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If you haven’t already seen a fluffy french bulldog then it is well worth a quick google image search!

These pups are so incredibly cute which has unfortunately meant the demand for fluffy french bulldogs has risen significantly in recent years.

What causes them to be fluffy?

The adorable fluffy coat found on a fluffy french bulldog is due to the long hair gene which is also known as the fibroblast growth factor gene.

This mutation is very rare making the fluffy french bulldog a rare variation of the regular coat french bulldog.

This gene is very rare in french bulldogs but for a french bulldog to be fluffy it must have two of these genes!

What color can fluffy french bulldogs come in?

Fluffy french bulldogs can come in any color that a french bulldog can come in!

Of course, the rarer the color variation, the more expensive the fluffy french bulldog will be.

Do fluffy french bulldogs shed?

Luckily these super cute pups do not shed any more than the average short-haired french bulldog.

Fluffy french bulldogs may have longer hair so it will look like a little bit more hair than a short-haired french bulldog but the amount is pretty much the same when they shed.

Health problems

If you own a fluffy french bulldog you must be careful that they do not become overheated.

Regular french bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their facial shape but fluffy french bulldogs are much more prone to overheating because of their fluffy coats.

How much do fluffy french bulldogs cost?

The demand is exceptionally high for the rare fluffy french bulldog which means almost every breeder who breeds them has a long waitlist.

Even after sitting on a waiting list, you could have to pay as much as $30,000 for your fluffy french bulldog puppy. The minimum price for a fluffy french bulldog should start at about $19,000.

The more unusual color your fluffy french bulldog has and the more the price will rise!

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our article dedicated to the common french bulldog!

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