Dog Parasite Treatment Cost – All you need to know


Puppies and new canines brought into the home should be dewormed to prevent the spread of parasites. But, many new pet parents are worried about the cost of deworming. Let’s discuss dog parasite treatment costs and some side effects of dog dewormers.

The infection’s severity and the pet’s size have a role in the dog parasite treatment cost, which can vary anywhere from $40 to $200. Additionally, in some severe cases, the costs of a blood transfusion and a hospital stay might easily exceed $1,000.

Factors affecting the cost of dog parasite treatment

Dog parasite treatment cost depends on the following factors:

Type of dewormer

Dewormer type also determines the overall cost. Generally, there are three types of dewormers used in dogs:

  • Oral dewormer: $20-$25 per dose
  • Topicals and injections: $20-$50 per injection
  • Heartworm prevention injection: $70–$250 per dose

Dog size and parasite type

The price of deworming a dog varies according to the size of your canine companion and the specific kind of parasite that must be eradicated.

Breed type

It’s possible that certain kinds of dogs, including Cavoodles and Bichon Frises, need to be dewormed more frequently than others, which might lead to an increase in the price.

Age of the dog

The dog’s age determines the cost of deworming. The treatment required for elderly dogs is far more extensive than that for younger canines.

Vet experience

Vet specialists cost more than your regular veterinarian, but they are well worth the investment.


Location is an additional factor to consider because some states have higher living expenses than others.

Additional Costs

There are a few extra expenditures to take into consideration in addition to the price of deworming your dog. Before your pet can be treated for worms, they will need to be vaccinated, even if they are up to date on all their other vaccinations. The price of vaccinations varies based on the kind of vaccine administered and the number of doses that must be administered.

Does Deworming a Dog Fall Under the Coverage of Pet Insurance?

In most cases, the costs associated with deworming a dog are not covered by pet insurance. On the other hand, if your pet becomes severely ill due to an infection, certain plans may cover the cost of treating the parasites that caused the illness.

The Effectiveness of Worming Medication in Dogs

The effectiveness of deworming treatments may often be observed within a few hours.

Studies have shown that treatments used for deworming are more than 95 percent effective in removing parasites like roundworms, which are frequently present in pups at the time of their birth as a result of being transmitted through the placenta or the milk of the mother.

Because roundworms may quickly grow in a puppy and subsequently be transferred through the feces to pollute the environment, the puppy must receive frequent deworming treatment.

In addition to deworming, you may do a few additional things to protect yourself against becoming reinfected with different kinds of worms.

Your dog will be protected from tapeworms by using flea-preventive medication regularly. Whipworms may be avoided by teaching your dog not to consume its own waste through potty training.

How long will my dog continue to expel worms after being dewormed?

After deworming, there is a possibility that you will find dead worms in your dog’s stool for up to a week. Get in touch with your pet’s veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Do Dog Dewormers Have Side Effects?

According to experts, Deworming drugs are typically considered fairly safe for dogs and have minimal risk of adverse effects. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that some dogs will experience the following:

  • Vomiting
  • A lack of the appetite
  • Lethargy and excessive salivation
  • Diarrhea

If you give your pet medication to treat worms and then see any changes in their behavior, you should not wait to contact your pet’s veterinarian staff. They will be able to assist you in determining what is typical and what is not normal.


The price of dewormer for dogs varies from one treatment to another based on what kind of medication is required. A wide variety of drugs for deworming are available with a doctor’s prescription. Generally, the cost lies between $40 to $200.