Bostillon Price Guide (Boston Terrier Papillon Dog Mix)

Average Cost of a Bostillon Puppy & Yearly Expenses

Before bringing a new furry family member into your home, understanding financial responsibility is key. This guide will outline the costs associated with owning the lively and charming Bostillon, a blend of the Boston Terrier and Papillon breeds. The 2023 Bostillon Price Guide below covers the initial purchase price, annual outgoings, and estimated lifetime expenses.

The price of a Bostillon puppy can vary greatly, with factors like lineage, breeder’s reputation, and size playing a crucial role. If you’re planning to own a Bostillon from a reputable breeder, the price range generally falls between $600 and $2,500. Those with champion bloodlines may command a heftier price tag. It’s advisable to be wary of deals that appear ‘too good to be true,’ especially those priced under $600, as these might indicate unethical breeding practices or puppy mills.

Your first year as a Bostillon owner will come with added expenses. Here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Average puppy price: $600 – $2,500
  • 1st-year vaccines: $180
  • Dewormer: $60 – $160 (depending on the dog’s size)
  • Food: As a smaller breed, Bostillons average between 5 to 10 pounds when fully grown. Using mid-tier food at around $3.5 per pound and an average daily intake of 2.5% of their body weight, the yearly food expenditure would be about $200 to $315.
  • Supplies: $230 (for essentials like a bed, leash, and toys)
  • Routine vet exams: $210
  • Total first-year cost: $1,280 – $3,375.

Starting from the second year, the yearly expenses generally decrease:

  • Routine vet care: $650
  • Food: Based on the previous calculation, roughly $200 – $315

Thus, from the second year, the yearly expenses will roughly be between $850 and $965.
To estimate the total lifetime cost for a Bostillon, consider the breed’s average lifespan of 12 to 16 years. Deducting the first-year expenses, we multiply the annual costs for the subsequent 11 to 15 years and add the first-year expenses:

Lifetime cost: (11-15 x $850 – $965) + $1,280 – $3,375
This calculation gives us a lifetime cost of owning a Bostillon ranging from $10,930 to $18,650.

Please remember, the above figures don’t include other potential expenses such as spaying/neutering, dog walking, grooming, training, and so on, which could further inflate the yearly budget. Nonetheless, this guide offers a reasonable overview of the financial undertaking required when introducing a Bostillon into your family.

Considering Adoption and Ethical Breeders

Adoption is a viable option to consider for those interested in a Bostillon. Although availability might differ by location, Bostillons may sometimes be found for adoption at local shelters or breed-specific rescue organizations. Choosing to adopt is not only a more economical and ethical choice but also a way to offer a loving home to a pet in need.
If you decide to purchase a Bostillon from a breeder, it’s imperative to select one who is ethical and reputable. Responsible breeders are usually affiliated with national kennel clubs or breed-specific groups and can provide comprehensive health records for the puppy’s parents. They should allow you to meet the puppy’s parents and ensure that the facilities are clean and well-maintained. Give priority to breeders who put the puppies’ health and well-being above profit.

Important Factors and Mistakes to Avoid

When deciding to acquire a Bostillon, keep a close eye on the puppy’s health, the breeder’s reputation, and the continuing expenses related to pet care, such as food, grooming, and veterinary care. Be sure to avoid breeders who are unable or unwilling to provide health clearances for the puppy’s parents or those who prohibit you from meeting the parents. Prices that seem suspiciously low should be considered a warning sign, possibly indicating unethical breeding or puppy mills.
Being the owner of a Bostillon can be a fulfilling experience, but it’s vital to be well-informed and ready for the financial commitments associated with it.

Guidelines on Identifying a Suitable Source for Your Bostillon Puppy

Navigating the world of online pet marketplaces can be a daunting task. How can you discern genuine breeders from the rest and ensure that your hard-earned money doesn’t inadvertently support inhumane puppy mills? Fret not, as we guide you through the process of finding a trusted source for your future furry companion.

Adopting Your Puppy from a Local Breeder

When deciding on a breeder, due diligence is key. Begin by delving into their history. Ask about how long they’ve been in operation, the origin of the puppies, and whether health certificates are available for the litter. Reliable breeders will transparently share insights on potential health concerns in the lineage of their dogs and adopt preventive practices. Furthermore, they should be available and receptive to address all your concerns – before, during, and post-adoption.
It’s highly advisable to physically visit the breeder’s facility prior to making your decision. A good breeding environment will be clean, organized, and populated with cheerful, healthy animals given ample room for movement and play. Note that puppies should ideally stay with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old; in fact, some states legally mandate this. Authentic breeders won’t rush or pressurize you into adopting a puppy. They will, on the contrary, help you identify the best fit for your household.

Trust your gut feeling. If something seems off about a breeder, it’s wiser to continue your search. Numerous breeders out there are truly dedicated to the welfare of animals. With thorough investigation and site visits, you can confidently adopt your new Bostillon from a reputable source.

Adopting Your Bostillon Puppy Online

Sometimes, personal visits to breeders might not be viable due to various reasons. Many potential pet owners nowadays opt for breeders based out of their state or even internationally. Nonetheless, you can still ensure that your new Bostillon puppy hails from a compassionate and responsible environment.
Given that Bostillons are a mixed breed, they may not be recognized by certain kennel organizations. Consequently, amassing substantial details about the breeder becomes paramount. Examine their website and social media presence for customer reviews, seek detailed responses to your queries, and request images of their setup.

Always inquire about health records and the ancestry of the puppies. An ethical breeder should be prompt in sharing up-to-date health details of the puppies, encompassing deworming, vaccinations, and other procedures carried out by professional veterinarians.

It’s essential to grasp the breeder’s modus operandi. If they’re evasive while discussing their breeding techniques or the lineage of their Bostillons, consider it prudent to explore other breeders. Genuine breeders maintain meticulous records of their dogs’ genealogy and employ genetic assessments to decide mating pairs.

When contemplating a Bostillon, question the breeder about potential genetic health complications stemming from the Boston Terrier and Papillon parents. Both progenitor breeds could be susceptible to specific conditions such as heart issues, patellar luxation, or eye problems. A conscientious breeder would be cognizant of these potential challenges and would be proactive in not breeding dogs predisposed to these health conditions.

In summary, armed with the right knowledge and the appropriate inquiries, you can be assured of adopting your new companion from a breeder who is genuinely committed to the welfare of their puppies.

Adoption: A Heartfelt Choice

Purchasing a puppy is undoubtedly thrilling, but let’s not forget the virtues of adoption. Many Bostillons, just like other breeds, end up in shelters due to varying circumstances. Local shelters and breed-specific rescue organizations often house a variety of canines looking for forever homes. By adopting, not only are you offering a deserving pooch another shot at a joyful existence, but you are also taking a firm stance against immoral breeding.

Diving Deep into Bostillons


Bostillons, a delightful mix of Boston Terrier and Papillon, are celebrated for their friendly, spirited, and occasionally playful antics. Being bright and affectionate, they harmoniously coexist with other animals and people, bestowing an animated and endearing vibe to any home.

Energy Levels

Bostillons have a moderate energy drive, not as intense as some other petite breeds. They love their daily strolls and play sessions but equally value quiet moments beside their human companions.

Bostillons and Kids

These petite, gentle canines generally have a harmonious rapport with children, making them exemplary family companions. Their affable nature and vibrant spirit make children’s playtime with them all the more enjoyable.

Apt for Apartments?

Indeed, their compact stature and flexible disposition make Bostillons an outstanding fit for apartment dwellers. Their occasional barking episodes might require some training, but they comfortably adjust to varied living conditions.

Shedding Propensities

Inheriting traits from both the Boston Terrier and the Papillon, Bostillons typically have a coat that sheds minimally, positioning them as low-shedding dogs. This characteristic is a boon for allergy sufferers or those desiring minimal pet hair in their living spaces.

Factors Determining a Bostillon Puppy’s Cost


The anticipated adult size can sway a Bostillon’s price, with tinier specimens often fetching higher sums.


Distinctive fur colors or uncommon patterns can elevate a Bostillon’s price point. Certain coveted coat shades might entail a premium price.

Breeding Credentials

The breeder’s standing significantly steers the pricing. Breeders renowned for rearing robust, well-adjusted pups and emphasizing genetic health often set a higher price tag on their puppies.


Opting for adoption while searching for a Bostillon is commendable. Although they might be scarcer in shelters compared to mutts, certain rescue groups specialize in small breeds, Bostillons included. Platforms like [RescueMe]( can be instrumental for those keen on adopting a Bostillon.


The lineage of the puppy’s forebears can influence its valuation. Offsprings descending from champion strains or those with documented show-ring success often come at a premium.

Age Bracket

The pup’s age can also steer its cost. Young Bostillon pups, with their pliability and overwhelming cuteness, are typically pricier than their grown-up or elderly counterparts.

Regional Differences

Bostillon puppy prices might vary based on their locale. Pups in metropolitan locales or areas with robust demand for the breed might bear a steeper price than those in countryside regions. Similarly, areas populated by esteemed breeders might have steeper average valuations for Bostillon pups. Irrespective of the place, prioritizing principled and ethical breeders is paramount when welcoming your new canine buddy.

Initial Expenditure for Bostillon Essentials in the USA

If you’re planning to integrate a Bostillon into your family, it’s vital to be equipped with necessary items to ensure their well-being. Key essentials include a collar and leash, nail trimmers, a crate suitable for smaller breeds, interactive toys, a snug bed, feeding dishes, grooming equipment, and appetizing snacks. By procuring these items, you’re creating a nurturing and comforting space for your Bostillon. Generally, the initial expenses for these must-haves fall between $210 to $320.

Training Expenditures for Bostillons

Training serves as a foundation to cultivate a well-mannered and disciplined Bostillon. The training expenses can oscillate based on the nature of the training – be it fundamental puppy lessons, obedience coaching, or specialized or behavior-focused training.
One-on-one training sessions typically come with a price tag of $27 to $53, while collective sessions present a cost-effective alternative, costing around $12 to $32 per class. Group classes also present an avenue for your Bostillon to mingle with other canines, promoting their social skills.

Inherently, Bostillons are lively and zestful, but they might display an independent streak on occasion. Such tendencies might necessitate consistent training and an abundance of patience to instill appropriate behaviors and limits.

For Bostillons displaying over-enthusiasm or those lacking social exposure, personalized training might be more advantageous. For extensive training needs, some pet enthusiasts choose doggy training camps, which typically demand between $520 and $1,300 on a weekly basis.

Veteran dog owners might be confident enough to train their Bostillon independently. On the flip side, novice owners might lean towards expert assistance.

Bostillon Nutritional Costs in the USA

Undoubtedly, one of the prominent ongoing expenditures for pet enthusiasts is their furry friend’s nourishment. Bostillons, given their compact size, thrive on multiple small, nutrient-packed meals daily.
Initially, adhering to the dietary regimen set by the breeder can aid in a seamless dietary shift for your Bostillon. As your furry pal grows, it’s wise to seek veterinary advice to pinpoint the optimal diet tailored to their health requisites. Premium dry food engineered for petite breeds often hits the mark, but dietary needs can diverge between younglings and grown-ups.

On the whole, a Bostillon’s monthly dietary expenses, considering a median-priced food choice, hover around $32 to $42.

Healthcare Expenditures for Bostillons in the United States

During the first year, ensuring your Bostillon, a breed amalgam of Boston Terriers and Papillons, gets vaccinated is paramount. This safeguards them from ailments like distemper and hepatitis. Depending on your Bostillon’s daily activities and surroundings, the vet might advise supplemental shots. Moreover, expenses related to neutering or spaying and a regular regimen against worms are pivotal to keep parasites at bay. Equally important is defending your Bostillon against pests like fleas and ticks, which can induce severe health complications. Generally, an annual veterinary check-up for a Bostillon hovers around $620, although it may deviate based on your region.


Fundamental canine shots incorporate those against rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and adenovirus (hepatitis). Owing to the highly contagious nature of these diseases, it’s vital to maintain a consistent immunization schedule for your Bostillon. Additional shots, such as those for Lyme disease, leptospirosis, and Bordetella, might be relevant considering the unique risks associated with your Bostillon. It’s advisable to deliberate vaccination timelines with your veterinary expert.
Generally, the first-year immunization expenses for a Bostillon aggregate to roughly $180, which reduces in the following years as fewer supplementary shots may be needed.


If your Bostillon remains unneutered or unspayed, budgeting between $105 and $515 for the surgery might be necessary. Owing to its complexity, spaying often comes with a steeper price compared to neutering.

Anti-Parasitic Treatment

Like other canine breeds, Bostillons need consistent deworming from their early stages. Costs can fluctuate, but for a petite breed like Bostillons, it’s reasonable to budget around $22-$52 for each session.

Prevalent Health Conditions in Bostillons

Patellar Luxation

This ailment, where the kneecap drifts from its designated spot, is common in petite breeds like Bostillons. Treating this can set you back from $1,550 to $3,100 for each limb, contingent on the condition’s intensity.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA, a degenerating ocular condition, can culminate in vision loss. While no cure exists, consistent monitoring can help manage its progress, generally priced between $210 and $310 for each consultation.


Smaller breeds are prone to hypoglycemia or diminished blood sugar levels. Severe instances might demand hospitalization, incurring charges from $210 to $310 for therapy and monitoring.
Always seek professional guidance if your Bostillon manifests symptoms of these conditions.

Other Expenditures of Having a Bostillon

Canine Insurance

Bostillon ownership can occasionally usher in unexpected health bills. Preparing for unforeseen health mishaps is essential. Pet insurance can offset these abrupt expenses, making many costly veterinary procedures attainable. Reliable dog insurance typically costs between $16 and $52 per month, subject to the coverage range.

Boarding Fees

Now and then, travels might necessitate entrusting your Bostillon to dependable care. Home pet sitters usually demand between $27 and $78 daily. Alternatively, dog care centers offer boarding services, generally priced between $32 and $52 per night.

Canine Strolls

While Bostillons possess moderate stamina, they relish their outdoor time. In scenarios where personal time constraints apply, dog-walking services can be a boon, typically ranging from $16 to $32 for a half-hour stroll.

Coat Maintenance

Bostillons boast a distinctive coat that requires daily attention to keep it in pristine condition. If you opt for expert grooming services, expect a charge of around $85 to $105 each session.
Lastly, while the allure of a puppy purchase is undeniable, remember that adoption from shelters or breed-centric rescue groups offers an equally gratifying experience. It endorses a compassionate approach to pet adoption, provides a haven for a deserving dog, and often proves more budget-friendly. Always prioritize humane breeding establishments and steer clear of dubious practices. Make enlightened, ethical decisions to ensure your new pet’s optimal health and factor in the continuous expenses associated with pet care.

Conclusion – What is the Cost of Owning a Bostillon?

Initial Year Expenditures

Welcoming a Bostillon into your household is undeniably an exhilarating venture. The principal costs are typically encountered in the initial year. On average, acquiring a Bostillon puppy from a responsible breeder might set you back between $520 and $2,080. The first year’s additional expenditures encompass immunizations ($180), anti-parasitic treatments ($52 – $160), nourishment ($210 – $420), essential items ($210), and regular veterinary check-ups ($210), culminating in a total of about $1,165 to $3,060 for the initial year.

Recurring Yearly Costs

Post the inaugural year, sustaining a Bostillon becomes more economical. Regular veterinary care ($620) and sustenance ($210 – $420) bring the recurring annual expenditure to roughly $830 to $1,040. It’s essential to remember that these figures can fluctuate based on your Bostillon’s distinctive requirements, geographical location, and individual choices.

Costs Over a Lifetime

Bearing in mind a Bostillon’s life expectancy of around 12 to 16 years, the comprehensive lifetime expense may span from $11,590 to $16,640. This figure integrates the first year’s elevated outlay along with the subsequent, more consistent yearly costs. Note that unexpected charges like neutering/spaying, dog-walking services, grooming, obedience lessons, and more could further augment your annual and lifetime tallies.
The experience of owning a Bostillon transcends mere financial considerations; it encapsulates the delight, friendship, and myriad cherished instants in store with your new furry companion. Characterized by their energetic personalities, loving temperament, and zestful disposition, Bostillons make splendid companions certain to infuse joy and mirth into your household for many delightful years.

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