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Cushing’s disease is a disorder that is characterized by an abnormally high level of the body’s primary stress hormone, cortisol. Although it is possible for the illness to manifest in people, the dog population is considerably more likely to be affected.

The condition is treated with medications that your dog will almost certainly require to take on a long-term basis. So, let’s discuss the cost of dog Cushing’s disease treatment.

Cushing’s disease treatment can range from $100 to $8000. Actually, Cushing disease treatments in dogs often fall into three categories, and the prices for each of these treatments might vary significantly.

  • Medication ($100 t $200)
  • Radiation ($500 to $2000)
  • Surgery ($3000 to $8000)

When treating hyperadrenocorticism, described as “pituitary dependent,” conventional medical or radiational therapy is used. On the other hand, hypophysectomy,  a surgical approach to treat Cushing’s disease, is becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Medical treatment is an option for adrenal tumors in Cushing’s disease, but the only way to ensure a complete recovery is to remove the glands (adrenalectomy) surgically.

Factors affecting the cost of dog Cushing’s disease treatment

The price of treating Cushing’s disease in dogs can be affected by a wide range of factors, including the following:

  • Location/Area: The price of Cushing disease treatment for dogs may change based on both the specific clinic providing the care and the geographic location. The costs of providing veterinary care in major cities, in comparison to those in smaller towns and rural regions, are significantly higher.
  • Age: If your dog is getting on in years, the cost of treating Cushing’s illness may increase. You may have to pay more for additional blood testing if your dog is older since older dogs typically require more preparatory work to establish how well they can manage anesthesia.
  • Size: Many veterinarians choose their costs based on the animal’s size; the larger the dog, the more the cost will be. This is because a larger puppy would most likely require more of both the anesthetic and the medication.
  • Veterinary Practice: Some vets may charge you differently based on their personal set of rules. Others may charge depending on the amount of time spent carrying out the procedure, while others may charge based on the surgery that was carried out.

Will insurance cover the cost of Cushing’s disease in dogs?

Yes, the costs associated with Cushing’s disease, including the medications, may be covered by specific pet insurance policies. The prices of therapy, blood testing, and follow-up appointments may rapidly mount up, so having insurance could be beneficial in helping you save some money.

Additionally, you must remember that most insurance policies do not cover pre-existing disorders; you may experience some difficulties if your dog does not have health insurance and already suffers from Cushing’s disease. However, it may be beneficial to consult with your veterinarian or do some research online to determine what choices are available to make the cost of therapy more manageable.

What Effects Does the Cushing Disease Have on Your Dog’s Health?

Even though Cushing’s disease does not produce any discomfort, it can lead to several other health problems if it is not addressed.

As the tumor grows, neurologic symptoms appear in around 15% of dogs diagnosed with pituitary tumors. Similarly, diabetes develops in approximately 10% of canines diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

Loss of protein via the urine and elevated blood pressure are also highly prevalent in dogs with this condition, and both of these symptoms can be a precursor to renal disease.

Patients with Cushing’s disease are also at increased risk for life-threatening blood clots known as pulmonary thromboembolism.

In addition, bladder stones, alterations in the liver, skin problems, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and pancreatitis can all be caused by Cushing’s disease.


Cushing’s disease is a disorder that lasts a dog’s entire life and is quite prevalent in canines. In most cases, medicine is utilized to treat the condition; nevertheless, surgery may be necessary to remove the tumor responsible for the symptoms. Cushing’s disease treatment can average range between $100 to $8000.

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