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A Doberman Pinscher is a loyal, people-oriented dog that can make a wonderful addition to any household. They are excellent pets that are best suited for families with kids and other pets.

Do you want to know the exact Doberman Pinscher puppy price? Wondering how much it costs to raise a Doberman Pinscher? Then read on: we have all the information you need!

Doberman Pinscher Price

A Doberman Pinscher puppy can cost anywhere between $1000 and $2500 at a responsible breeder. This price tends to vary from breeder to breeder and is based on the puppy’s parents, size, age, color, and the breeder’s reputation.

Most dog owners are estimated to spend between $1400-$4500 on their puppy in the first year. (This cost may or may not include the Doberman Pinscher puppy price). After the first year, expect to spend almost $1000 to $2500 on your pet. Since Doberman Pinschers live between 10-13 years, expect to spend almost $10,000 to $30,000 over your pet’s lifetime.

Doberman Pinscher – Initial Costs

The initial costs will vary greatly depending on where you buy or adopt your Doberman Pinscher puppy from. For example, if you adopt a Doberman Pinscher from an American Kennel Club rescue home, then the price could be around $400 to $500. This usually covers the costs of spaying/neutering, deworming, and flea/tick prevention, for the dog.

In general, most dog parents spend double the amount on their dog in the first year compared to the subsequent years.

  • Minimum price of Doberman Pinscher puppy from a reputable breeder – $1000
  • Maximum price of Doberman Pinscher puppy from a reputable breeder – $2500
  • Average price – $1500
  • Adoption price – $500.

Always buy your Doberman Pinscher puppy from a reputable breeder. A responsible breeder will always conduct various genetic tests and health checks before breeding dogs. You cannot expect this from backyard breeders who only breed for profit. For this reason, the Doberman Pinscher cost will be higher than that you’d pay for a puppy from a pet shop, backyard breeders, or a puppy mill.

Cost of Basic Supplies

Among the initial costs, you might also want to include the cost of basic supplies for your new dog. These include items like bowls, blankets or beds, a crate, some baby gates, chews, toys, etc. These items are necessary to make your cute Doberman Pinscher puppy feel more comfortable in the new environment.

  • Leash and collars – $10-$30
  • Food and water bowls – $10 -$30
  • Bed and blankets $50 to $200
  • Crate – $50 to $300
  • Grooming tools (brush, clippers, shampoo) – $20-$50
  • Toys and chews – $10 to $50.

Medical Costs for Doberman Pinscher Puppy

In the first year, you will need to take your Doberman Pinscher puppy several times to the vet for its vaccinations. Additionally, you need to take it for routine checkups as well. It is a good idea to invest in pet insurance from the beginning. Many pet insurance companies cover the costs of basic or routine treatments, vaccinations, and even some emergency treatments.

Here are the approximate medical costs for pet parents owning a Doberman.

  • Vaccines – $45 to $100
  • Spaying/neutering – $100 and $500
  • Dental cleaning – up to $400
  • Routine checkup – $40 to $75
  • Infection/diarrhea – $100-$200
  • Blood tests – $90-$200
  • Flea-tick medicines – $45 to $120 for 3-5 month protection
  • Deworming – $10-$55 per dose.
  • Emergency costs – $1000 to $5000

Dobermans from a puppy mill are prone to Von Willebrand’s Disease which can cost almost $1800 for testing alone. Treatment could run into thousands too.

Buying pet health insurance can help you save on many of these costs. Many pet parents have even saved their dog’s life with pet insurance. Most pet health insurance companies charge between $10 and $120 per month depending on the coverage.

Dog Food Costs for Doberman Pinschers

It is very important to feed your Doberman Pinscher high-quality dog food and healthy treats. It is best not to try and save money on this as it could result in poor health and huge medical bills later.

For medium-sized dogs like Dobermans, the monthly cost of dog food can vary between $40 and $75. This depends on the quality you choose and also your pet’s age, life stage, and overall health. If your pet needs a special diet or veterinary-prescribed food, then expect to pay more than $100 a month.

  • Dry food/kibble – $40 to $75 per month or $500 to $900 annually
  • Canned food – $600-$1000 per year
  • Special diet $100 per month
  • Treats – $10-$45 per month

Training Costs for your Dobie Puppy

The Doberman is a very energetic dog breed that needs firm training and handling from the beginning. That makes early training and socialization an important aspect of owning a Doberman Pinscher. You have several options before you when it comes to dog training:

  • 6-week professional training package at PetCo – $149 (you could watch out for specials and pay only $80!)
  • YouTube videos and training books – $0-$20
  • PetSmart dog training package – $120
  • Dog obedience training school – $600 per week
  • Boot camp kennel training – $500-$1250 per week
  • Service dog training – $250 for 8 sessions.

Other Costs of Owning a Doberman

In addition to spending on food, training, and medicines/veterinary care, you could also spend on the following when owning a Doberman:


If you travel several times a year, you could spend $25 to $60 per night on boarding your dog at a pet hostel. Traveling with your dog is an option but airfares could set you back by $250 for a one-way trip.

Dog Walker

A dog walker typically charges between $10 and $40 per short walk of 30-45 minutes. In 2022, the average cost of walking dogs in the USA was estimated to be $24.

Dog license

Dog license costs for ‘fixed dogs’ are about $10 per year and almost $35 for unfixed dogs.

Rental/Landlord fees

If you rent your home, you might have to pay ‘pet deposits’ for potential damage to the units.

Summary – Doberman Pinscher Price – What to Expect?

Reputed breeders charge Doberman Pinscher puppy prices between $1000 and $2500. The cost of owning a Doberman Pinscher can be expected to be between $1400 to $5000 in the first year.

After the first year, expect to spend almost $1000 to $2500 on your pet. Since Doberman Pinschers live between 10-13 years, one could spend almost $10,000 to $30,000 over their pet’s lifetime.

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