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Has your dog been diagnosed with diabetes? Don’t worry- there are many ways to ensure they continue to live happy and healthy life.

With the right diabetic dog food, you can keep your dog’s diabetes under control, ensure they have enough energy, and eat healthily. All without overspending!

To prevent your dog’s diabetes from getting worse, it’s crucial you monitor their weight. Most diabetic dogs are overweight, which means you’ll need to cut snacks and treats, put them on the right diet and ensure they get adequate exercise. 

With the right food, this is much easier than it sounds. And don’t worry. Your dog doesn’t need to go on the next trendy diet or go on a cleanse. You just need to make sure they have the right ingredients, calories, and feeding times. 

Here are four of the best budget-friendly dog food options for dogs with diabetes.

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina is a well-known pet food brand trusted worldwide, and its Pro Plan Weight Management food is perfect for dogs with diabetes.

It contains low fat compared to normal dog food (around 25% on average) and is made from real chicken for an optimized protein-to-fat ratio. This ensures your dog can maintain their muscle mass while simultaneously losing weight. 

Each meal contains natural prebiotics to aid digestion and promote healthy gut bacteria. This is supplemented with vitamin A, linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acid, and high-quality protein. If that wasn’t enough, it also had added calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals for a complete meal. 

An 18 lbs bag costs $48. 

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Canned Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon is a fantastic protein-focused option for dogs with diabetes. It has a low-carb, high-protein recipe, containing 50% protein with each portion. This protein includes beef, lamb, and wild boar. 

Carbohydrates make up 20% of each meal, ensuring your dog still has the energy to run around and have fun. The remainder of each meal is made from antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, which aid digestion and further enhance energy. 

All food is made in the US, and a case of 12 costs $30.

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Fit & Healthy 

Blue Buffalo is created with L-carnitine to help your dog convert fat into usable energy. It’s commonly used in human weight loss supplements and helps to optimize your dog’s heart, brain, and muscle function.

Each portion contains real chicken (no by-product) and is free from corn, soy, preservatives, and artificial flavors. 

Instead, each meal contains real chicken combined with fruits and vegetables to help keep your dog’s weight under control.

It also has added minerals, fruits, and nutrients designed to accelerate the weight loss process, as well as enriched fiber to keep your dog full throughout the day. 

An 11 lbs bag of Blue Buffalo True Solutions costs $36. 


Keto Kibble is a high protein, low carb dog food option free from grains and starch. It’s been specially formulated for dogs as part of a meat-based starch-free diet- perfect for dogs with diabetes.

It’s made in the US and contains 2x more protein content than conventional dog food with protein making up over 60% of each portion. 

An 8 lbs bag costs $40, making this a more expensive, though extremely healthy option for dog owners with higher budgets. 

Avoid These Foods If Your Dog Has Diabetes 

When it comes to choosing dog food for dogs with diabetes, you want to avoid high-glycemic foods. These include rice, potatoes, whole wheat, beets, and corn.

If carbs make up 80% or more of dog food, you want to avoid that brand altogether. By choosing a low glycemic option you’ll help your dog lose weight and thus limit the impact of their diabetes 

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