Black French Bulldog Price


Did you know that black is not a naturally occurring coat color in the french bulldog breed? This adorable breed comes in so many colors that are both unique and eye-catching but who knew that one of the more usual doggy coat colors is not a natural occurrence to the breed?

The AKC does not allow black french bulldogs to be registered with them. If you are looking to purchase a black french bulldog then we strongly recommend finding a reputable breeder as some non-AKC registered breeders run with very low standards which can be unpleasant for the dogs.

Health Problems

Unfortunately, black french bulldogs are susceptible to many health problems but one of the more common ones is deafness. Black french bulldogs are often deaf due to the lack of the brindle gene in their DNA. Dogs that do not carry the brindle gene can also face a variety of eye-related issues which is also important to bare in mind since french bulldogs often don’t have a very easy facial structure to treat.

Are black french bulldogs rare?

Yes, they are considered to be quite rare. Many breeders make no attempt to purposefully breed black french bulldogs since black is a usually undesirable dog color and it is not accepted by the AKC in french bulldogs. However, some breeders have a great appreciation for the black french bulldog and purposefully try to breed more of them to love!

How much does a black french bulldog cost?

Black french bulldogs may be rare but they are not considered to be as popular as other rare colors like the isabella french bulldog or pied brindle.

For this reason, you can often find black french bulldog puppies to be for sale for around $4,500 which seems a lot to some dog owners but for Frenchie enthusiasts, it is a bargain!

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