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The thyroid is a gland with two lobes located in the dog’s neck near the trachea (windpipe). A thyroid tumor is the outcome of aberrant cell replication or development in the glandular tissues that make up the thyroid gland.

If your pup is detected with thyroid cancer, then you must go for its treatment plan as soon as possible. So, here in this post, we will discuss dog thyroid cancer treatment methods and the associated costs.

Dog thyroid cancer treatment cost

Dog thyroid cancer treatment usually costs between $2500 to $8000. The costs can vary depending on the treatment methods, diagnosis, and other factors.

Performing sophisticated imaging tests like an MRI or CT scan as part of the pre-operative workup for thyroidectomy is required. This will likely result in costs somewhere around $2000. The actual operation might be anything from quite essential to highly complicated (if blood vessels are invaded). If you go to a referral center, you should plan on spending anywhere in the range of $2000 and $2500. 

Factors affecting the price of dog thyroid cancer treatment

The following factors affect the price of thyroid cancer treatment:

Area: The total cost of treating a dog’s thyroid cancer may differ from one clinic to the next and by the dog’s location. Just as with human medical care, animal care is more expensive in densely populated places like major cities.

Age: Age can affect the cost of thyroid cancer treatment. You may have to spend more for further blood tests to evaluate an older dog’s anesthetic tolerance.

Dog size: Many animal hospitals charge more for larger dogs because they require more supplies and staff to care for them. Additionally, more drugs and anesthetics will be needed for a bigger dog.

Treatment type: The price may also vary depending on the treatment method.

1 – Surgery ($4000 to $8000)

Dogs with thyroid gland tumors that are easily dislodged or have only minimal spread to neighboring tissues may benefit from surgery (a thyroidectomy). It usually costs around $4000 to $8000.

2 – Radiation therapy ($3000 to $6000)

Under general anesthesia, dogs undergo conventional radiation treatment, palliative radiation therapy, or stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT) to treat dog thyroid tumors.

In conventional radiation therapy, patients usually get treatment five days a week, Monday through Friday, for a total of around five weeks. It has been observed that this strategy results in a median survival duration of between two and four years, with the maximal response occurring between eight and twenty-two months following the completion of radiation therapy. It usually costs around ($3000 to $4000).

Palliative radiation therapy is usually carried out every week for a total of four sessions. This method has been observed to result in a median survival time of between six months and two years. Palliative radiation therapy generally costs between ($4000 to $5000)

Stereotactic radiation treatment is a type of radiation therapy that is relatively new in the field of veterinary medicine. This form of radiation therapy typically entails receiving three daily larger doses of radiation therapy.  SRT has the advantage of requiring fewer sessions of general anesthesia and reducing the total amount of time needed for treatment. However, the cost is relatively high ($5000 to $6000).

3 – Radioactive iodine

Radioactive iodine, also known as I131, is a radioactive isotope that is injected subcutaneously and accumulates in parts of the thyroid that are actively generating hormones (i.e. thyroid cancer). The active thyroid tissue is targeted and destroyed selectively within a 2-mm radius, which is where the medication is most effective. Due to the fact that it does not actively take up I131, normal tissue can be maintained. Radioactive iodine treatment costs around ($3000 to $5000)

4 – Chemotherapy

Protocols for chemotherapy based on cisplatin are utilized in affected dogs to treat more advanced thyroid cancers. Chemotherapy has the potential to achieve remission in some cases when administered to dogs with cancer. A survival time of about six to eight months is a decent goal to shoot for when undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy for the treatment of thyroid cancer usually costs around ($2500 to $6000)

Does dog thyroid cancer treatment cost is covered by pet insurance?

The costs associated with thyroid issues are frequently covered by pet insurance, which is excellent news for dog owners. However, this is not something that is covered by the standard accident and illness plans offered by all insurance providers for pets; thus, you need to do some research before settling on a particular coverage plan.


Treatment for canine thyroid cancer often ranges in price from $2500 to $800. The method of therapy, the diagnosis, the dog’s age, size, and vet location can all impact the total cost.

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