How Much Does an Entlebucher Mountain Cost?




Small brown eyes, short tri-colored fur, and small triangular ears distinguish the Entlebucher Mountain Dog from other dogs. In most cases, the smooth coat is white, brown, or black in color with a light and cuddly blaze and chest.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the tiniest of all the Swiss Mountain Dogs, and some believe that it is a descendant of the Mastiffs that protected and fought with the Romans during the Roman occupation.

Four breeds of mountain dogs were established in Switzerland by herders who were recognized for their stunning tricolor coats.

Of these four, one of the tiniest and most agile of these dogs is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog (ENT-leh-boo-cur).

Depending on the gender, they range in height from 17 to 21 inches at the shoulder. Females are often on the shorter end of the spectrum. Their dark eyes attract you to a face that is attentive and pleasant.

They could be a little reserved around strangers, but they are an energetic and physically demanding breed with higher exercise requirements than the typical dog.

They are not a dog for an inexperienced owner. Entlebuchers do their best while they are engaged. When it comes to children, the Entlebucher is extremely kind and dedicated; nevertheless, his shepherding instincts might make it difficult to integrate young children and puppies.

In certain cases, the Young Entle becomes possessive, considering youngsters to be “his own,” whom he is responsible for herding and supervising. The Entle, despite his little stature, is quite powerful and can easily overpower a kid.

When evaluating whether or not to bring this breed into a home with young children, extreme caution should be exercised in making this decision.

The Entlebucher Mountain dog wants attention! This canine will take as much as you give. The Entlebucher Mountain may not be the best choice for you if you don’t want a dog that requires constant care and dedication.

Entlebucher Mountain puppies are more expensive than other dogs. They range from $800-$1500! Some breeders charge up to $3000 for a prize pup. The Puppy’s famous status makes them a costly breed. For adoption, a nominal charge of roughly $500 is required to assist the shelter in recouping its expenditures.

With all of these expenses, you should spend roughly $2000 for your Entlebucher Mountain puppy’s first year. This amount will eventually decrease to around $1000 per year, largely for food and medical bills. The Entlebucher Mountain has an 11–15 year life expectancy; thus, regular care costs roughly $14,000.

Examine these cost breakdowns in depth.

How Much Does an Entlebucher Mountain Puppy Cost?

Due to the breed’s popularity, anticipate paying between $800 and $1500. The breeder and pup lineage determine the pricing of an Entlebucher Mountain.

The following table details the price of Entlebucher Mountain puppies:

The minimum price of an Entlebucher Mountain puppy$800
The maximum price of an Entlebucher Mountain puppy$3000
Average Price bracket$800 to $1500
The average price of an Entlebucher Mountain puppy$1150

Factors Affecting an Entlebucher Mountain Puppy’s Price

Color of Coat

These are tri-color dogs. Usually, these color three combinations are found in these dogs.

  • Black
  • Black White & Tan
  • Black White & Yellow

So their price varies according to their coat color and people’s preferences.


These purebred canines weigh 45-65 pounds and stand between 20 inches tall. This means the dog is of medium size. But its size impacts its cost. A grown dog, nearing 20 inches, is more costly than a 17-inch dog.


Breeders that produce outstanding studs or female purebreds are more likely to charge a premium for their puppies.

Health assurances

Reputable breeders inspect healthy puppies to ensure they don’t inherit genes that cause health issues like eye problems or hip dysplasia. These puppies are more expensive to cover these costs.

Where to Buy your Entlebucher Mountain from?

Look for trustworthy breeders if you want to buy a healthy and robust Entlebucher Mountain. These breeders are well-known in the Entlebucher Mountain community.

You may find a lot of breeders on the Internet if you search for “Entlebucher Mountain puppies for sale.” Several of them should be avoided at all costs. They may be profit-driven, small-scale backyard breeders.

Consider asking your selected breeders the following questions to determine their level of concern for the dogs’ welfare:

  • How long have you bred Entlebucher Mountain?
  • Which genetic diseases do you examine parent dogs for? What illnesses do you check your puppies for?
  • Do you provide any guarantees?
  • How many vet records do you have?
  • May I visit your business?

You can also adopt an Entlebucher Mountain from a shelter or rescue. The Animal House Shelter is a great place to start. You might also call local vets or breeders to see if any rescue Entlebucher Mountains are available. Remember that most of these pets are elderly, crippled, or sick. Despite these challenges, adopted Entlebucher Mountains will continue to show their everlasting affection.


Basic Dog Supplies Costs

Before taking your new dog home, make sure it’s ready. Organizing your stuff will make the first few days with your Entlebucher Mountain go much faster.

Invest in a soft, adjustable cotton collar for your pet. This is essential for your Puppy’s training. Each dog must also have an ID tag. A dog collar with ID tags costs roughly $20.


Your Entlebucher Mountain’s chewing habits and age influence the bedding you should choose for him. Aggressive chewers should use chew-resistant nylon bedding. A decent mattress will do. Some owners give their dogs a quilted blanket or cage cushion to sleep on. Prices range from $40 to $74, depending on the mattress type.


Provide your Entlebucher Mountain with a safe place to sleep in a wire or plastic box. It will also aid in toilet training. The cost is $45-$75.

Outdoor toys

These canines’ mental and physical health depends on toys and balls. You should also acquire Kong toys. A Kong full of sweets may keep your pet entertained for hours. Entlebucher Mountain toys cost $50-$75.

Dental gummies

To avoid plaque and tartar, Entlebucher Mountain pups and adults must chew toys and dental treats. Along with regular brushing, you should utilize this procedure. Toys to clean teeth and nibble on will keep your Entlebucher Mountain active. These chews and sweets are normally $50-$70.

Grooming tools

Groom your Entlebucher Mountain at least twice every week. The pets’ nails should be trimmed with grinders (or nail clippers), and their ears and eyes should be cleaned with pet wipes.

The chart below shows the estimated expenses of some basic Entlebucher Mountain supplies:

Collar-leash set, harness$20-$50
Food-water bowls$10-$30
Baby gates to limit your pet’s entry in parts of your house$40
Treat dispenser toys$10
Plush bedFrom $40
Collapsible crate$55
Mats for containing food messes$10
Kong toy$10
Grooming tools –wipes, brush, comb, dental supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, etc.$75
Poop bags$10
Potty pads for indoor training$10

Entlebucher Mountain Training Costs

Entlebucher Mountains may be taught in several ways. Basic obedience, specialized training, positive reinforcement, modification, service dog training, behavior, and impulse control are viable training techniques. The most fundamental method of dog training is basic obedience. Costs vary depending on the trainer and region.

Prices for private training sessions vary depending on the trainer and location. It is possible to pay up to $120 for a single one-on-one main training session. Your pet can also join a group training program. However, due to many distractions, some dogs function poorly in groups.

Beginner obedience commands like come heel should be taught to your Entlebucher Mountain immediately. It costs $45-$75 each day. You and your canine companion will feel more confident if you work with a professional dog trainer.

Even more extreme measures include putting dogs in canine boot camps. These packages can cost up to $1200 per week for many weeks of boarding.

The table below depicts the various expenses associated with dog training and behavior change:

Group training (cost per class)$15.00 to $50 per class
Service dog training costsMore than $10,000
Private training (cost per session)$45.00 to $120
YouTube videos$0.00


Cost of Food for Entlebucher Mountains

A healthy Entlebucher Mountain puppy needs three meals every day. Initially, keep the dog on the breeder’s diet. Next, your veterinarian may advise you to provide your pet with the right nutrition.

As your pet matures, you should feed it less frequently. Feeding an Entlebucher Mountain might vary depending on the dog’s weight and activity level. Entlebucher Mountains commonly reach 20 inches at the withers.

Here are some general Entlebucher Mountain feeding guidelines:

  • Your dog requires 3 to 3.5 cups of food every day. Divide this into two meals every day. One pound of dog food includes 4 cups of dog food.
  • For every 10 pounds of body weight, your pet needs 10 ounces of canned food. For example, a 60 pound Entlebucher Mountain requires 60 ounces daily wet food. This is enough for two small meals.
  • Feed a 60-pound Entlebucher Mountain 600g of raw dog food daily.
  • Freeze-dried meals can also be given. It comes in the form of nuggets that you soak in water and feed your pet. Feed your 60-pound dog 120 freeze-dried food nuggets daily.

The table below shows the monthly Entlebucher Mountain feeding expense.

Type of foodMonthly quantity for a 60 lb. Entlebucher MountainCost per month
Dry food/kibble45 lb.$300
Canned food105 lb.$240
Freeze-dried food25 lb.$240-$280
Raw food20 lb.$60

Dog Food Comparisons for Entlebucher Mountain

Entlebucher Mountain Health experts recommend giving a naturally suitable diet or creating special meals to enhance your Entlebucher Mountain’s heart, kidney, and lungs.

Many commercially produced dog foods will suit most Entlebucher Mountains. Always keep an eye on your dog’s BCS. So you may adjust your pet’s nutrition if it’s underweight or overweight.

The table below lists Entlebucher Mountain’s preferred dog food brands:

Brand nameFeaturesCost per pound
Royal Canin Entlebucher Mountain King Charles Puppy Dry Dog Food


Unique kibble shape for small jaws. It contains antioxidants, and vitamin E. Has taurine, EPA, and DHA for heart health.$7.13/lb.
JustFoodForDogs PantryFresh Dog Food – Fresh, Whole Food Ingredients Ready to Serve Adult Dog & Puppy FoodFree from preservatives and feed-grade ingredients. It contains 100% human-grade ingredients, Made in USDA-certified kitchens$0.32/lb.
Purina ONE Grain-Free, Natural Pate Wet Dog Food, SmartBlend True Instinct With Real Turkey & Venison


Real meat is the first ingredient. Grain-free food$1.68/lb.
Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog FoodHigh-quality protein, highly digestible ingredients, made in the USA with all-natural ingredients$5/lb.


Medical Costs of Entlebucher Mountain

Puppies require vaccines during their first year to protect them from infections like distemper and hepatitis. Depending on your location and your veterinarian’s advice, you may also require Lyme, rattlesnake, and other non-core or optional vaccines.

Your pet’s weight must be kept within the acceptable range, or a veterinarian must be consulted. Your Entlebucher Mountain must also be neutered. This will prevent your dog from several ailments. It will also help prevent territorial aggressiveness and excessive barking.

All dogs must be dewormed regularly. This approach helps prevent pinworm, hookworm, and tapeworm infections. These parasites can cause malnutrition, bloody diarrhea, and other unpleasant symptoms in dogs. It is best to start deworming your Entlebucher Mountain as soon as possible (around 3-4 weeks). Most veterinarians prescribe a deworming plan that must be properly adhered to.

In addition to deworming your Entlebucher Mountain, flea, tick, and mite prevention is essential.

Vaccination prices and age ranges for Entlebucher Mountains are listed below:

Entlebucher Mountain Core vaccines

Core vaccineAge of PuppyCost
DistemperAt least three doses are to be given between 6 and 16 weeks of age. (2 doses to be given 3-4 weeks apart)$15 to $25
ParvovirusSame as above
Adenovirus, type 1 (CAV-1, canine hepatitis)The intranasal vaccine may be boostered at one year. Your Entlebucher Mountain will also need a booster one year after completing the initial series, then again, every three years.$15-$50
Adenovirus, type 2 (CAV-2, kennel cough)Between 6 weeks to 16 weeks, at least three doses.$15-$50
Rabies 1 and 3 yearsIt can be given as early as three months of age. States have laws about this core vaccine$35 to $50

Non-core vaccine costs

Non-core vaccineAge of PuppyCost
ParainfluenzaAdministered at 6-8 weeks of age, then every 3-4 weeks until 12-14 weeks old. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation, a booster may be needed after a year, and re-vaccination every three years.$15-$35
Bordetella bronchiseptica (kennel cough)Two doses of injection or one dose of intranasal vaccine given based on manufacturer’s recommendation$15-$50
Lyme diseaseGiven at nine weeks and repeated after 2-4 weeks$20-$40
LeptospirosisTwo doses at least 2-4 weeks apart. The first dose is around eight weeks.$15-$35

Other medical costs dog owners incur

Name of testCost
Routine checkup$50 and $250
Spaying or neutering$160-$200
Physical exam$45 – $55
Fecal exam$25-$55
Heartworm test$45-$50
Dental cleaning$70-$400
Allergy testing$195-$300

Emergency costs

Name of testCost**
X-rayUp to $200
USGUp to $500
Emergency surgeryUp to $2000

Common Genetic Diseases in Entlebucher Mountains

The Entlebucher Mountain is prone to various genetic diseases, including:


Distichiasis is caused by additional hairs that develop inside the eyelid and irritate the eye surface. This is one of the most frequent genetic disorders in dogs, and your Entlebucher Mountain dog is more prone to it than other dogs. They can cause corneal ulcers and persistent eye discomfort if not managed. It is treatable, and the outlook is favorable after completely eliminating the hair. Its treatment usually costs around $2000.

Bleeding Disorders

Dogs can have numerous hereditary bleeding problems. Their intensity ranges from modest to severe. Often, a pet appears normal until a catastrophic accident or surgery happens, causing considerable bleeding. Entlebucher Mountain  Dogs often suffer from Von Willebrand’s illness. Before doing surgery, make sure to test for blood clotting time or a specialized DNA blood test for Von Willebrand’s disease or other comparable disorders. Usually, bleeding disorders costs vary depending upon type and severity, but it revolves around $5000-$7000 for incomplete treatment.


Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are more prone to lymphoma or lymphosarcoma than other breeds. This disorder causes aberrant lymphocytes (white blood cells). This malignancy may appear practically any place since white blood cells are present throughout the body. Lymphoma is curable cancer in dogs, with a high success rate with treatment. Treatment is costly (up to $7000) and requires a lifetime commitment. Because lymphoma is one of the rare cancers that may be detected with a blood test, we may prescribe a CB count twice a year. Watch for swollen glands, weight loss, or difficulty breathing at home, and call your vet if you detect any odd symptoms.


Your Entlebucher Mountain dog is in more danger than other breeds. Bloating causes the stomach to twist and fill with gas. The twisting severely damages the stomach and spleen. Untreated, the condition can be lethal in as little as 30 minutes. Your dog may retch, heave, be restless, have an enlarged belly, or lie in a prayer position (front feet down, rear end up). Preventive surgery involves tacking or suturing the stomach to keep it from twisting. If you see symptoms, rush your pet to an emergency clinic! Bloat emergency treatment usually costs around $1000.

Bleeding Tumor

Hemangiosarcoma is a form of bleeding tumor that often occurs in Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. Cancerous tumors of the spleen and other organs are also possible. The tumor rips open, causing internal bleeding. Tumors might grow volleyball-sized or larger before symptoms appear. Have his blood checked, and an ultrasound is done at least once a year. Proper surgical treatment of the tumor usually costs around $3000.

Pupillary Membrane

Small strands of tissue that were supposed to dissolve shortly after birth might often stay connected to the iris. This is called Persistent Pupillary Membrane, and your Entlebucher Mountain Dog is more prone to it than other dogs. Fortunately, these tissues rarely fragment pain or impair eyesight, but they may irritate. Their removal usually costs around $300.

Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea for Your  Entlebucher Mountain?

Entlebucher Mountains need basic care yearly. As a result, most Entlebucher Mountain owners consider pet insurance essential.

Pet insurance may cover a large portion of costs, providing peace of mind. The correct plan can cover varied actual expenditures if your Entlebucher Mountain isn’t too old or has any ailments.

For pet owners who wish to prepare for their Entlebucher Mountain’s old age, it is recommended that they set aside a small sum of money each month. But this isn’t always enough. Getting decent pet insurance may save you hundreds of dollars in unexpected medical expenses.

Here are the top pet insurance companies in the US, with their benefits and drawbacks:

Figo100% reimbursement option, short wait periods for accident coverageNo dental coverageStarting from $20 a month
Farmer’s Pet InsuranceReceived excellent rating by Better Business Bureau. Has 24 x 7 claims reporting.Some users have paid higher premium ratesStart at $16/month
Embrace Pet InsuranceShort waiting periods for accident coverage, optional wellness plans, 24×7 tele-pet helplineHidden feesBasic coverage starts at $14 a month.

Additional Costs of Raising your Entlebucher Mountain

Entlebucher Mountain parents may have to pay more for their dogs’ well-being in addition to food, training, and treatment.

When it comes to Entlebucher Mountains, the following actions will incur additional costs:

Microchipping and registration

This service may cost up to $45, depending on where you live.

Travel costs

A one-way flight with your Entlebucher Mountain will cost between $125 and $250. You’ll also need an airline-approved crate.

If you can’t bring your Entlebucher Mountain, boarding or a dog sitter are choices. A night in a pet hotel usually costs $30-75. Pet sitters charge $50 to $100 for each visit for dog walking and litter box cleaning services.


Exercising your dog twice a day for thirty min should keep his mind and body healthy. Anxious and even harmful if not exercised regularly. If you can’t walk your dog often, hire a dog walker. Expect to pay $20-$50 for a 30-45 minute walk, depending on where you reside.

Dog grooming

The double-coated Entlebucher Mountain coat is gorgeous yet prone to shedding. So frequent grooming is required. Brush and wash your pet frequently. Basic grooming packages cost between $35 and $50 and include nail clipping, shampooing, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

What Is the Average Cost of an Entlebucher Mountain?

Entlebucher Mountains are more expensive than other tiny breed canines. When planning your pet’s budget, keep in mind the following expenses:

The initial year’s expenses

Entlebucher Mountains cost around $1150. The breeder decides the price. Champion dog puppies may cost up to $3000. There will be additional costs for vaccines, basics like spaying or neutering surgery, toys and bedding, and other medical needs. You’ll also need to provide your dog with good food and treats. As a result, your first year’s costs might go up to $2,000.

Monthly expenses

Monthly dog ownership expenditures include veterinary, feeding, and flea and tick treatments. You may hire groomers, walkers, and trainers too. Depending on your lifestyle, these services should cost between $200 and $500.

Annual expenses (after the first year)

The ASPCA estimates that Entlebucher Mountain will cost $800 to $1000 each year beyond the first year. Dental cleanings, routine medical charges, food and treats, grooming, and pet sitting may all fall under this category.

The Entlebucher Mountain’s life expectancy is 11-15 years. So, ultimately, owning a dog like this may cost between $12000 and $14000.

We hope that this information about Entlebucher Mountain pricing will assist you in planning your Entlebucher Mountain budget.

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