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There is a risk of intestinal obstructions if your pup has a habit of gnawing and ingesting random objects. This hazardous ailment is seen rather frequently by many veterinarians, and if it is not treated soon, it can cause dangerous health difficulties, and in some cases, extensive surgery may be necessary to save your dog’s life.

If it is not treated quickly, it can create health complications that can be fatal. But what about its treatment cost? How much is the dog blockage treatment cost?

The average cost of dog blockage treatment can range from $1200 to $6,000, depending on the patient’s condition. A smaller object that becomes stuck in the digestive tract could be easier to remove than several large objects or toys. 

If you are able to get the animal to the veterinarian quickly enough, it may be capable of inducing vomiting. If the dog is able to vomit the object before it reaches the digestive tract, the charge may be significantly reduced, falling anywhere between the ranges of $200 and $500. However, if surgery is necessary, the total cost might be hundreds of dollars.

Factors affecting the dog blockage treatment cost

The price of intestinal obstruction surgery on a dog might vary significantly based on the following factors:

  • The type of surgery: Minor ($1200 to $2000) or major ($2000 to $6000).
  • Vet experience: Experienced vets can cost more than the average vet.
  • The size of the dog: The larger the dog, the more the overall cost.
  • Vet location: Some states are costlier than others.
  • Blockage severity: The obstruction’s severity and whether or not the tissues surrounding it have been compromised can also affect the total cost.
  • Amount of time spent in the vet’s clinic: The amount of time that has to be paid in the animal hospital before and after the procedure on your pet can also affect the overall price.

When it comes to the cost of intestinal obstruction surgery for pets, owners should be prepared to spend anywhere from $1200 to $6000 on average. Prior to the treatment, make sure you ask your veterinarian staff for an estimate of the cost so that you can make a better budget for it.

Some extra costs

  • If the veterinarian has reason to believe that an infection is present, blood tests can be required. Normal blood work can range in price from $70 to $100.
  • Before surgery, X-rays could be necessary to provide a clearer picture of the blockage. This will most certainly incur an additional cost, which is estimated to be approximately $100.
  • It is possible that an abdominal radiograph will be required to monitor the item’s progression as it travels through the digestive tract. The price of an abdominal radiograph might range anywhere from $120 to $150.
  • Additional costs of $150 to $250 may be incurred for an ultrasound if one is required.
  • It is imperative that you bring your dog back for a subsequent session so that the veterinarian can monitor his or her progress. This can also cost you around $20 to $40.
  • Following surgical procedures, some dogs will need to remain at the veterinary clinic for as long as five days, resulting in additional charges (between $30 to $100) for overnight stays.
  • Antibiotics used before and after the treatment might cost anywhere from $20 to $30.

It is going to be more expensive to go to the veterinarian for treatment during an emergency. Keep in mind that anything as serious as a blockage of the intestine may require immediate attention to prevent further complications.

How to save some money?

It’s important to remember that urgent care clinics differ from your regular doctor’s office. Even though you do not want to delay getting this treatment done, you should try to get into your regular veterinarian rather than the emergency veterinarian to save at least thirty to forty percent of the total cost.

Does Intestinal Blockage Surgery Fall Under the Coverage of Pet Insurance?

Your pet’s intestinal obstruction surgery may or may not be partially covered by the insurance policy you have for your dog or cat, depending on the specifics of your policy. You must examine your policy or get in touch with your insurance provider to determine whether or not this kind of urgent surgery is covered. Most insurance providers will insist that you pay for the surgical procedure out of pocket before they would reimburse you for the procedure at a later time.


The dog blockage treatment cost, which includes the cost of all surgical treatments and medications, can range anywhere from $1200 to $6000. The overall cost also depends upon many factors such as vet experience, location, surgery type, X-rays, ultrasounds, etc.

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