Best Budget Dog Clippers

Whether your furry friend loves it or hates it, grooming is an important part of their health. This means nails clipped, fur brushed, and haircuts throughout the year.

Frequent haircuts prevent your dog from overheating and can also reduce the risk of skin problems and irritation. 

While taking your dog to the groomer is a great option, it can quickly become expensive and won’t always work in your routine.

But with the right tools, you can complete a haircut at home without needing to make too many trips to the groomer. With this in mind, here are three of the best budget dog clippers to get that perfect cut each time. 

1 – Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers: $27.05 

Oneisall is one of the best dog clippers to have at home, and it’s pretty affordable! It’s completely cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery, making it a great tool when you have no spare plugs around.

It uses a stainless steel fixed blade and a ceramic moving blade for a smooth, sleek trim. The clippers can also be used while charging so you don’t need to wait around for a full charge. 

The motor has a decibel level of 50 when in use, which is pretty quiet and perfect for dogs who are a little shy around unknown noises.

After use, the blades can be detached for easy cleaning and maintenance. For those worried about cutting their dog’s hair for the first time, the clippers come with six guide guards so you can cut with peace of mind.

They also have a comb and stainless steel scissors for that complete look. 

2 – Juboo Dog Clippers: $19.99

By far one of the most affordable budget dog clippers available, Juboo dog clippers are a great way to groom your dog without breaking the bank.

Juboo dog clippers come with a range of attachments, including a cleaning brush, combs, blades, scissors, and guide guards, making Juboo a great starter kit for home haircuts.

The kit is complete with an oil bottle for blade maintenance. 

The clippers are made with titanium and ceramic blades that are detachable for easy maintenance. They’re completely cordless and use a 2,000 mAh high-capacity, rechargeable battery for a battery life of up to three and a half hours.

Much like option one, Juboo can also be used while charging. The motor has a decibel level of around 50, which is great for dogs who prefer a quiet haircut. 

3 – Wahl Easy Pro Dog Grooming Kit: $33.68 

Wahl Easy Pro is the best option for shy and anxious dogs, being both quiet and cordless. It works for single and double-coated dogs and can be used to cut all types of hair. 

It offers cordless options if needed and utilizes detachable high-carbon blades for easy maintenance. These blades are self-sharpening, though it’s recommended you oil them for maintenance. 

Walh is an extremely light clipper option, weighing just two pounds to glide with ease around your furry friend. It has four comb guards and includes a pair of scissors and blade oil. 

Be Patient With Your Clipping

When you start clipping your dog at home it’s important to be patient. Your dog may be slow to adapt to at-home haircuts and might be shy or afraid of the clipper used.

If this happens, make sure you reinforce their patience with a treat or two, as well as a nice meal afterward to keep them happy. 

As they get used to their home haircuts, they’ll slowly become more comfortable around the clipper, and so they’ll fidget less and make your life easier. 

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