French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Price

If you don’t want to purchase another puppy then do not google the french bulldog pomeranian mix!

This crossbreed is way too cute and the only warning we have is to have self-control when visiting a litter as you will want to take them all home with you!

What does a french bulldog pomeranian mix look like?

The french bulldog pomeranian mix looks like a typical french bulldog with their snub nose and small size but because of the pomeranian genetics, they have a fluffier coat and extra hair around its pomeranian-style ears.

The french bulldog pomeranian mix is between 6 and 12 inches tall and weighs between 3 and 28 pounds. The color variations of a french bulldog pomeranian mix are black, brown, gray, blue, tan, white, and cream.

What is the personality of a french bulldog pomeranian mix like?

Both the pomeranian and the french bulldog are super sweet, friendly pups that love to shadow their owner throughout the house and this is no different in the french bulldog pomeranian mix.

If you have children then the french bulldog pomeranian mix can be a really good fit for your family. This crossbreed is super kind and friendly with everybody they meet and are more likely to be afraid of something than show aggressive behavior.

From a training point of view, the french bulldog pomeranian mix is usually very smart but a little bit stubborn and cheeky which can be a great challenge for a first-time dog owner.

They love to learn and they love being the center of attention so often thrive in an environment where they can enjoy regular training sessions with their owners.

What health problems can a french bulldog pomeranian mix develop?

The french bulldog pomeranian mix can develop quite a few health problems, which are mainly inherited, from the french bulldog genetics.

The french bulldog pomeranian mix most frequently develops hip dysplasia, heart issues, patellar luxation, eye issues, autoimmune thyroiditis, Legg-calve-Perthes disease, and juvenile cataracts.

Some of these health conditions are more serious than others so if you are intending on purchasing a french bulldog pomeranian mix then we definitely suggest looking into a decent pet insurance policy.

These little dogs have a lifespan of between 10 and 16 years though and are one of the healthier cross breeds involving a french bulldog.

How much does a french bulldog pomeranian mix cost?

The average cost of a french bulldog pomeranian mix in America is between $2,000 and $8,000 which seems pretty high but compared to the price of purebred french bulldogs and Pomeranians the price is not too outrageous!

The price can go even higher if you find a breeder with an extremely good reputation.

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