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Cairn Terriers are cheerful, Scottish pups that love to show you how much they love you.

But how much does one of these highly intelligent pups cost? Let’s look into the cost of a Cairn Terrier.

What is a Cairn Terrier?

The breed originates from Scotland and is one of the recognized Terrier breeds. The cairn terrier is known to be hypoallergenic and loves to have fun making its owner play with them nonstop!

The hardy cairn terrier is super intelligent and will quickly figure out the daily routine of everybody in the household including who is most likely to drop crumbs at mealtimes!

The cairn terrier is a great choice for a family pet if you enjoy an active dog who will always keep you on your toes!

Annual Cost of a Cairn Terrier

Luckily, cairn terriers are known for being incredibly healthy and tough little dogs so you hopefully won’t have to spend a small fortune on your annual vet bills. We still recommend investing in pet insurance for your Cairn terrier just in case of any accidents or injuries.

The cairn terrier is a pretty small dog so while you won’t be needing to invest in truckloads of dog food each week it is still nice to feed your pet quality dog food. The annual cost of dog food for a cairn terrier is on average $750. This cost is calculated by feeding the advised amount of medium-priced dog food for your cairn terrier.

The cost of annual vet checks for your Cairn terrier will hopefully remain low. If you are lucky enough to have a healthy cairn terrier then you might be okay with only paying for the cost of the compulsory vet visits and vaccinations. If this is the case then you will be looking at paying between $70 and $100 depending on which state you live in. Most of these vet visits will include your compulsory vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and deworming treatment for your cairn terrier. The average price of these visits for a cairn terrier is $85.

Treats and toys are a pretty variable annual cost for your cairn terrier depending on how much you like to spoil your pet. Your cairn terrier might need constant toy replacements because of destructive games or you might find yourself with a terrier who is content with just a tennis ball. Either way, you are bound to be faced with a certain level of enrichment costs for your cairn terrier. The average annual cost of treats and toys for a cairn terrier is $100.

Maybe you and your cairn terrier will spend some time exploring the local dog parks or even just your neighborhood. If you do venture out into the wild with your cairn terrier then you will need to purchase some dog poop bags. For a small dog like a cairn terrier, the average cost of dog poop bags is $75.

The average annual cost of keeping a cairn terrier is $1,010.

Of course, you can also factor in things like regular grooming sessions which are about $20 per trip, or training sessions with a professional which may charge from $20 per hour. These services are optional for your cairn terrier but are an important cost to consider if they are things you might be interested in purchasing.

Cost of the First Year with a Cairn Terrier

Whether you are adopting your cairn terrier from a shelter or you are purchasing a puppy from a breeder, it is recommended that you spay or neuter your dog if you do not intend on breeding from them. The cost of a spay or neuter surgery for a cairn terrier is between $300 and $800.

The cost varies depending on whether your cairn terrier faces any complications during surgery, needs extra vet care, or maybe needs to stay in the vet surgery for a few days for monitoring. On average the cost of a spay or neuter operation for a cairn terrier with a small overnight stay at the vet is $450.

You will need to pay for your Cairn terrier to be microchipped which will cost $80 for the chip, for the vet to insert it into your dog, and for the microchip to be registered under your details.

Your cairn terrier will need to have their initial vaccinations and booster shots too along with some compulsory vet checks. The cost of these appointments for your cairn terrier along with vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and deworming in the first year is between $100 and $300 depending on which state you live in. You may also need to pay more for some specific treatments for your cairn terrier if they are suffering from a flea or tick infestation or have a high worm burden. The average cost of a cairn terrier’s first year of vet treatments is $230.

You will be needing to purchase puppy food for your cairn terrier. The average cost of puppy food and food in the first year of your cairn terriers life is $500.

Treats and toys are a fun investment for a new puppy along with any other accessories you may need like beds, collars, leashes, and food bowls. The average cost of these necessities for a cairn terrier in the first year is between $150 and $5,000. You can easily get what you need for $150 or even sometimes less if you catch some good sales and deals.

$5,000 is the amount you would pay if you chose to purchase every luxury item for your cairn terrier and some people even pay much more by shopping exclusively with designer brands! However, the average cost of purchasing all the items needed for a first-time dog owner is $1,200.

The average total cost for the first year of a cairn terrier’s life is $2,460.

Lifetime Cost of a Cairn Terrier

The cairn terrier is a tough and healthy breed with an average lifespan of between 12 and 14 years, giving you plenty of wonderful years with your precious pup! This means the average lifetime cost of a cairn terrier is between $13,570 and $15,590.

Cost of a Cairn Terrier Puppy

A cairn terrier’s price can vary a little but not as much as some other breeds of dog.

If you are looking to purchase a Cairn terrier puppy then you should expect to pay between $1,200 and $2,000. A $1,200 cairn terrier might be from a slightly less successful show or working line whereas a $2,000 cairn terrier puppy may have very successful relatives or its breeder might be very well known in the cairn terrier community.

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