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Getting your dog into your vehicle can be a little difficult- especially if you have an older dog or a small puppy. However, you can overcome this issue with a budget dog ramp. By using a dog ramp your dog can easily climb into your vehicle, saving you time and preventing any inconvenience.  

Instead of looking at a dog ramp as an unnecessary cost, see it as an investment. It can save you thousands in vet bills if your dog has an injury, and will save you from an injury yourself if you have a large dog.

But with so many options on the market, it can be a little tricky to know what ramp is best for you. What ramp you need will depend entirely on your dog’s age, breed, and general temperament. To help you get started, we’ve researched some of the best budget dog ramps, suitable for dogs of different sizes and ages. 

Alpha Paw Dog Ramp for Cars: $99

The Alpha Paw Car Ramp for Dogs is a durable dog ramp made from heavy-duty plastic. It can support dogs up to 200 pounds, though is still extremely lightweight and easy to carry with its molded handle. 

The ramp has a non-slip surface for additional grip, which makes it fantastic for clumsy dogs or dogs who struggle with their balance. It also has built-in rubber stoppers to keep it secure when it is used.

After your dog has climbed into your vehicle, the Alpha Paw folds down into 31 inches, making it extremely easy to store in your backseat or trunk. It also has a safety latch to prevent it from opening mid-transport. 

If you’re unsure as to whether or not the Alpha Paw Ramp is for you, you can purchase it risk-free with a 90-day guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can always take it back and have your money returned- it’s a win-win!

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp: $68

The PetSafe Happy Ramp is one of the lightest options on this list, weighing only 10 pounds. It uses a high traction surface, with rubber feet and side rails to keep your dog safe and stable when in use. After use, it can be folded in half for easy storage, then secured with a safety latch to prevent it from opening in your vehicle. 

The ramp is made in the US, using quality materials to support dogs weighing 150 pounds. It’s reliable, sturdy, and an excellent option for just $68.

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Dog Car Ramp: $67.98

The Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp is one of the highest-rated budget dog ramps available, being praised for its ease of use and great design. It works extremely well with low-profile vehicles and weighs just 10 pounds for easy transportation.

The ramp has soft pads that are comfortable on your dog’s paws whilst providing extra traction. It also has rubber grips on the bottom to prevent the ramp from slipping. It can hold dogs up to 200 pounds, which makes it a great option for larger breeds. 

With a length of 42 inches and a reach of 20 inches, it’s a relatively smaller ramp that will work great with lower vehicles and vans. Once used, the ramp can be folded in half, though some users have said it’s still larger than many alternatives, which could make it difficult to store. 

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp: $88 

Gen7Pets is a more premium option on this list, however, is still affordable compared to other ramps which can cost upwards of $100. It’s designed for larger dogs, weighing 17 pounds, and has an ergonomic handle for easy use. Due to its weight, it can carry dogs up to 250 pounds. 

The ramp is 72 inches long, which helps create a flat angle for taller vehicles. It’s extremely easy to use, with automatically locking latches and a simple folding function to be put away with ease. It also has a non-slip surface and rubber feet for additional stability. 

It has a total width of 16 inches, which gives your dog more than enough space to move into and out of your vehicle. It also comes with a six-month warranty, just in case you don’t like your purchase. 

Simpahome Portable Lightweight Non-Slip Car Ramp: $30 

This Simpahome portable car ramp is designed for use in vehicles as well as around the home if your dog is unable to get to certain rooms. It weighs just 8 pounds and can be folded with ease when not in use. It also has a handle attachment that can be used to easily move the ramp from one location to the next. 

The ramp has a textured floor that supports your dog’s grip and uses a non-slip feet design for additional security on the ground. It supports dogs up to 100 pounds, which makes it a great ramp for small to medium-sized dogs. 

Trixie Hunde-Rampe Petwalk: $60 

The Trixie Hunde-Rampe Petwalk is the perfect budget dog ramp for smaller dogs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is compatible with vehicles as well as small stairs and furniture for your furry friends that might otherwise struggle. 

The ramp is the lightest on this list, weighing just 5 pounds. It has an anti-slip coating to keep your dog stable and is recommended for dogs with arthritis. 

Dog Ramps Are An Effective And Affordable Option For All Dog Owners

Whether you’ve got a new pup who can’t get on the sofa, or your dog is struggling to get into the car as they’ve grown old, budget dog ramps are a great way to help your dog get from one place without putting too much strain on their joints. 

Although considered expensive, with the right research you can find plenty of different options that offer quality at an affordable price- 6 of which are on this list! Before you buy, always make sure the ramp is the right size. You don’t want to buy a ramp only to find it’s too small!

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