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Published on November 24, 2022
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Are you considering taking the leap and purchasing a blue french bulldog puppy?

These grey cuties are one of the most popular colors with french bulldog owners as they are not super rare but are super cute!

 While these cute pups aren’t actually blue as their color is called blue due to their greyish appearance.

The actual color of a blue french bulldog is much closer to silver than a true blue coloring.

How does the blue color occur?

The blue coloring of blue french bulldogs is down to a mutation in the melanophilin gene. The melanophilin gene is what makes black pigments appear as a grey/silver color instead. This kind of gene is also known as a dilution gene because of how it dilutes the original color of the pigment.

Health problems

Unfortunately, this color option is another which is prone to a variety of health conditions.

Blue french bulldogs can develop color dilution alopecia which is incurable.

The diagnosis means ruling out any other potential diseases first and the symptoms are hair thinning, hair loss, dry skin, flaky skin, a dull coat, and hyperpigmentation.

The condition can be managed but color dilution alopecia is often distressing for both the dog and its owner.

Are they a recognized french bulldog color?

Blue french bulldogs are not a color that is currently acknowledged by the AKC.

This once again opens up the puppies to the potential of being bred by non-AKC breeders.

These breeders are often held to lesser or even zero standards so try to source your blue french bulldog from a responsible breeder!

What kinds of colors do blue french bulldogs come in?

There are six variations of the blue french bulldog coloring.

These variations are combinations of other french bulldog colors.

The variations are blue, blue fawn, blue merle, blue pied, blue sable and blue and tan.

These six colors are all equally beautiful and can be quite rare!

How much does a blue french bulldog cost?

These adorable little pups are always going to be expensive and while the blue color is not as rare as the isabella coloring, it is still a pretty rare french bulldog color.

French bulldogs are notoriously known to be difficult to have successful pregnancies with healthy puppies born at the end of it which is why these dogs are especially expensive.

If you are looking to purchase a blue french bulldog you can prepare to pay between $4,000 and $9,000 which is slightly more than the average french bulldog which is around $3,500.

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our french bulldog article! 

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