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Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs measuring up to 28 inches at the withers and weighing (on average) up to 100 lb. These large dogs make wonderful companions so if you are looking to add a Bernese Mountain Dog to your household, you have made a wonderful decision indeed!

But how much does a Bernese Mountain Dog cost? Large dogs like the BMD can be quite expensive to raise so it is always a good idea to take the various costs into account.

This guide will tell you exactly what to expect when it comes to budgeting for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

How Much Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Cost?

According to our data analysis where we analyzed 380+ Bernese Mountain dog prices:

  • The average price of a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is $788.
  • The minimum price of a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy was $150 and the maximum was $3000.
  • Usually, you can expect to pay around $300 per month for your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in the first year – most of it on supplies, food, and vet bills. This brings the first-year cost of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog to almost $3600.
  • For the years after the first year, you can expect to pay between $150-$200 per month on raising this majestic dog. This brings the annual costs to between $1800 and $2400. Most of this will be on food and medical care although there could be unexpected costs like travel and pet boarding as well.
  • The average lifetime cost of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog according to our data is about $25,100.

Bernese Mountain Dog Initial/One-Time Costs

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Price

The initial or one-time costs include the cost of your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and also the costs of basic equipment.

As mentioned earlier, a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog puppy from a top breeder in the USA can cost nearly $3000. This price can increase significantly if the puppy is born to show-winners or champions. Other factors like the breeder’s reputation and your location can also make a difference in your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy price. Coat colors, age, and training of the puppy can also raise the puppy’s price.

You can always find free Bernese Mountain Dog puppies from online ads but these pups are often in poor health. 

Bernese Mountain Dog adoption is another money-saving option and can cost anywhere between $50-$500. The adoption price sometimes includes spaying/neutering, initial vaccinations, deworming, flea-tick protection, etc.

You can read more about all the different Bernese Mountain Dog breeds’ puppy prices in the following articles:

The Cost of Basic Supplies for a Bernese Mountain Dog 

To make your pet more comfortable, please buy the following equipment for your Bernese Mountain Dog:

  • Food and water bowls – $10-$50
  • Grooming tools like nail clippers, shampoo, and brushes – $50-$75
  • Leash, collar, harness – $20-$50
  • Bed – $50-$100
  • Teething toys and outdoor toys – $20-$50

Medical Costs Bernese Mountain Dog

On average, most Bernese Mountain Dog owners spend $600 annually on vet bills for this breed. Your puppy will need several vaccinations and booster shots as per the schedule given by your vet. It will also need spaying/neutering, microchipping, etc. Here are some veterinary costs to expect:

  • Vaccinations – $25-$45 per shot
  • Spaying or neutering – $200-$600 (spaying costs more)
  • Microchipping – $25-$45
  • Blood tests – $80-$190
  • Heartworm test – $45
  • Flea-tick protection – $50-$200 annually
  • Deworming – $10-$50 every 3 months
  • Major surgery – $1000-$5000

Common health issues in BMDs are hip and elbow dysplasia, blood disorders, some cancers, and progressive retinal atrophy which can be very expensive to treat. You can cover some or all of these costs by purchasing pet insurance for your Bernese Mountain Dog. Most pet owners spend between $30-$50 a month for insuring their dogs.

Food Costs for Bernese Mountain Dog

The monthly food quantity needed for an adult Bernese Mountain Dog is around 70 lb. of dry dog food. This will vary based on your pet’s age, activity levels, and also its overall health. 

Puppies need 3-4 meals a day whereas adult Bernese Mountain Dogs need just 2 meals per day. A pregnant or lactating Bernese Mountain Dog will need more food whereas a senior BMD might need softer/canned food.

  • The bag of the cheapest dog food for Bernese Mountain Dog is $1.75 per lb. This brings the monthly cost of dog food to $122.
  • Medium-range dog food costs $3 per pound bringing your monthly cost to $210.
  • Expensive dog food costs $5 per pound bringing the monthly costs to $350.


Other Costs of Owning a Bernese Mountain Dog


Dog training is very important for this working dog unless you want your pet jumping on visitors or pulling on its walks. Here are different dog training options:

  • The national average cost of dog training – is $50 per session
  • Private dog training – $45 to $200 per session, based on location, the expertise of the trainer, etc.
  • Specific issues training (aggression, separation anxiety, etc.) – $1000 per package
  • Group training -$10-$80 per class
  • Stay and train or board and train – $500 to $2000 weekly.
  • Home training with books and videos – $0-$30


Bernese Mountain dogs don’t need too much grooming but they need regular brushing and bathing. They also need to have their nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, and ears cleaned. This basic grooming package at a vet or professional groomer can cost $40-$75 depending on your city.

Trave/Pet Boarding

Dog boarding costs in the USA are around $10-$15 per hour or $45 to $60 per night. Veterinary boarding can cost between $20-$40. A Pet sitter might charge $45 to $75 per day. 

Dog Walker

You will need this service if you aren’t able to walk or play with your Bernese Mountain Dog as, without exercise, these dogs can get obese or depressed. The average cost of dog walking services across the US for a 30-minute walk is $24.84. The average monthly expense of dog walking if you hire a dog walker 5 times a week is around $500.

Bernese Mountain Dog Price – Summary of Costs and Key Takeaways

Owning a large dog like the Bernese Mountain Dog can be quite expensive. Here is a quick summary of the various costs involved:

On average, a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy is known to cost $788. You can always adopt one for around $50-$500. 

The average first-year cost of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog is around $3600 (puppy price excluded). After the first year, expect to spend between $1800 and $2400 on raising a Bernese Mountain Dog. The average lifetime cost of owning this dog that lives for 8-10 years is about $25,100.

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