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Ask any Cavapoo owner how it is parenting this cute dog, and the chances are they’ll say “you can never have a more perfect dog!”

Cavapoos (or Cavoodles) are the result of crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a toy or miniature Poodle. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sweet, gentle, and people-loving breed, while the Poodle is an intelligent and hypoallergenic dog breed. A Cavapoo from a good breeder will have inherited these characteristics from its parents, although genetics is very complicated so we cannot really predict how a Cavapoo will be in adulthood.

In general, though, a Cavapoo is a small, sweet dog having a medium to long coat with or without curls. It is very smart, easy to train, and generally loves everything and everybody. Once you own a Cavapoo, you will be hooked for life to this sweet-natured dog breed!

For these reasons, Cavoodles are the hottest-selling hybrid dogs in the United States. If you’re thinking of buying or adopting a Cavapoo and wish to know about Cavapoo prices, then you’ve come to the right place!

Most potential owners have the following questions in mind regarding Cavapoo prices – what can you expect to pay for this puppy? How much will it cost monthly and annually for complete Cavapoo care? How do you ensure your Cavoodle puts on the best behavior and how much does dog training cost? How much does Cavapoo food cost? And so on.

We have all the answers for you in the subsequent sections.

Just in case you’re in a hurry, the following summary will help:

A Cavapoo puppy from a reputed breeder can cost between $1000 and $3000. This high price can be attributed to the breed’s high demand. Over the first year,  expect to pay nearly $1000 on vaccinations, routine exams, food, and basic supplies. Later on, you can expect to spend up to $900 each year on your Cavapoo. The lifetime cost of ownership for a Cavapoo that lives for 15 years is around $14,000.

Cost of Cavapoo Puppy

Cavapoos are much in demand due to their small size and hypoallergenic and non-shedding coats. However, this increase in popularity also means that there are many unethical breeders, puppy mills, and backyard breeders looking to make quick profits off their dogs. They often breed sick dogs which results in clinically ill Cavoodle pups.

Good breeders will give you a health guarantee of at least 6 months to 2 years and will also be very selective about whom they give away their pups to. Resultantly, you could experience a long wait-time of 2 or more years for your Cavapoo pup.

The average cost of a healthy Cavapoo puppy from a reputed breeder is between $1000 and $3000. On average, expect to pay almost $2000 for a Cavapoo puppy, and shipping charges may be extra.

The minimum price of a Cavapoo puppy$1000
Maximum price of a Cavapoo puppy$3000
Price bracketBetween $1000 and $3000
Average price$2000


Factors Affecting a Cavapoo’s Cost


Cavapoos are available in a wide range of colors but the chocolate gene is recessive and considered rare. Most in-demand Cavapoo colors include deep ruby red and chestnut color. These puppies can cost nearly $2500.

Here are approximate 2021 price ranges according to for different coat colors:

  •       Black – relatively rare color in Cavoodles. Price is between $900 and $1600
  •       Cream, caramel, black/white or black/tan – $1500 to $2300
  •       Apricot, red, Blenheim – $1900-$2900


The cost of your Cavapoo pup will vary from breeder to breeder. Most breeders will price their pups based on the costs or expenditures they have incurred.

A breeder will also price his/her pups based on the litter size. If the result of mating a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel produces a large litter, then the breeder will price the pups slightly less than s/he would for smaller litters.

 One of the major costs incurred by breeders is the health screening costs. A good breeder will have his/her dogs screened by a vet to ensure there are no genetic health issues.

Some breeders do not have both dogs- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. In such a case, they have to pay a stud fee to get the dog from another breeder. This too could be a factor in deciding your Cavapoo’s price.

Finally, some Cavoodle puppies are a result of Artificial Insemination. This is an expensive procedure and can significantly increase your potential puppy’s price.

Here is a table showing you where to buy your Cavapoo from:

PuppySpotThis site lists down all the Cavapoo puppies available for sale in the US.From $4000
CreekSidePuppyAdoptionsThey have partnered with various breeders nearby. They personally meet customers and are willing to answer all your questions.From $2000
Happy Tail PuppiesLicensed breeders that are not a pet store. They own “mommies, daddies, and babies”, and all dogs are raised in healthy, licensed, and inspected facilities.From $1600
Best CavapoosThey provide first-generation Cavapoos of outstanding health. 
Adopt/RescueThe link on the left gives you 11 places in the USA where you could find rescued Cavapoos.Adoption fee of $500


Basic Supplies and Costs for Cavapoos

Once you have finalized your Cavapoo puppy, you will want to buy some basic supplies and also prepare your home for this energetic dog. Here are some approximate costs you’d spend on puppy supplies for your pet.

Food and water bowls

Your little puppy will eat every few hours and also need fresh water. Invest in high-quality steel or ceramic food and water bowls. Avoid plastic bowls as they tend to flip and also develop cracks that can accumulate bacteria. Approximate cost of food – water bowls – $15.

Collar and leash

Although your vet will prohibit you from taking your pet on a walk until all of its vaccinations are over, it is a good idea to invest in a basic collar with ID tags and a leash. This will cost about $20.


Your Cavoodle will do well with crate training. A crate provides a secure, den-like atmosphere to your young dog and teaches it to spend time on its own. A small crate for a Cavapoo should not cost more than $30-$50.


Make the crate more comfortable by adding a crate pad, blanket, or a small dog bed. This will cost about $20-$50 depending on the quality.


Toys not only entertain your dog; they also stimulate it mentally. You can buy toys like balls, treat dispensers, rope toys, frisbees, and chew toys. Chew toys will help your pet during its teething phase. Expect to spend about $50-$75 on toys.

Basic grooming tools

Since Cavoodles shed minimally, you won’t need to spend too much time grooming them. However, you’d still need to purchase a shampoo (mild), some brushes and combs, toothbrush and paste, a nail trimmer, etc. These could cost about $50 depending on the items you buy and their quality.

Here is a table showing you must-have Cavpoo items along with approximate costs.

Collar-leash set$15-$20
Food-water bowls$8-$10
Baby gates to limit your pet’s entry in parts of your house$40
Treat dispenser toys$10
Plush bedFrom $25
Collapsible crate$45
Mats for containing food messes$10
Kong toy$10
Grooming tools – brush, comb, dental supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, etc.$75
Poop bags$10
Potty pads for indoor training$10


Cavapoo Training Costs

Many factors can impact the costs of training your Cavapoo. You can always opt for DIY training and take some lessons from the free resources online.

However, nothing beats professional training. These costs will vary widely based on your location. For example, if you’re based in California or New York, a dog trainer here will charge more than the one based in a smaller town.

Costs of Cavpoo training will also vary based on what you’re looking for. Basic obedience training has a standard rate but advanced training or training for specific or special tricks can cost a lot more.

 Additionally, the training costs will also differ based on group or private lessons. Private sessions cost a lot more than group classes.

It is worthwhile mentioning here that higher costs do not necessarily mean better training. So, always do your homework. Remember that the rates of dog training are not standardized and regulated, so there are a lot of variations.

Here is a table showing approximate dog training costs:

Group training (cost per class)$30.00 to $50 per class
Private obedience school (cost per session)$45.00 to $120
Dog boot camp (cost per day)$45.00 (weekly about $500 to $1250)
Minimum online training program price$99.00
YouTube videos$0.00
Minimum puppy basic training cost (total)$500.00
Maximum puppy basic training cost with boarding (total)$2000.00
Service dog training$120 per hour


Cavapoo Food Costs

Cavapoos tend to be picky eaters and some even have food allergies. Being a small dog, it is also very easy to over-feed it accidentally. Doing so can lead to a host of health issues, so it is always better to evaluate your pet’s weight from time to time.

For Cavapoos with food allergies, you need to feed high-quality grain-free or hypoallergenic dog food as recommended by your vet or breeder.

In the first few days when your Cavapoo is still a pup, feed it the same food that the breeder was feeding it. As your pet grows, evaluate its height and weight and seek your vet’s advice regarding dietary changes, if any.

In general, this small hybrid dog weighs between 9 and 25 lb. and its height is between 9 and 14 inches at withers.

Here are some options in feeding your Cavapoo:

Dry dog food

Being small dogs, Cavapoos are likely to develop dental issues since the food remains stuck in the tiny teeth at the back of the mouth. Therefore, vets recommend dry food or kibble as it’s texture helps eliminate plaque and tartar to some extent

Feed your little dude (or dudette!) about 1 to 1/3rd cup of kibble per day (for an average-sized Cavapoo). You can divide this into 2-3 smaller meals. A bag of high-quality dog food contains about 60 cups. So, it should last you approximately a month and a half.

Wet food

For an adult Cavapoo of 20 lb. feed about 20 oz. of wet food per day. You can divide this into 2-3 smaller meals.

Freeze-dried food

Freeze-dried dog food is very popular these days as it preserves the nutrients of raw food. Feed about 30 nuggets or 8 small scoops of freeze-dried patties or nuggets to a 20-lb. Cavapoo. Note that some freeze-dried foods are not complete meals but are only used as meal toppers.

Raw food

Raw food has many benefits but it also comes with a few disadvantages like bacterial contamination. So, always discuss with your vet if raw feeding is advisable for your small dog. Feed your 20-lb. Cavapoo approximately ¼ lb. of raw food per day.

Here is a table showing approximate monthly food costs for Cavapoo should you choose to feed the above food types:

TypeApproximate monthly quantity for Cavapoo weighing about 20 lb.Approximate monthly cost
Dry dog food/kibble7.5 lb.$20
Wet dog food35 lb.$40
Freeze-dried food5 lb.$75
Raw food8 lb.$35
Dog treats5 oz.$15


Cavapoo Dog Food Comparison

There are many great brands of dog food available for a Cavapoo. Most Cavapoos do well with chicken, turkey, buffalo, lamb, bison, and fish-based foods. As mentioned earlier, some Cavapoos have sensitive digestion and they may need hypoallergenic or even special prescription foods.

If you choose to feed dry food or kibble, look for foods with small kibble sizes. As far as possible, avoid foods with grains. Make sure that the first ingredient on the dog food product label is meat. Avoid foods with by-products, fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors.

Young Cavapoo pups will need foods rich in DHA for brain development, healthy carbs for energy, and protein for growth and repair. Adult Cavapoos will need food containing balanced protein, antioxidants, healthy omegas, fiber, and probiotics for digestion and immunity. A senior Cavapoo will need balanced protein for muscle-mass maintenance, complex carbs for energy, fiber for digestion, and antioxidants for immunity.

Always evaluate your pet’s diet from time to time and make sure it is not overfed or underfed. You can accordingly tweak its diet and practice portion control as advised by your vet.

Based on these factors, here are some top dog foods for this cute breed:

BrandFeaturesCost per lb.
Royal Canin Small Puppy Dry Dog FoodSmall kibble size. Meets energy needs of this small dog$6.69/lb.
Nutri Source Small/Medium BreedHigh levels of proteins and healthy fats, small bite-size food$2.4/lb.
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy


Contains DHA and high-quality protein. Formulated by vets and made in the USA$2.19/lb.
Health Extension Little BitesSpecially formulated for small and medium-sized dogs. Contains coconut oil, flaxseed, turmeric.$4.25/lb.


Cavapoo Medical Costs

One of the most important aspects of Cavapoo ownership is the medical costs. In addition to unexpected medical bills, you will also need to think of the first-year costs which include vaccinations and sterilization costs.

While some breeds are more prone to health issues, designer dogs like Cavapoos are generally healthier. This depends on the dog breeder too – when you buy your pet from a reputed breeder, you will be likelier to get a healthier dog.

You can also include healthy habits like cleaning your buddy’s teeth daily and exercising your pet. But, despite these practices, unexpected vet bills can still occur.

Also, in the first year of your Cavapoo ownership, you will spend on dog vaccinations. These can prevent many deadly canine diseases including hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus, etc. Note that vaccines just cost around $50 while the cost of treating these diseases can run into thousands of dollars.

Your Cavapoo will also need monthly flea and tick prevention as well as regular deworming. Fleas and ticks look small but can cause huge problems. Sometimes, they can even transmit deadly diseases which could be fatal for small dogs like Cavapoos. Similarly, deworming is important to prevent roundworm, tapeworm, and heartworm. These are extremely dangerous for small dog breeds.

Here is a table showing different vaccinations, the age of the puppy to administer them, and approximate costs:

Cavapoo Puppy Vaccination Costs and age

Cavapoo puppy’s ageVaccine (mandatory) and costVaccine (Optional) and cost
6-8 weeksDistemper ($20)Bordetella
10-12 weeksDHPP – distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza ($20-$50)Bordetella, Lyme, Leptospirosis, influenza
16-18 weeksDHPP and rabies (about $75)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Leptospirosis
12-16 monthsDHPP and rabies (about $75)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis
Every 1-2 yearsDHPP ($20-$50)Influenza, Lyme, Bordetella, Coronavirus, leptospirosis
Every 1-3 yearsRabies as per state law ($15 to $20)none


Flea and tick prevention costs

NameCost per year
Shampoo + flea comb$20-$40
Weekly flea dip + flea and tick collar$40-$150
Spot treatment$150-$200
Additional costs like flea extermination of the house$500


Deworming costs

The average cost of deworming a Cavapoo is between $8 and $55. If your vet prescribes a dewormer, then it is likely to cost more than over-the-counter deworming medicines. Some low-cost clinics charge a lot less to deworm dogs: approximately $15-$45. Heartworm prevention can cost between $40 to $50 for a 6-month supply.

Routine and emergency medical costs for Cavapoos

According to AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), these are the basic costs for routine and emergency vet visits for a Cavapoo dog.

Routine costs vet visits

Name of testCost**
Routine checkup$50 and $250
Spaying or neutering$160-$200
Physical exam$45 – $55
Fecal exam$25-$55
Heartworm test$45-$50
Dental cleaning$70-$400
Allergy testing$195-$300

** These are approximate costs – the actual costs will vary from vet to vet and city to city.

Emergency vet visit costs

Name of testCost**
X-rayUp to $200
USGUp to $500
Emergency surgeryUp to $2000

** These are approximate costs – the actual costs will vary from vet to vet and city to city.

Cavapoo Inherited Diseases

A responsible Cavapoo breeder will perform DNA tests on his/her dogs to prevent breeding ones from having diseases. However, that does not completely guarantee that your Cavadoodle won’t get sick. Here are some inherited diseases seen in the breed:


This painful disease causes phantom pain in the head, neck, and back of the affected Cavapoo. Such dogs tend to whine and yelp a lot. They might even sleep with their heads elevated or at a certain angle to overcome pain. Treatment includes medicines to stop the pain and acupuncture therapy and can cost thousands of dollars.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia can cause a bunny hopping gait in affected dogs. It can lead to restricted movement, lameness of the hind leg, and difficulty/reluctance in raising, walking, and running. Treatment can cost thousands of dollars for surgery and medicines.

Mitral valve disease

Mitral valve disease is seen in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and can be passed on to a Cavapoo. It causes many movement restrictions and breathing difficulties in the affected dog and can considerably shorten its life. The cost of mitral valve surgery is about $30,000.

Eye problems

The cost of treating cataracts in dogs is between $2700 and $4000. This includes surgery, diagnostics, etc. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is another eye issue common in Cavapoos.

Luxating patella

Luxating patella can be very painful to your little dog. It can lead to limited mobility, difficulty while moving, running, jumping, and swelling in the knee joints. Surgery to treat this debilitating condition is costly – almost $3000 on average.

Pet Insurance for Cavapoos

Pet insurance plans can considerably reduce stress for pet parents.  Good plans cover unexpected illnesses and you can visit any vet of your choice, in most cases.

Most companies offer flexible plans and you can even have them customized to meet your budget. If you’re still wondering if pet insurance is worth buying, then do consider the fact that specialized canine treatments can run into very steep bills. Many vet hospitals have advanced care and treatment options for neurological, orthopedic, and other health issues, but you should be able to afford them.

With pet insurance, you can considerably lower these costs and sometimes, even get your pet treated for free!

Here are some insurance companies in the US and their pros and cons:

Name of insuranceProsCons
FIGOOften have 100% reimbursementsPremiums tend to increase with pet’s age
EmbraceCovers hereditary conditionsOnly for pets 14 and younger. Many pre-existing conditions are not covered
Healthy PawsAllows you to use any licensed veterinarianThere is a 12-month wait period for hip dysplasia; only allowed to enroll pets under 6 years
Pets BestBest Accident and Illness planLimited annual limit options. End-of-life expenses not covered.


Additional Costs of Raising your Cavapoo

Doggy daycare

The cost of owning a Cavapoo can go beyond food and medical costs. Doggy daycare can cost $12 to $38 for a full day and this can amount to almost $300 for a month.


The good news is that your Cavpoo does not shed too much but even then, it does need regular grooming. Most Cavapoo owners spend $200 per year on trimming the fur, nail care, bath, and other basic grooming services. You can reduce these costs considerably by grooming your dog at home.

Dog walking

It is very important to walk your Cavpoo daily; without exercise your small dog could get depressed or even indulge in unwanted behaviors like excess barking, tearing bed linen, chewing your slippers, etc. You can set aside 30-40 minutes each day to exercise your pet. If not, hire a pet walker to do the job for you. Dog walkers charge between $10-$35 for 30-40 minutes sessions.


Cavapoos hate being left alone at home. You can remediate this by hiring a pet-sitter to come in and check on your dog or place it in doggy daycare. In any case, this can end up costing you nearly $500 a month or $20-30 per day.


Should you choose to travel with this small dog, you’d need to invest in an airline carrier. The cost of flying with your dog in the cabin is $50-$250 one-way.


Other costs of Cavapoo ownership include the cost of microchipping, license, and registration. This can come to about $45. You’d also need to make some changes to your yard and home to keep your buddy safe. Adding in a fence or making other structural reinforcements to keep predators out can cost $1000 depending on the size of your yard.

Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Cavapoo Cost?

By now, you have gotten a gist of how much it takes to raise a Cavapoo. Here is a brief recap again:

Cavapoo costs summary

First-year costs

The first-year cost of Cavapoo ownership includes the cost of buying or adoption. If you buy your Cavapoo from a reputed breeder, then expect to shell out almost $1000-$3000 (average cost $2000) on it. The cost of adoption will be less than this. In the first year, you’d also vaccinate and sterilize your dog and this can cost nearly $300 or more depending on the vet practice and your area.

You’d also spend on flea and tick medicines, basic supplies like a dog bed, food, treats, bowls, toys, etc. Adding this, you’d spend around $1000 or more in the first year. This is usually double the cost incurred in the subsequent years.

Monthly costs

Food and dog treats can cost between $50 and $100 (average $75) per month depending on the kind of food you choose. You’d also need to spend on monthly grooming, flea-tick prevention, regular deworming meds, monthly insurance premiums, dog-walking services, etc.

Annual cost after the first year

Based on the monthly expense above, your annual expense of Cavapoo ownership could be around $500-$900. This will increase or decrease based on additional expenses like travel, dog boarding, r special grooming, and unexpected medical expenses.

Lifetime cost

This little dog lives on average for 15 years. Therefore, the lifetime cost of ownership of a Cavapoo comes to around $14000. This can increase if your dog develops medical issues in its golden years.

We hope this brief cost-breakup guide helps you estimate and budget for your Cavapoo.


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