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You love English Bulldogs and have your heart set on a Chocolate English Bulldog. Naturally, you want to know its price and how much a purebred Chocolate English Bulldog costs at a reputable breeder.

In this guide, we will tell you exactly how much a Chocolate English Bulldog puppy costs and the factors that can impact its price.

Chocolate English Bulldog Price 

The price of a purebred Chocolate English Bulldog from a top breeder is $3000 to $5000. Some pups born to champion dogs or show winners can cost even more – as high as $8000-$10,000. 

The English bulldog comes in a variety of colors. There are standard colors – accepted by the American Kennel Club and other international kennel clubs and there are nonstandard colors as well. Nonstandard colors are not recognized as breed standards by any canine club.

Standard colors in English Bulldogs are red, fawn, and white. A combination of these colors is also recognized as a standard color.

Chocolate English Bulldog is not standard coloring. Still, people are willing to pay high prices for these dogs.

This is because chocolate is a relatively rare and unique color. People love rare, unique dogs. Therefore, the demand for chocolate English Bulldogs is high. 

There are variations in chocolate English Bulldogs too. For example, you can have chocolate tri-color English Bulldogs. The English Bulldogs in chocolate tri-color have dark brown coats with tan markings. Some have fawn undertones in their coat.

Their noses are brown, and they often have beautiful hazel-colored eyes. Sometimes, they may have one eye blue and the other green. The price of a chocolate tri English Bulldog is nearly $6000-$8000!

Some breeders also breed chocolate brindle English Bulldogs. The brindle pattern consists of chocolate and white stripes. These pups also have beautiful eyes. Their prices start from $3500-$5000.


FAQs – Chocolate English Bulldog Price – How Much is a Chocolate Bulldog For?

What is a chocolate Bulldog?

The chocolate Bulldog is a result of the dilution of the pigment responsible for the black color. The chocolate color appears shiny brown in the sun.

Do Chocolate bulldogs have red eyes?

Most breeders in the USA have chocolate Bulldogs with hazel, light yellow, light brown, or green eyes. Some dogs also have different colored eyes.

Why are Chocolate English bulldogs so expensive?

The process of breeding chocolate bulldogs is expensive and complicated. That’s why breeders charge so high for these dogs.

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