Diamond deluxe dog box price


Anyone who needs a dog box to put in their car/truck should consider purchasing the aluminum dog box manufactured by Diamond Deluxe. This box is a popular option for canine parents. It is crafted from aluminum with a diamond-like tread pattern and was created in the United States. This material is highly sturdy and can restrain even the most rambunctious of canine companions. But what about the diamond deluxe dog box price? How much does it cost?

Actually, the diamond deluxe dog price depends upon two factors according to the manufacturers.

1.    Box style (Multiple styles starting from B-style to YY-style)
2.    Box Size (Multiple sizes according to dog breed category, i.e., different boxes for tiny, small, medium, large, or giant dog breeds)

So, these two factors determine the price of the diamond deluxe dog box price. However, the average price of this dog box starts from $650 and goes up to $1200.

The Diamond Deluxe Dog Box has the Following Features

It can be transported easily

As mentioned in the kennel’s name, one of the most appealing features of the Diamond Deluxe metal dog kennel is its ability to be readily transported in the back of a pickup truck, making it convenient for you to take your dogs with you wherever you need to go. This is wonderful for going on an outing that involves hunting, fishing, or camping. When compared to the other alternatives that are for sale at local dealers, this is an excellent selection to go with if you want a high-quality dog box for your canine companion.

Durable material

The best size of this box is 25 pounds, and it is constructed out of aluminum with a diamond tread pattern, which is quite sturdy. Because it has a carrying handle, getting into and out of your pickup or ATV is a breeze. Your pet will be able to benefit from some airflow on those warm days, thanks to the vents that are located on the side of the carrier. This will make it simpler for them to cool down.

Dog-friendly box shape

In order to provide the maximum level of protection, the inside walls are designed with corrugated plastic insulation, and each wall also has a T-handle lock. It is also possible to slide the vents shut, which will assist keep your dog warmer when the weather is cooler. Because of the way this kennel is constructed, it will be difficult for your pup to unlock the T-handle that is located on the exterior walls. This container is a gift to anyone who struggles to control their unruly canine companion.

Universal dimensions

The best or universal Diamond deluxe dog box has width measurements of 17 1/4 inches, length dimensions of 30 inches, and height dimensions of 20 inches. The quantity of room should be sufficient to accommodate most breeds ranging in size from medium to giant, with the possible exception of Alaskan Malamute and other really large dog breeds. Before purchasing any kind of kennel, it is imperative that you take accurate measurements of your dog.

Pros of Diamond Deluxe Dog Food

  • No dog will ever be able to unlock the T-handle that is located on the exterior because it locks.
  • The extremely durable diamond tread metal cannot be broken and is entirely resistant to chewing.
  • Lightweight at only 25 pounds, carrying handles are included to make lifting it a breeze.
  • It can easily be transported in the back of a car, SUV, full-size truck, or ATV, allowing you to take your dog with you while you go fishing or hunting.

Cons of Diamond Deluxe Dog Food

  • It’s possible that really huge canines like Mastiffs, Danes, and Alaskan Malamutes won’t be able to fit inside.
  • The price of this dog box is on the more expensive side.


If you are searching for a cage that can be installed in your vehicle and carried along on hunting excursions or even just driven about town, the Diamond Deluxe dog box is an excellent option to consider. Your pup will not be able to escape, thanks to the lockable T-handle on the exterior of the carrier, the robust aluminum walls, and the plastic inside that are both chew proof. Owners like how lightweight this box is as well as how simple it is to load and unload from a truck bed. We guarantee you won’t be let down if you give this Diamond Deluxe Dog Box a try!