Caucasian Shepherd Price & Cost To Own One?


The Caucasian Shepherd is also known by numerous other names like the Caucasian Ovcharka Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Kavkazkaya Ovcharka, Kaukasische Schaferhund, Nagazi, and Volkodav. 

It was originally bred to guard livestock and flocks in the Caucasian Mountains. The Soviet Military then molded this dog to be highly trainable and compliant resulting in the sweet, friendly, and loyal dog that we know today.

If you’re looking to welcome a Caucasian Shepherd into your life and want to know how much it costs, then we have the answer for you!

How Much is a Caucasian Shepherd in the United States?

The average price of a Caucasian Shepherd puppy from a reputed breeder is around $2000.

The first-year cost of keeping this magnificent dog breed comes to nearly $8000 (mainly spent on spay/neuter surgery, dog food, medical costs, training expenses, etc.).

The annual cost of raising this large dog – after the first year – could come to $4,717 bringing the lifetime cost of owning a Caucasian Shepherd to well over $55,000 – $60,000.

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How Much Does a Caucasian Shepherd Puppy Cost in the USA?

Our team analyzed over 50 ads from various sources to bring you the Caucasian Shepherd prices in the USA.

  • We found the minimum price of a purebred Caucasian Shepherd puppy from a top breeder to be around $1000.
  • The maximum price was around $3000 mainly due to the pedigree of the dogs.
  • This brings the national average cost of a Caucasian Shepherd to almost $2000.
  • Adopting a Caucasian Shepherd adult dog comes to $500 with the price also covering spaying/neutering, vaccination, deworming, and other basics.

Initial Costs of Owning a Caucasian Shepherd – Basic Tools and Equipment

When you first bring home any dog, not just a Caucasian Shepherd, you must have some tools and equipment to make it more comfortable.

Here is a table showing the prices of basic dog equipment

Items Cost
Food and water bowls $20-$50
Leash and a collar or harness $10-$50
Poop bags/poop scoop, pee pads $10-$50
Cleaning supplies, wipes  $10-$45
Crate $100 to $400
Bed $50-$300
Grooming tools – brush, shampoo, nail clippers, hair trimmer $20-$75
Toys and dental chews $20-$50

Most dog owners in the United States spend an average of $300-$500 on basic dog equipment. Most of these are one-time costs although you might have to replace some items from time to time.

Dog Training Costs for Caucasian Shepherds

Ovcharkas need plenty of training – especially obedience training. Without this, your Shepherd’s behavior can get unruly and out of hand. You have various options before you when it comes to training your Caucasian Shepherd:

  • Group training with other puppies – $10-$80 per class. 
  • Private training – $45 to $200 per class. The price depends on the trainer’s expertise and your location.
  • Board and train – $500-$1250 per week.
  • Books and/or YouTube videos – $0-$20
  • PetCo or PetSmart dog training – $80-$150 for 6 sessions.

Medical Costs for Caucasian Shepherds

Caucasian Shepherd is generally a hardy and healthy dog, especially when you purchase it from a good breeder. Reputed breeders conduct various health checks and genetic tests for joints, eyes, and heart defects and refrain from breeding dogs that are susceptible to these issues.

Even if you feed your Caucasian Shepherd a healthy diet, you still need to take it to the vet for routine checkups. These will ensure that your pet remains in the best of health. 

Also, your young Caucasian Shepherd will need several annual vaccinations in its first year – followed by booster doses every year – to prevent deadly canine diseases like rabies, canine hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus, etc.

Here are some basic medical expenses most pet owners incur over their dog’s lifetime:

Routine vet checkups $45 to $100 per visit.
Vaccinations $170 in the first year
Spaying $600
Neutering $100-$300
Flea and tick prevention  $200 per year
Deworming and internal parasite prevention $50 per dose
Dental cleaning $100-$300
Major surgery or hospitalization $1000-$5000


In addition to these costs, we must consider the health issues seen in Ovcharkas. Many Caucasian Shepherds are diagnosed with diseases like hip dysplasia and cataracts. These require between $1500-$3000 to diagnose and treat.

Pet insurance is one way of tackling your pet’s medical expenses. Most pet insurance companies have affordable plans starting from $10 a month. On average, you could spend between $300-$550 on pet insurance a year.

Dog Food Costs for Caucasian Shepherds

Caucasian Shepherd is a working dog breed that weighs around 150 lb. and measures between 24-34 inches at the shoulders. An adult dog of this size needs at least 115 lb. of food per month. Here are some of the possible monthly and annual costs of dog food depending on the food quality you select:

  • Economical or budget-friendly dog food costs nearly $1.75 a pound. So, the monthly cost of feeding your Ovcharka can come to $200.
  • Medium-range dog food costs almost $3 a pound bringing your monthly expenditure on dog food to $343 a month.
  • Expensive/premium dog food costs almost $4.8 a month bringing the monthly expense of feeding an adult Caucasian Shepherd to $720 a month.
  • Dog treats for this large dog can cost around $20 a month.

If you opt to feed premium dog food, then the annual cost of feeding your Caucasian Shepherd can be more than $8000!

Miscellaneous Expenses of Owning a Caucasian Shepherd


All dogs need grooming and the Caucasian Shepherd is no exception. You can always save money by grooming your dog at home. However, these dogs tend to shed seasonally and need plenty of brushing. You must also bathe your dog at least once a month. Basic grooming packages at professional groomers cost around $40-$75 for large dogs. Two to three sessions a year can bring your expenses over $150 a year.


Traveling with a large dog like the Caucasian Shepherd can cost almost $300-$500 for round-trip airfare. Pet boarding costs can come to $75 a night. If you board your dog for 5 nights – then your budget can go up by $375 a year.

Dog Walker

Most dog walkers in most cities charge between $30-$50 for a short walk of 30-45 minutes. This can bring your monthly cost to almost $1500 if you consider just one walk per day.

Microchipping and Dog License Renewal

Microchipping can keep your dog safe and help you bring it back in the event it gets lost. The small procedure is done by a vet and costs around $25-$45. Dog license renewal needs to be done once a year. It costs between $10-$45 depending on the state you live in and your dog’s de-sexing status.

Key Takeaways  – How Much Does a Caucasian Shepherd Cost?

As seen above, Caucasian Shepherds can be very expensive to keep as pets or household companion dogs.

The average purchase price of your Ovcharka puppy comes to $2000. The first-year cost of keeping this breed is almost $8000 as you’d spend on de-sexing, training, etc. in addition to food and medical costs.

After the first year, the cost of owning a Caucasian Shepherd could come to $4700 a year but that is assuming that your dog is healthy and that you select inexpensive/pocket-friendly dog food. If you opt for premium food, then the annual expenses can go over $8000.

The lifetime cost of owning this breed (which has a lifespan of 11 years) comes to over $55,000 but this can increase in the event your pet develops a health issue as well as on your lifestyle and the choice of food you make. 

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