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The fawn coloration of french bulldogs covers a large scale ranging from an elegant pale beige all the way to a pretty dark shade which sometimes features beautiful reddish undertones.

Fawn is one of the french bulldog colors which is accepted by the AKC which makes the purchase of a fawn french bulldog a little less stressful.

By being a registered color with the AKC it means you can easily source a reputable fawn french bulldog breeder and jump on the waitlist for a puppy as soon as possible.

Some breeders will have longer waitlists than others and for some colors, the wait can be even longer due to how rare the color occurs.

Usually, if the breeder has a good understanding of genetics they can predict roughly what color the puppies will be!

However, blue fawn and chocolate fawn are not accepted colors by the AKC since the AKC only accepts the classic golden shade of fawn in french bulldogs.

Health problems

Most colors of french bulldogs carry the possibility of developing blue dog alopecia even ones that are not blue in color.

This unfortunately means your french bulldog may suffer from a dull coat, bald patches, total hair loss, or dry and itchy skin.

It is important to watch out for alopecia developing in your fawn french bulldog as even though the condition is not curable it is manageable with the help of a vet.

Hip dysplasia is another common condition that affects french bulldogs of all colors.

To watch out for the signs of hip dysplasia watch your puppy to see if they can lie down completely flat on their belly with their hind limbs sticking out behind them.

If your french bulldog can manage this then they probably do not have hip dysplasia.

How much does a fawn french bulldog cost?

 So even though the AKC does not accept all the colors of fawn some breeders will still breed and sell all the shades of fawn for a high price!

We will go through the average prices of each color.

 A fawn brindle french bulldog is reasonably rare so can cost at least $4,500. A regular fawn french bulldog is a little more expensive at $5,000 and is a recognized AKC color variation of the french bulldog.

Blue fawn french bulldogs are not a recognized AKC color but they are pretty rare so you can expect to pay upwards of $6,000 for one.

Most variations of the fawn french bulldog can be purchased for under $10,000 unless you choose a puppy with exceptionally good show lines which is truly not necessary to enjoy a french bulldog as a family pet!

 If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our french bulldog article!

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