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The Dogue de Bordeaux (also known as the French Mastiff) is a massively built dog that measures up to 26.5 inches and weighs between 80-100 lb.

If you’re planning to buy or adopt a Dogue de Bordeaux, then remember that this dog needs love, attention, nutritious food, veterinary care, and tons of training. Dogue de Bordeaux live for almost 12 years so know that this purchase needs emotional and financial commitment from your end.

In this guide, we will discuss exactly how much a Dogue de Bordeaux costs.

How Much Does a Dogue de Bordeaux Cost?

A Dogue de Bordeaux puppy from a reputed breeder could cost around $2400.

The first-year cost of raising this large dog is between $3239 to $5000.

After the first year, the cost of keeping a Dogue de Bordeaux could come to $1600 to $2500.

Since these dogs live for almost 10-12 years, your lifetime expense of owning one can come to nearly $16,000 to $25,000.

Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff Puppy Price 

We analyzed hundreds of ads to bring you the exact price of a French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux puppy. This is what we found:

  • The minimum price of a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy was $800 and the maximum was $2800. 
  • The national average price in the USA charged by reputed breeders for a healthy Dogue de Bordeaux puppy was $2400.
  • The price of adopting a Dogue de Bordeaux is a lot less: most shelters charged around $400 to rehome a French Mastiff.

The price of a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy depends on the breeder’s location and reputation as well as the puppy’s lineage/bloodlines, AKC registration status, etc.

Price of Basic Equipment for Dogue de Bordeaux

Whether you are adopting a mature Dogue de Bordeaux or buying a young puppy from a breeder, some basic equipment can help your puppy feel more secure in the new environment.

  • A sturdy crate with a washable liner to keep your Dogue de Bordeaux in a safe area – $100-$250
  • Dog bed – $50-$75
  • Good-quality dog chews – $10-$30
  • Non-tip, skid-free bowls for food and water – $10-$40
  • Appropriately sized collar and leash – $20-$40
  • Balls and outdoor play toys – $5 to $40
  • Basic grooming kit – $30-$50
  • Basic first-aid kit – $25 to $45
  • Poop scooper, potty bags, pee pads, etc – $20-$40


Medical Costs for Dogue de Bordeaux

Your puppy needs to be spayed or neutered before it is 1- year old (or as directed by the vet). Also, it will need several vaccinations to prevent diseases like distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, etc. Flea and tick prevention are also an important part of your Bordeuax’s care. The same goes for deworming. Here are these medical costs on average:

  • Spay/neuter surgery – $100 to $500
  • Flea/tick prevention – $50 to $200 per year
  • Vaccinations – $45 to $120 per year
  • Routine vet checks – $75-$100 per year.
  • Deworming – $8 to $55 for 3 months
  • Microchipping – $25 to $45
  • Allergy tests – $200 for a skin test
  • Blood tests – $90-$190
  • Major hospitalization or surgery $1000-$5000

Dogue de Bordeaux dogs tend to suffer from hip or elbow dysplasia, bloat, heart-related ailments, certain cancers, aortic stenosis, etc. These can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat. Some conditions need expensive surgery as well.

Pet insurance is one way of dealing with your pet’s routine and emergency medical costs. Most pet insurance plans cost between $50-$75 for large dogs like French Mastiffs.

Dog Training Costs for Dogue de Bordeaux

Your French Mastiff will need plenty of training and socialization to prevent behavior issues and aggression. Most dog trainers charge the following rates for training these large dogs:

  • Group training costs with other puppies – $30-$50 per class
  • Private training or consultation – $45 to $120
  • Specific behavior training – $1000 for 6 classes
  • 6-class packages at most training schools – $200-$600 
  • Obedience training schools – $500 to $1250 per week
  • Board and train – $1000 a week.


Dog Food Costs for the French Mastiff

A correct and balanced diet for your French Mastiff can result in an active, healthy pet with a shiny coat. Healthy adult Dogue de Bordeaux dogs need almost 76.25 lb of food per month. Based on this, we can calculate the exact food costs:

  • Budget dog food costs $1.75 per pound. So, the cost to feed your Dogue de Bordeaux will come to $133 a month or over $1500 a year.
  • Medium-range dog food can cost around $3 a pound. This brings the monthly cost of feeding to $228.75.
  • Premium variety of dog food can cost almost $4.8 a pound bringing the monthly cost of dog food to $360.
  • If your pet has any food sensitivity or allergies, then it could need vet-prescribed or special dog food. This could raise your food costs even more.

Miscellaneous Costs of Dogue de Bordeaux Ownership


Without proper grooming, your Dogue de Bordeaux dog’s coat won’t appear healthy. Thankfully, you can take care of most of its grooming at home. Invest in a basic grooming kit for around $30 and brush your pet’s coat daily. If you choose to get your pet groomed at the pet spa or at the vet’s clinic, then you could spend $45 per session.


Will you bring your Dogue de Bordeaux with you? Who will provide it with the care it needs if you leave it at home? Overnight dog boarding at a pet hostel in most cities in the USA cost between $30-$50 per night.

Alternatively, you could consider hiring a pet sitter for $28 per 15-minute drop-in or $45 for a 45-minute drop-in.

Dog Walker

This active and energetic dog breed certainly needs at least two walks each day. The average cost of dog walkers for a single 30-minute walk is around $10-$30.

Summary – Dogue de Bordeaux Price

As can be seen, keeping a Dogue de Bordeaux can be fairly expensive. The Dogue de Bordeaux puppy price, on average, comes to around $2400.

The first-year cost of keeping this large dog breed can come to nearly $3500. If you opt to feed your Dogue de Bordeaux premium dog food, then the cost of feeding alone will be over $4300 per year. 

In case you opt for medium-range priced dog food, then the cost of dog food alone can be around $2700 annually.

Add to this medical and miscellaneous costs of over $1000 per year. Thus, you can expect to incur a lifetime cost between $16,000 and $30,000 on keeping a Dogue de Bordeaux.

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