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If you are looking for an adorable little companion with an exciting pattern all over their body then look no further than the brindle french bulldog!

Their dazzling striped effect is a super sweet addition to these charming little pups that can be appreciated by any dog lover.

The different kinds of brindle

So when you are looking to purchase a brindle french bulldog you need to know which brindle pattern is most desirable to you. There are seven variations of the brindle coat color in french bulldogs.


This is the classic brindle color where you will see a darker striped effect covering a lighter base coat. Brindle french bulldogs will also look like tiny tigers with this coat coloring!

Seal Brindle

The only way to describe a seal brindle french bulldog is similar to a black french bulldog with little areas of white hairs. This color can be especially striking in french bulldogs.

Blue Brindle

These french bulldogs will have the standard brindle pattern only in a greyish or silver tone. The blue-brindle french bulldogs look like little silver tigers!

Tiger Brindle

This pattern looks just like a tiger! A tiger brindle french bulldog will have a very dark base coat with white tiger stripes all over its body.

Chocolate Brindle

The chocolate brindle french bulldog is a beautiful brown color with a milk chocolate colored stripes all over. These pups also have blue eyes and a brown nose area with brown claws.

Reverse Brindle

One of the most unusual brindle options, the reverse brindle french bulldog will look like a cream or white base coat with darker stripes. The reverse brindle is considered to be the rarest brindle color in french bulldogs.

Pied Brindle

The pied brindle french bulldog is very similar to the reverse brindle. The reverse brindle french bulldog will have a cream base coat with darker stripes that appear much less frequently than on a reverse brindle. Many pied brindle french bulldogs have a cute patch around their eye too!

How does the brindle color occur?

For a french bulldog to be brindle both of its parents must carry the recessive K gene. The K-locus gene is the gene that is responsible for the fawn, dominant black, and brindle colors.

Health Problems

These unfortunate pups are prone to many health conditions. Brindle french bulldogs are prone to thyroid issues, intervertebral disc disease, obstructive airway syndrome, and even deafness. Brindle french bulldogs are also more susceptible to allergies than other dogs.

How much does a brindle french bulldog cost?

Luckily brindle is a color in french bulldogs that is accepted by the AKC! This means you will be able to find a reputable breeder through the AKC when purchasing your brindle french bulldog.

The price of a brindle french bulldog is quite a lot but not as much as some of the more unusual color options.

For between $2,000 and $4,000 you can find a brindle french bulldog available to purchase.

Some show lines can cost up to $8,000 because of the success of the parents in the show ring which isn’t always something to concern yourself with if you have no intentions of showing your brindle french bulldog!

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our article dedicated to the French Bulldog breed!

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