-$75
  • Bowls – $20-$30
  • Leash, harness, collar, and tags – $10-$50
  • Grooming tools (brush, shampoo, clippers, toothbrush-paste) – $20-$45
  • Toys – $20-$50
  • Dental chews and teething toys – $10-$30


Belgian Malinois Medical Costs

Over your Belgian Malinois’s lifetime, you will incur many medical costs including costs of vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick prevention, and heartworm prevention. Reputed breeders will cover some of the initial vaccinations and deworming for your puppy.

Once your pet comes home, it is important to have it checked by your vet. Your vet will give you a schedule for vaccinations that you must follow.

Most Belgian Malinois spend between $200 and $500 per year on veterinary care for their pet. If your dog is a working dog or is training for special work, then it is very important that you schedule regular vet visits to keep it in top condition.

Here are some veterinary prices you might incur over your Belgian Malinois’s lifetime:

  • Vaccinations – $25 to $45 per shot
  • Routine check-up – $45-$200 per visit
  • Microchipping – $25
  • Flea and tick prevention – $45 to $200 per year
  • Deworming – $8 to $55 for three months
  • Heartworm test – $45
  • Blood test $90-$200
  • Fecal test – $25 to $45
  • Fracture treatment – $200-$1000 up
  • Dental cleaning – $400 and up
  • X-rays – $150-$200
  • Wound treatment – $500-$1000
  • Emergency surgery $1000-$4000

Belgian Malinois purchased from reputable breeders are generally healthy dogs. However, some dogs are known to develop health issues like hip/elbow dysplasia, PRA, bacterial and viral infections, etc.

To cover some of these medical costs and to ensure the best possible treatment for your Belgian Malinois, you might consider purchasing pet insurance. Pet insurance plans cover routine and emergency veterinary costs. Some even cover preventative supplements, accidents, and genetic health issues. Shop around for good insurance plans – most cost between $30-$90 a month.


Dog Training Costs for Belgian Malinois

Dog training is very important for this working dog breed, and without it, your Belgian Malinois could develop behavioral issues. 

  • The average cost of training a Belgian Malinois – is $30-$80 per class for basic obedience
  • Dog obedience training schools charge $250-$700 per week
  • Boot camp training – $500-$1250 for board-and-train option per week
  • Private training – National average is $45-$120 per class.
  • Group dog training classes – 6/8 week packages cost around $120-$600 or $20 to $30 per lesson.
  • Petsmart dog training costs $120 for a 6-week program but you could look for coupons to bring the cost to about $100
  • Petco’s dog training costs $109 for basic puppy training for 6-week classes. Your Belgian Malinois will learn commands like sit, stay, heel, etc.
  • Service dog training – Free (non-profit organizations) to $120 per hour depending on the organization that offers such training.

If these high prices of dog training are a deterrent, you could always consider training your Belgian Malinois at home. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are important when training this intelligent dog breed.

Dog Food Costs – What To Feed your Belgian Malinois?

Kibble is what comes to mind when it comes to feeding a Belgian Malinois. It is conveniently available and also has a longer shelf-life. Kibble is also better for your dog’s teeth compared to soft or wet food.

Your adult Belgian Malinois will need 4 cups of kibble per day (more or less depending on its activity, age, overall health, etc.). This means that a 30-lb. bag of dog food will last about one month. Low-end dog food costs around $10 per 30-lb. but premium food can cost about $55. That is $660 per year on dog food alone.

Canned food is another option. It is softer, has a stronger smell than kibble, and is a great choice for senior Belgians. This type of food can cost between $50-$120 a month to feed a large and active dog like a Belgian Malinois.

The cost of dog food will also vary based on your dog’s age and activity. If your Belgian is a working dog that participates in military training or agility exercises, then it will need very nutritious dog food or even prescription food. This could even cost about $200-$500 a month.

Dog treats can cost anywhere between $10-$90 a month depending on the type you buy.

Other Costs of Owning a Belgian Malinois

  • Grooming – Belgians don’t need a lot of grooming and you could manage it at home. If you choose to go for professional grooming, it could cost between $30-$50 per session.
  • Pet sitting/travel – If you travel just once a year for 5 days, you could spend more than $500 on boarding your pet! In case you hire a drop-in pet sitter then most charge $35 an hour depending on the tasks involved. Traveling with your Belgian can cost almost $300 for a round trip by flight.
  • Replacement supplies – if your pet tears up its bed or toys, you could spend another $10 to $50 on replacing it.
  • Pet deposits – these can range from $200-$400 depending on the size of the property, your landlord, and also the state you live in.
  • Dog license – mostly these cost $18 per year for neutered/spayed dogs.

Summary – Belgian Malinois Price – How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost?

A Belgian Malinois can be a wonderful addition to your family. They are amazingly intelligent dogs known for their loyalty, dedication, and hard work.

This incredible pet can be bought for as low as $500 to as high as $10,000. Its price depends on the breeder’s reputation, your pup’s age, coat colors, lineage/bloodline/pedigree, type (show or pet quality), the dog’s training, etc. On average, you can expect to pay between $1000 and $2500 for a healthy purebred Belgian Malinois puppy with AKC papers. 

There can be many monthly cost variations in dog ownership but, on average, a Belgian Malinois owner spends between $100 and $400 per month on raising this dog. This is mostly considering the expenses of food and treats, vet bills, pet insurance, and preventive treatments.

The average first-year cost of owning a Belgian Malinois can fall between $2000 and $4000 (not including the puppy price). Most Malinois owners spend between $1000 and $2500 per year (after the first year) on their dogs. This is just a rough estimate and the price can increase based on your dog’s age, health, lifestyle, and also where you live.

Since the lifespan of these dogs is 10-12 years, you can expect to spend anywhere between $12,000 and $30,000 on your pet.

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