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The guide tells you about the average Peekapoo price which is somewhere between $600 to $2000 and also describes other relevant information.

Peekapoo is the first designer dog breed that was first bred in the 1950s. The dog breed is one of the hybrid breeds that was developed to be a companion for allergy sufferers. They are also called Pekepoos, Peke-A-Poos, Pekingese, Poodle Mixes, and Peekapoos.

They are not only very affectionate pets but also are known to be very prone to separation anxiety which means that they always demand someone to be with them at home throughout the time. The guide covers the information related to Pickapoo price, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and other relevant info to help you get the dog more conveniently.

Average Cost Of Peekapoo Dog

The average Peekapoo price is somewhere between $900 to $2000. Alternatively, the average annual living cost of food for a Peekapoo is somewhere between $600 to $1200 per year depending upon the food and habitat you get for them. Let’s look at the price details of the dog in the guide below and what factors affect the price of the dog.

Factors affecting the price of Peekapoo Dogs

Since Peekapoo is a mixed breed of Pekingese and Poodle, they are typically low in price. When adopting a Peekapoo you need to make sure to focus on certain factors before finalizing the dog because some of the particular species and factors affect the price of these dogs.

Let’s look at the factors affecting the price of Peekapoo dogs. The price of the dog varies based on color, health condition, age, and other relevant factors. Here are some of those factors mentioned in detail to have an idea about the cost of Peekapoo price and how much the buyer has to spend to get the one.

Location Of Buyer

Of course, the location of the buyer affects the dog price you are purchasing. This is because it notably affects local supply and demand. For example, in metropolitan areas, most people look for small dog breeds so that the dog can easily manage and live in their small house.

In such areas, Peekapoo’s price is quite higher compared to other areas. Alternatively, the strongest and bulkier dogs are more loved and prioritized in colder weather.

Health Of The Dog

A dog that is quite healthy and the one who has given vaccination is the dog that is expensive in its price. Alternatively, those who are somehow unhealthy and lack proper vaccination are not expensive. Going with the vaccinated dog is better because it ensures that it is safe from multiple types of diseases and other problems.

Age Of Peekapoo Dog

A Peekapoo in his initial years and his younger age is comparatively more expensive than those who are a puppy yet. Keep in mind if you want to get a Peekapoo, opt for the one that is in his younger years. Here is a detailed description of the average yearly cost of a dog that you have to pay to give your dog a good living.

Average Yearly Cost Of A Dog

Well, the average amount that you have to spend on a Peekapoo breed is between $600 to $1500. It depends upon the size of the dog, the food you choose, and the money you spend on grooming and veterinary care. Let’s look at the description of the factors affecting the living cost of the Peekapoo breed in the guide below.

Food Cost

The food cost of Peekapoo dogs varies based on their age and what type of food you are giving to them. If they are small in size they will need less food and the cost of their food would be comparatively Low. Alternatively, those Peekapoos that are bigger require more food.

Well, the average weight of a Peekapoo is somewhere around 12 lbs, which becomes approximately 70 lbs per year. The average annual cost that is calculated for Peekapoo food is around $150 to $2500.


In order to maintain a matte-free coat, Peekapoo needs either 4, 5, or 6 grooming sessions. And one grooming session on average costs approximately $50 to $60.

You should have your own grooming kit that includes a brush, shampoo, nail clipper, and comb. You can simply get a grooming kit for approximately $25 to $80.

Veterinary Care

It has been estimated that the average cost of veterinary care for a Peekapoo dog breed is between $300 to $600, mainly if your dog is an adult. The amount is based on whether you want to add vaccination or not.

It is advised to you to go for an average of 3 veterinary sessions every year. This is because veterinary check-ups on a regular basis help you keep your pet healthy and active.

Insurance For Peekapoo

If you get an insurance plan for your dog it will cost you somewhere between $190 to $560 per year. It depends upon the insurance provider, the scheme you have selected, and the services you are going to get. Well, luckily because Peekapoo does not have major health issues, they do not need expensive insurance packages.


Peekapoos are comparatively easy to train and you can do it on your own. But if you want to get professional help to train your dog and you want to focus mainly on socializing, potty training, obedience, and house manners, expect to spend somewhere between $750 to $1000 per year. Alternatively, you can train your dog on your own easily and with little effort because they are comparatively easier to train than other dog breeds.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Peekapoo Dog

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of having Peekapoo dogs are mentioned here. You can take a look to have an idea about whether the dog will be appropriate for you or not.


  • Peekapoo dogs are very loving, they are playful, and good for children when they are kept as pets.
  • They are easy to grow and have low food costs.
  • Peekapoos are very cute, and attractive and have lots of energy.
  • Moreover, Peekapoo dogs are loyal and ideal to keep as pets.
  • They are low-allergenic and easy to train.


  • Peekapoo dogs have a high cost of maintenance.
  • They are comparatively expensive.
  • Moreover, they are not good for long walks and can often get tired and this happens because they have short legs.
  • Peekapoo dogs don’t go well with other dogs and do not cooperate with them.
  • These dogs are stubborn and barky.


Are Peekapoos expensive?

Other than the initial expense of the dog, the Breed also has lots of recurring expenses that you must keep in mind. The expenses include pet insurance, food, grooming, and veterinary care. The average price of Peekapoo is somewhere between $600 to $1200 whereas the average yearly living cost of a dog is somewhere between $600 to $1500.

What are the factors that affect the living cost of a Peekapoo dog?

The factors that affect the living cost of a Peekapoo dog mainly include the food you are giving them, their insurance policy, their vet care, grooming, and training. Alternatively, the age also affects the average expense of Peekapoo dogs.

What are the advantages of having a Peekapoo dog?

One of the biggest disadvantages of having a dog is that they are very playful, loyal, and low allergenic. They’re full of energy and are considered good for children. Moreover, they are easy to train and are easy to groom as compared to other breeds of dogs.

What is the disadvantage of having a Peekapoo dog?

The dog needs lots of maintenance that sometimes becomes pricey. Moreover, they are not well on long walks and often get tired and this happens because they have comparatively short legs. Furthermore, Peekapoo dogs are somehow stubborn and quite barky which irritates others.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the above article that tells you about the approximate price and living cost of Peekapoo dogs. The dogs have high-quality coats because they are a mixed breed of Poodle and Pekingese.

They are comparatively small in size and are high in demand. The above article also sheds light on factors affecting the living cost, mainly the cost of grooming, food, insurance, and training expenses of the dog. Alternatively, the guide also elaborates on the price according to the buyer’s location, age, and health of the dog.

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