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Shoulder dislocation in dogs occurs when the upper bone in a dog’s front limb (just above the elbow joint) is jolted out of its usual position with respect to the dog’s shoulder blade.

This can be painful for the dog. It is possible for the shoulder joint to be either partially dislocated (also known as subluxated) or totally dislocated (luxated).

But what about its correction cost? How much does a dog dislocated shoulder treatment cost?

Dog dislocated surgery costs range from $1000 to $5000.

The cost depends upon many factors, including the vet clinic location, reputation, and surgery type.

There are three types of dog dislocated shoulder surgeries, each one of which has its cost.

  1. Closed reduction ($1000 to $1500)
  2. Surgical repair ($1500 to $3500)
  3. Congenital shoulder luxations ($3000 to $5000)

Factors affecting the cost of dog dislocated shoulder


Vet clinic location affects the price of dog dislocated shoulder surgery treatment. The price of surgery also differs from one state to the other.

Specialized equipment

The requirement for specialist equipment during surgery almost always increases prices.

Vet reputation

A surgeon who has received extra training for performing these types of surgeries can also cost more than the average vet.

Surgery type

Dog dislocated shoulder surgery type also changes the overall price. Here are all three possible surgery solutions for your pup’s dislocated shoulder.

1 – Closed reduction

When treating shoulder dislocation in canines, closed reduction is typically the first step that is taken.

The glenoid fossa and the humeral head are manually realigned during this treatment.

If the closed reduction procedure is successful, your furry buddy must remain immobile for five to six weeks while the shoulder girdle recovers from the injury.

It is possible to support and immobilize the shoulder with various slings and other specialized equipment. Closed reduction surgery of a shoulder girdle usually costs around $1000 to $1500.

2 – Surgical repair

Surgery is typically necessary for the shoulder joint if it continues to be unstable following closed reduction if the luxation reappears.

At the same time, the leg is being immobilized in a sling or if the condition is chronic.

When it comes to stabilizing the shoulder joint surgically, numerous approaches have been taken in response to the various types of luxation that have been observed.

The caudomedial inversion of the tendon is the operation that is performed the most frequently for shoulder dislocation. A bone screw and a spiky washer are used to secure the tendon in place.

This is done by placing a thin plate over the tendon and groove. This procedure usually costs around $1500 to $3500.

3 – Congenital dislocated shoulder fixation

If a congenital luxation is diagnosed later in life, it is almost often irreparable because of severe abnormalities of both the glenoid of the scapula and the head of the humerus.

Even though the abovementioned surgical procedures can be undertaken, glenoid stabilization surgery is typically unsuccessful when the joint suffers from degenerative joint disease or when the glenoid has been distorted or remodeled.

In these particular instances, the therapy entails an arthrodesis and an excisional surgery of the glenoid fossa and the bone’s humeral head. This type of complex surgery would result in higher costs ranging from $3000 to $5000.

Causes of dog shoulder dislocation

Shoulder luxation is a disorder that can be present from birth, particularly in tiny breeds.

Walking will be pretty painful due to this ailment, which will induce lameness in the shoulder and may affect both sides.

Shoulder dislocations are most often the consequence of some kind of trauma, most frequently an automobile collision.

Shoulder luxation is most commonly brought on by a medical reason, which has an effect on the shoulder’s ability to function and move freely.

Prognosis of dog shoulder dislocation surgery in dogs

The success rate of surgery to correct a dislocated shoulder in canines is exceptionally high.

This is a result of the fact that it has a relatively small effect on the body. Scar tissue formation is reduced in comparison to operations involving complete incisions.

After the healing process is complete, the dog will have improved joint movement due to this.

Recovery durations are significantly shortened as a direct result of smaller portal incisions.


The price of surgical treatment for a dog’s dislocated shoulder might range anywhere from $1000 to $5000.

Several factors affect the total price, including the clinic’s location, the surgeon’s reputation, and the kind of surgery being performed.

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