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The Borzoi was initially developed in Russia as a hunting and coursing dog. These dogs hunted rabbits, foxes, and wolves in three-hound teams. They later became a royal companion in continental Europe.

Borzois are easygoing family dogs that can live in apartments despite their large size. They do not perform well when left alone for lengthy periods of time. This sensitive breed craves company. They are pleasant, friendly, and tranquil, apparently pleased by anything they encounter. They are happiest when running is involved. Borzoi is natural hunters that will pursue any little fleeing animal. They can’t be stopped and are vulnerable to automobiles. Their beautiful coat sheds a lot and needs some grooming. A Borzoi is a fantastic couch potato companion, but it requires some effort to care for.

We hope our budget guide is helpful to those of you looking to purchase a Borzoi puppy for your family. This post will cover all the costs relating to Borzoi ownership, from the day you bring your puppy home to its senior years.

Following that, we will address the expenses of owning and caring for a Borzoi during the first year, followed by the costs of owning and caring for a Borzoi in each subsequent year. We will also cover the costs of training, food, basic dog equipment, and vaccinations for your Borzoi. Along with that, we will cover all medical costs, dog walking, grooming, transportation, and pet boarding costs.

To save time, the following summary may be helpful:

Borzoi pups range in price from $1500 to $3000 depending on where they are obtained, age, pedigree, and size. Some Borzoi breeders may even charge $8000 for a single champion Borzoi. The first year of owning this massive dog costs around $2000. Prices may rise to $1000 per year in the following years. A Borzoi may live between 10 and 12 years; therefore, the total cost of owning and caring for one is roughly $13,000 during their lifetime.

Cost of Borzoi Puppy?

The minimum price of a Borzoi puppy$1500
The maximum price of a Borzoi puppy$8000
Price bracket$1500 to $3000
Price average$2250


Factors that Influence the Cost of Borzoi Pups

Borzoi dogs were once only bred in Russia and Belarus, contributing to their expensive price. The price of a puppy depends on its age, breed purity, breeder, and health guarantee.


Adult Borzoi is more expensive than younger pups.

Breed Purity

A puppy with over 90% breed purity would cost roughly $3000, whereas Borzoi enthusiasts may quickly obtain their pup for $1500 if they are ready to compromise on breed purity.


Here is the link to Borzoi Kennel Union. From there, you may search for a breeder anywhere globally, including the US.

Breeders that care about their pets and work hard to keep them healthy are rare. These considerations will obviously impact the pricing of your Borzoi puppy.


A health guarantee is another important feature that may affect the price of your Borzoi. Superior breeders will give a 2-year guarantee against genetic abnormalities in their progeny. Due to the vet fees, the breeder will almost probably increase the puppy’s price.


Basic Supplies your Borzoi will Need and Approximate Costs

You’ll need to stock up on a few necessities before your Borzoi arrives.

Basic grooming gear

Each day, these dogs shed a great deal, and they are prone to shedding their coats once or twice a year due to this. If you dislike being covered in dog fur, this is not the breed for you.

Brushing them will help minimize shedding, but grooming these dogs will take approximately 30 minutes. They need daily brushing and weekly ear cleaning, with extra grooming for bathing.

You should also clip their nails if they become too long, although because these dogs are always on the go, they usually do so on their own—basic grooming costs between $80 and $100.

Food and water bowls

Invest in solid bowls that won’t topple. Stainless steel bowls are perfect for every occasion.  Alternatively, place a rubber cushion under the bowls to contain the filth and avoid slippage. Then the average cost of food or water bowl is $20-$25 each.


A durable toy and gadgets for this huge dog are necessary. Invest in durable toys that are safe for your young Borzoi dog because they have incredible power. Prices range from $50 to $75.

Crate, dog pad & bed

Caution is required when crate training your Borzoi. No, crate training teaches your dog to value alone time, keep himself occupied, and even calm himself when he is worried. Potty training Borzoi is easier than crate training. A sturdy box with a crate mat for this massive dog costs roughly $75. You may also put a comfortable chew-proof dog bed inside the cage for your dog’s comfort. It’ll be roughly $50.

Training aids and equipment

You will need to keep an eye on your Borzoi puppy from the start. Accessories like clicker training, high-quality (low-calorie) treats, potty training mats, no-chew training, and harsh sprays to deter your dog from chewing on furniture can assist in training. Training assistance equipment costs roughly $75.

Strong leashes

When your veterinarian says it’s OK to take your Borzoi for a walk, you’ll need a robust leash, no-pull halter, and collar. Before you buy leashes and collars, be sure they are chew-resistant. You should expect to pay around $20 for each leash.

Here is the summary of basic supply costs for Borzoi dog:

Collar-leash set$20
Food-water bowls$15 – $20
Sturdy chew-proof dog bedFrom $50
Sturdy crateFrom $50
Mats for containing food messes$10
Sturdy toys and training accessories$50 – $75
Grooming tools – brush, comb, dental supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, etc.$75
Poop bags$10
Potty pads for indoor training$10


Borzoi Training Cost

Borzois are generally friendly dogs, but if not adequately trained, they can become aggressive. These massive canines are healthy, have long lives, and are frequently easy to teach.

You may train your Borzoi in a variety of ways. Individual or group training sessions for your Borzoi can be done at home or a nearby facility. Trainers are specializing in this unusual breed work one-on-one with clients to build customized training programs for their pets. Individual client consultations and specific behaviour training for concerns including aggressiveness, fear, and excessive barking are also offered. On the other hand, private/personal dog training is inadequate and unreasonably expensive.

Online dog training has grown in popularity since the Covid-19 virus outbreak. Trainers help owners train their pups via video chatting with them. This cutting-edge method is gaining popularity.

The table below shows the various price ranges for dog training services:

Dog training typeCost
Private lessonsAs low as $20 an hour to almost $400 depending on your area, trainer, and your pet’s needs
Group lessonsAbout $125 for 6-week classes
Board and train$1000 to $2500 for 2-weeks of boarding
Online training with private trainers$90-$350
Online training via YouTube videosFree


Borzoi Food Costs

By the time your breeder gives you and the family possession of your Borzoi puppy, the dog will have weaned itself off of its mother’s milk and is eating puppy food.

During the first several weeks, feed your pet the same food they are used to eating. When fully grown, your Borzoi will weigh between 75 and 105 pounds and stand between 26 and 28 inches tall at the withers when he is at his peak maturity.

A high-energy dog breed like the Borzoi needs a lot of protein, complex carbohydrates, and vital fats to be healthy. So, Kibble is considered the finest Borzoi food. It is easy to find high-protein dog food at a reasonable price. However, they use more soy in their products.

One of the side effects of soy eating is flatulence in dogs. Avoid dog food with an unbalanced protein, vitamin, and mineral ratio, as well as by-products and artificial ingredients.

A daily intake of 16-20 percent protein is recommended. Borzois need high-protein foods like chicken, rabbit, turkey, salmon, and other meats to grow and develop appropriately.

Wet food is an alternative option for most dogs, even pups. Some Borzois experience diarrhea when switched from a dry to canned or wet diet. The Borzois’ cannibalistic habit has led to an addiction to canned food. If your Borzoi suffers from dyspepsia or other behavioral disorders, you should see your veterinarian before changing his or her diet.

How much to feed?

Feed your Borzoi pup three times every day.

  • A three-month-old Borzoi will need three to four cups of Kibble every day.
  • Feed your Borzoi 2 to 3 cans (4 to 5 oz) of canned or wet food every day, depending on size.

The table below summarizes the monthly expenses of various foods for Borzois:

Type of foodApproximate quantity for Borzoi per monthCost
Dry dog food100-180 lb.$150-$170
Canned or wet food150 cans of 5 oz. each$230-$250
Freeze-dried food100 cups$180-$200
Raw food (commercially prepared)30 lb.$100 – $120


Comparing Borzoi Dog Food Costs

Despite its size, the Borzoi is a fast, athletic dog. Fortunately, it is not picky about what it meals and will happily consume everything it offers. However, it would help if you supplied it with a high-quality diet that is full of protein, good fats, complex carbs, and antioxidants.

Ensure the food they eat is human-grade and natural. You may feed your Borzoi wet or canned food, Kibble, or dry dog food. Raw meat is not always best for Borzoi teeth. Kibble is commonly preferred.

Check on your Borzoi’s health as often as you can. If your Borzoi appears to be putting on weight despite its moderate activity, you may need to limit its food intake. A veterinarian may be necessary in this case.

Best commercial foods for Borzoi dogs are summarized in the table below and their price.

Name of dog foodFeaturesPrice per lb.
Purina One Smart Blend Natural Large Breed FormulaSpecially formulated for large, energetic dogs. Contains glucosamine$1.01/lb.
Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food


It contains roasted venison and bison to give nearly 32% protein to your energetic Borzoi. It is made in the USA. It also contains probiotics for digestion.$1.86/lb.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food


Contains natural ingredients. The first ingredient is real meat—no fillers, preservatives, etc.$1.73/lb.
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food


Vet formulated food with natural protein. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health omega fatty acids and vitamin E for a healthy coat$1.66/lb.


Medical Costs of Borzoi

Vaccination costs

You will need to immunize your Borzoi against hazardous infections, including parvovirus, influenza, distemper, and other disorders.

To protect your Borzoi from infections like Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Borrelia Burgdorferi, and others, you will need to give him extra vaccines besides the main ones.

Some veterinarians charge vaccines according to their shots so that the price may vary from one place to another. But, on average, each vaccination shot will cost between $20 and $40.

You may also take your Borzoi to a vet for other preventative checks, in addition to vaccinations. Several clinics provide preventative treatments, including yearly examinations, deworming, and blood screening. Preventive packages can cost up to $200.

Aside from that, deworm your puppies routinely. Borzoi puppies are dewormed at 2-3 weeks of age. Your puppy must be dewormed twice a week for the first six months of its life. After that, deworm your Borzoi every three to four months.  Deworming pills cost between $15 and $45, depending on the manufacturer.

Flea and tick management is vital for Borzoi dog owners. Your pet may suffer tremendously if you do not provide this. Fleas and ticks may cause severe itching and can spread to vast areas of the body if their numbers are not controlled. Prevent fleas and ticks from infesting your pets by using daily preventatives. Examples of topical therapies are shampoo and spray.

This table includes the expenditures of core and non-core immunizations, emergency treatment, and other medical procedures for dogs:

Name of the VaccineAge to giveCost
Canine parvovirus6 to 10 weeks, repeat at 9 to 10 weeks, 12-13 weeks, and 15-17 weeks.About $75 to $100 for all core vaccines
Canine distemperSame as above
HepatitisSame as above
Rabies15-17 weeks and booster at one year. Also, based on state laws
Leptospirosis9-10 weeks and 12-13 weeks.$15-$35
Optional vaccines/non-core vaccine – Lyme disease and Canine influenza12-13 weeks and booster at 15-17 weeks.$20-$50
Bordetella (also non-core vaccine)6-7 weeks and booster at 9-10 weeks$19-$45
Flea and tickStarting from 8 weeks of age/as advised by your vet$50 for a 3-month supply
DewormingStart at 2-3 weeks, then repeat every two weeks until four deworming.  Adult Borzois to be dewormed every three months$15-$45, depending on the brand of medicine.

The following table shows the projected costs of various tests for Borzois:

Name of testCost
Routine checkup$50 and $250
Spaying or neutering$160-$200
Physical exam$45 – $55
Fecal exam$25-$55
Heartworm test$45-$50
Dental cleaning$70-$400
Allergy testing$195-$300

Costs of special tests

Name of testCost
X-rayUp to $200
USGUp to $500
Emergency surgeryUp to $5000


Borzoi Inherited Diseases

Borzoi breeding groups have been very cautious in demanding breeders submit to screening tests before registering their animals. This has helped reduce, but not eliminate, inherited diseases in these dogs.

Here are some common Borzoi genetic disorders:

Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

When Borzoi pups develop too fast, the cartilage in their joints may not bond correctly to the bone. This condition is called OCD (osteochondritis dissecans). If this happens, surgery may be necessary. As advised, keep your pups weight gain at four pounds per week or less. Don’t overfeed your pup or give him extra calcium—Feed large-breed puppy food instead of adult or standard puppy food. Weigh your dog every 3-4 weeks. OCD treatment usually requires surgery which costs around $3000-$4000.

Hip Dysplasia

Debilitating hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that causes hip pain, muscle loss, and limping. Incorrect hip development causes discomfort and lameness. Despite lifestyle changes and medications, this chronic illness worsens with time. Its treatment often costs $3000.

Elbow Dysplasia

This is another genetic elbow disorder. This condition is painful and progressive. Growing dogs may show indications of osteoarthritis or develop later in life.  Its treatment often costs $3000.

Eosinophilic Panosteitis

Growing Borzoi can develop eosinophilic panosteitis (pano or a-pan), a painful inflammation of the long bones of the legs. Beginning roughly six to ten months of age, it alternates legs. If your pal shows discomfort when the region is pinched or palpated, we will take X-rays to determine the problem. Panosteitis usually heals without permanent damage, although it hurts. Rehabilitation activities may be necessary if your dog has developed an aberrant gait to compensate for the painful leg(s). Its treatment usually costs around $2000.

Heart Disease

Some dog breeds, including Borzoi, have various genetic cardiac abnormalities. Most of them harm the heart’s separating wall or arteries. They can also affect electrical impulses controlling the heartbeat or heart valve function. You must pay close attention to his heart throughout his life if your pup is affected by heart issues.

Dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, is a severe cardiac ailment in which the heart becomes enlarged, thin, weak, and therefore unable to adequately pump blood throughout the body. Your pup may become weak or fatigued, faint or collapse, breathe laboriously, or cough. Along with medications, dietary supplements, and surgery, its treatment usually costs around $5000.

Neurological Disease

An inherited neurological disorder can produce a shaky, drunken walk in your Borzoi. This disorder, also known as wobbler disease or wobbler syndrome, occurs due to a constriction of the vertebrae in the neck, which causes the spinal cord and accompanying nerves to be pinched and produce pain and discomfort. Your dog cannot feel his feet if the nerves do not convey the proper information to the brain. The earliest indicators are frequently unsteady hind legs, tripping, and falling. Treatment options include medication, neck braces, exercise regimens, and surgery which usually costs around $3000.

Bleeding Disorders

Borzois can have numerous hereditary bleeding problems. Their intensity ranges from modest to severe. Often, a pet appears normal until a catastrophic accident or surgery happens, causing considerable bleeding. Von Willebrand’s disease is a common blood clotting problem among Borzoi. This progressive degenerative issue usually requires a lot of time and around $5000 to treat completely.


Pet Insurance for your Borzoi

Borzois pet insurance is frequently more expensive than other dog breeds, which is logical. This is because it is a rare breed with a unique genetic composition. Rare purebred dog insurance rates are more costly than ordinary purebred dog insurance premiums.

First, do your homework and pick a plan that covers your dogs completely.

Pet insurance companies that have been authorized will cover all of your veterinary expenses, whether they are unexpected or expected. Some companies even pay for your dog’s training and grooming services. For some operations like spaying and neutering, nail trimming, dental cleanings, and nutritional supplements, to name a few examples, several companies provide incentives and reimbursements. Many insurance companies may reduce your deductible by $50 for every year you go without filing a claim.

The table below compares numerous Borzoi insurance providers on pricing and service:

EmbraceIt covers some pre-existing though curable conditionsIt could take up to 15 days to process accident/illness claimsBasic coverage starts from $14 per month.
FigoNo network limitations, 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service, voted one of the best insurance for pets in 2021Has an enrollment examPlans average at $1.50 per day
Healthy PawsNo.1Customer-Rated 2010 – 2021

No maximum annual or lifetime payouts.

Most claims are processed within two days


Not for older pets$40 basic plan


Additional Costs of Borzoi

Pet sitting and Boarding costs

If you must leave your Borzoi at home while you travel, consider hiring a dog sitter to keep an eye on your pet. As an extra service, they may walk your dog twice daily. If you cannot care for your companion due to lack of time, dog boarding options are available. This might cost $30 to $50 each night, depending on the area. A dog sitter will charge roughly $25 per hour for a big dog like a Borzoi. If you want to take your Borzoi on vacation, you’ll need to budget between $120-$200 for one-way flight costs.

Home setup

A spacious home with a safe garden is ideal for a Borzoi. If you have an open lawn, consider fencing it in to keep animals out. In most circumstances, a fence installation costs at least $1000.

Dog walking

Borzois demand a lot of physical activity. Keep in mind that these canines were bred to hunt in groups. If you don’t give it enough exercise, it’ll get sick, sad, and maybe even misbehave. A 30-45 minute walk with a large breed dog like a Borzoi is estimated to cost $35 by the National Dog Walking Association.


Because Borzois have a double coat, constant brushing is essential to eliminate loose hair. Brush and floss your pet’s teeth every day. Basic services include bathing, clipping, and nail care, from $40 to $75, depending on your location.

Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Borzoi Cost?

Borzoi cost summary

First-year cost

While you’re excited to get this adorable puppy, expect to spend at least $2000 on it in its first-year expenses. This does not include the purchasing cost of your Borzoi. You have to pay an additional $1500-$3000 for that.  Some breeders have even sought up to $8000 for extremely rare Borzois. The first year’s cost includes vaccines, regular exams, supplies, spaying/neutering, and dog training.

Appropriate Borzoi food might cost up to $200 per month, depending on the size. Budget for expected and unexpected vet expenditures, as well as extra spending on toys, food, and other products. This vet service might cost up to $300 per session, depending on the situation.

Annual costs

After the first year, annual Borzoi care may exceed $1000. In addition, unforeseen veterinarian costs, flea and tick treatment, four-yearly deworming, and food and treatment costs are included.

Lifetime costs

Borzoi lives 10-12 years on average. So, spending $1000 a year for the rest of their life after the first year will total over $13000. These costs might quickly build up if your Borzoi develops health issues in old age. Expect to pay at least $2000 each year for therapy and hospitalization. Pet insurance may help you save a lot of money on these costs. So go for it.

We hope that this detailed information will help you in planning and budgeting for the arrival of your Borzoi.

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