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Hematomas are painful blisters that appear on the underside of your canine ear flap. They are caused by the bursting of blood vessels within the dog’s ear flap, which leads to bleeding in the area between the ear bone and the skin. But what about its cost? How much does dog ear hematoma surgery cost?

Dog ear hematoma surgery can range anywhere from $600 to $2200.

This range may appear unhelpfully vast, but dog parents need to be aware that the actual surgery expenses vary substantially depending on several distinct factors. The severity of your dog’s condition, location, and vet reputation all play a role in determining the cost of treatment.

Dog Hematoma Surgery Cost Breakdown

If your dog requires treatment for an ear hematoma, the following expenses are likely to be incurred:

  • Initial veterinary exam (50$)
  • Analgesic medications ($80 to $120)
  • Surgical procedure ($300-$1000)
  • Dressings/bandages ($40)
  • Antibiotics ($60 on average)
  • Hospitalization ($50 per day)

It’s possible that your dog may require additional prophylactic therapy once the aural hematoma on its ear is surgically removed. This will necessitate obtaining a diagnosis in order to treat the disease as well as taking actions to treat the ailment itself, both of which will result in increased expenditures.

Does pet insurance cover dog ear hematoma surgery?

The vast majority of insurance policies will pay for all surgical operations; however, the specifics of coverage may differ from plan to plan. If you have bought an insurance policy that solely covers accidents, then it will not cover any surgery costs, including ear hematoma surgery. So, purchase insurance plans that cover all types of surgeries and medications.

Some extra costs

Billing procedures for dog ear hematoma surgery might vary from one veterinary clinic to the next. Some of them may include all of the fees on a single bill. In contrast, others may charge individually for things like the anesthetic, pain medication, follow-up appointments, and further laboratory tests. Be careful to inquire about what is included in your bill’s total price.

How can you lower your costs?

Talk things over with the veterinarian who treats your animal since it’s likely that there are alternate options that don’t entail invasive surgical techniques that might be employed instead.

Consider taking your pet to the local Humane Society rather than the local veterinarian since the Humane Society performs surgical operations at a far lower cost.

Important things to consider if your dog is suffering from ear hematoma

A dog ear hematoma is most usually connected with traumatic events, such as clawing, shaking the ears, or biting wounds. Or sometimes, dogs who are suffering from ear infections may scratch their ears or frantically shake their heads, which might result in a hematoma.

Dogs with longer ears have a greater likelihood of acquiring an ear hematoma. Hematomas can also form in pets that have problems with blood clotting or bleeding, with or without a prior history of trauma.

Drainage may result in a temporary repair, but in the vast majority of instances, the hematoma will return within one or two days after the procedure. If the ear hematoma is left untreated for a longer period of time, there is a larger chance that irreversible damage and deformity may occur. In cases where the ear hematoma is not particularly large or when the dog is unable to undergo surgery for any reason, drainage may be an option.


The cost of dog ear hematoma surgery for dogs can range anywhere from $600 to $2200, depending on the level of difficulty involved in the operation. If you are uncertain about the fees you will be expected to pay; you should consult your insurance policy provider.

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