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A tiny dog with big blue eyes, what’s not to love? Blue-eyed french bulldogs have been capturing the hearts of dog owners all over the world as their owners photograph them in aesthetic locations showing off their striking doll-like eyes.

How do blue-eyed french bulldogs occur?

The blue-eyed trait in french bulldogs is usually a signal that that particular dog is a carrier of the merle gene.

Some blue-eyed french bulldogs also have a genetic mutation around the ALX4 gene which was found to be strongly associated with french bulldogs and other breeds of dogs having blue eyes.

Lower levels of melanin in the iris can also cause french bulldogs to have blue eyes.

Can blue-eyed french bulldogs experience their irises changing color?

All puppies of all dog breeds are born with blue eyes and they will usually change to a brown color at around 12 weeks of age.

However, for some reason, this change can happen later on in french bulldogs.

French bulldog puppies will normally stay with blue eyes until they are 16 weeks old but some can keep them for even longer!

Which french bulldog colors can have blue eyes?

The color variations that can have blue eyes are white, black, gray, fawn, and blue. If your french bulldog is any other color then its eyes will change to brown or black instead of blue.

Health Problems

Many blue-eyed french bulldogs are deaf or partially deaf which can cause some difficulties in training.

You may have to adapt your methods of training if your blue-eyed french bulldog is deaf. In some cases, there have been reports of blue-eyed french bulldogs being blind more often than french bulldogs with brown or black eyes but this has not got enough veterinary information to be a confirmed fact yet.

Your blue-eyed french bulldog is also at a higher risk for developing cataracts younger in life than a brown or black-eyed french bulldog.

It is important to monitor the visual health of your blue-eyed french bulldog and visit the vet with any concerns you might have.

How much does a blue-eyed french bulldog cost?

To buy a french bulldog puppy and guarantee that it will have blue eyes into adulthood is a little tricky.

If you a desperate for a french bulldog with blue eyes you might have to purchase a slightly older dog who is already outside of the time when their eyes could change to black or brown.

We highly recommend purchasing a dog based on health rather than color though.

The cost of purchasing a blue-eyed french bulldog puppy is between $2,000 and $4,500 so they are not particularly expensive in relation to other french bulldog color variations.

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our french bulldog article!

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