French Bulldog Stud Service Price

Published: December 7, 2022

If you are lucky enough to already own a french bulldog bitch then you might be considering having a litter of puppies from her. This is a really sweet idea if you already have a pup you love that works really well with your family and you would like to...

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How Much Is Surgery For A Pregnant Dog?

Published: November 23, 2022

Though not common, in certain situations a dog may require surgery to deliver her puppies. Known as a cesarean section (or c-section,) this procedure involves a small incision in the uterine body to deliver the puppies.  The cost of surgery will...

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How much does it cost to ship dog sperm?

Published: November 19, 2022

Breeding dogs used to be a tricky situation unless you lived near some premium stud dogs that were of the same breed as your bitch. However, thanks to the miracle of modern science, artificial insemination has meant you can choose a stud from pretty much...

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Dog progesterone test cost

Published: May 27, 2022

The business of breeding dogs may be somewhat challenging (due to the huge variation in the heat cycle, anovulatory cycle, breeding dates, and some other factors). It is also one that demands you to be knowledgeable on a range of particulars concerning the...

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How much does it cost to freeze dog sperm?

Published: June 26, 2022

The current prices for the freeze dog sperms/semen are approximately $400-$500, and the storage costs are $90-$100 per year. If you want to register your pooch with any reputable dog organization (akc or ukc breed), each of these organizations requires a...

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How much does it cost to collect sperm from a dog?

Published: August 12, 2022

The collecting of sperm has a lot of positive aspects to it. It's possible that the capacity to transfer sperm across the county and even across international borders may help a breed achieve more genetic variety. A dog's sperm may be frozen for a long length...

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