Crying Momma Dumped At Shelter Without Her Babies




Heartbreak at the shelter! Meet Cinnamon, a red nose Pitbull who was cruelly abandoned at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control shelter in North Carolina. This poor mama dog was left without her babies, and her heartache was palpable. Every time someone stopped to talk to her, tears filled her eyes. Yes, you read that right – real, heartbreaking tears!

Cry of a Broken Heart

Volunteer Sarah Jennings Sleime, who usually helps out at the Greater Charlotte SPCA, popped into animal control one Saturday and stumbled upon Cinnamon. Sleime couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this devastated pittie sitting slumped over in her kennel, looking utterly lost. It was clear she’d recently had puppies, and her maternal instincts were on full display, even in their absence.

Sleime quickly learned that Cinnamon had been used as a breeding machine, producing litter after litter. She tried to comfort the pitiful pup, but each time she spoke, Cinnamon’s eyes welled up with tears. It was a sight that broke Sleime’s heart, and she knew she had to act.

Video Sensation

Unable to take Cinnamon home herself, Sleime did the next best thing – she filmed a video of the crying dog and posted it on Facebook. The response was explosive! In just 48 hours, the video racked up a million views and was shared 20,000 times. Cinnamon’s tearful plea touched hearts around the world.

Happily Ever After

Among those moved by the video was Meghan Connor Shelton from Charlotte. She and her family have a soft spot for pit bulls and were instantly drawn to Cinnamon’s plight. They decided to visit the shelter the very next day. The moment they saw her, it was love at first sight. The Sheltons adopted Cinnamon, now lovingly renamed Rosie, and brought her home.

But the story doesn’t end there. Rosie’s new family already had a three-year-old Pitbull named Blu, and everyone held their breath for the first meeting. Miraculously, it was as if Blu and Rosie had been friends forever, tails wagging in perfect harmony.

From Tears to Joy

Rosie has since flourished in her new home, bringing joy and laughter to her family. Her quirky trait? When she’s excited, she snorts like a pig! Thanks to one viral video, not only did Rosie find a loving home, but many other dogs at the shelter did too, as inspired families flocked to adopt.

Remember, one simple video can change lives. Visit the CMPD Animal Care and Control page and the Greater Charlotte SPCA’s website to find your new furry friend today! Let’s make more happily-ever-afters like Rosie’s.

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