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The Golden Mountain Dog (GMD) is a hybrid pup that is developed via the crossing of a Golden Retriever (GR) and a Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD). These puppies have acquired some of their parents’ greatest attributes, including being mild-mannered, friendly, and bright. The Golden Mountain Dog is the perfect hybrid for those who love enormous canines but want something more subdued in temperament. But let us discuss much you expect to pay if you want this pet.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Golden Mountain Dog price.

  • Puppy price: $800 to $1400
  • Lifetime cost: $12000 to $18000
  • Yearly cost: $1000 to $1500
  • Monthly cost: $250 to $300

Golden Mountain Dog Cost

The Golden Mountain Dog is an excellent choice for a family pet, whether you’re searching for a new dog, a canine friend for your current pet, or a playmate for your young children. In addition to being very bright and obedient, they are also very devoted and loving. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that they are not suitable as apartment dogs and perform best in areas with cooler temperatures.

Prices for Golden Mountain Dog puppies may range anywhere from $800 to $1400, with some show dog or champion puppies costing as much as $1800 or more. Owning a Golden Mountain dog for the first year might cost anything from $1,800 to $2,800 (including the dog’s cost).  Additionally, after the first year, the annual cost may likely fall to between $1000 and $1500, depending on the situation’s specifics. Finally, expect to spend anywhere from $12,000 to $18,000 throughout your dog’s 9-14 year lifetime.

How Much Does a Golden Mountain Dog Puppy Cost on an Average?

Here is the average Golden Mountain Dog price:

Min Price$800
Max Price$1400
Price Range for Golden Mountain Dogs$800 to $1400
Average Price$1100

You may also adopt a dog from a shelter; many of them have adoption events where you can bring a furry friend home for a small fee (about $200–$250) or even for free. If you choose this route, though, it’s important to get your dog checked out by a vet to ensure

Factors Affecting Golden Mountain Dog’s Cost

Breeder’s reputation

A breeder’s reputation in the industry might have an impact on the cost of a pet. Good breeders usually produce healthy, energetic puppies with excellent temperaments and lineage. Here’s how you can recognize any reputable Golden Mountain Dog breeder:

  • A reputable breeder will provide you with puppy health documentation with pedigree
  • It also provides sufficient references
  • Allow you to meet the pup’s parents


This dog’s price also depends upon its pedigree and ancestry. Typically, a Golden Mountain Dog that has won a dog show or a championship will cost more than a regular pet. Similarly, dogs with a first filial cross (F1) or second filial cross (F2) also affect their price.


Golden Mountain Dog breed Puppies are substantially more expensive than full-grown dogs due to their adorableness and excellent intelligence.


There is a huge fluctuation in the pricing of a Golden Mountain Dog from one place to another. Typically, most Golden Mountain dog breeders are present in colder regions because this breed thrives way better in colder areas. So, the price of this breed in colder regions with abundant breeders is way less than in any hot area where breeders’ GMD are not so common.

Golden Mountain Dog Food Costs

In order to ensure the Golden Mountain Dog puppy’s continued good health and contentment throughout the day, it should be fed between three and four times daily. On the other hand, an adult Golden Mountain Dog has to have two meals each day. Keeping all of this in mind, the monthly expenses for a Golden Mountain Dog will range anywhere from $60 to $100 on average.

Training Costs for Golden Mountain Dog

A Golden Mountain Dog may be trained in a variety of different methods. Regardless of the rules, training is always essential. Golden Mountain dogs who are not adequately socialized or taught may develop behavioral issues. Therefore, it is essential to begin training these high-energy canines as soon as possible.

Individual training for a Golden Mountain Dog typically costs between $35 and $55 per hour. Another alternative that is available and costs less than individual training sessions is group training, which ranges in price from $17 to $24. During this training, your puppy will learn basic instructions as well as get the opportunity to mingle with other puppies.

Golden Mountain Dogs Dog Vaccine Costs

The vaccination of Golden Mountain Dogs is critical to ensuring their overall health. The cost of routine vaccines (parvo, distemper, etc.) ranges from $50 to $75, while other preventative measures, such as deworming, booster vaccinations, monthly checks, or antiparasitic medications, might cost $100 to $150.

Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Golden Mountain Dog Cost?

The following is a breakdown of the costs associated with having a Golden Mountain Dog:

Initial cost

The typical Golden Mountain Dog costs approximately $800 to $1400, while champian pups may cost around $1800.

Additionally, as part of the initial expenditure, you will need to obtain a range of accessories, including a dog bed, leashes, bowls (food and water), collars, and vaccine shots for your pet.

Monthly costs

Monthly expenditures include food, vet charges, and pet insurance. A one-month supply of premium dog food may easily set one back more than one hundred dollars. Save between $250 and $300 every month so that you have enough money for everything.

Yearly expenses

Yearly expenditures of Golden Mountain Dog include some unexpected travels or yearly grooming fees, which may reach $100 to $1500 in some situations.

Total Costs

Golden Mountain Dogs typically live between 9 and 14 years, so be prepared to spend between $12 000 and $18 000 throughout their lifetime. This is only our guesswork. The amount of money you will spend on a dog is going to change based on where you live, how energetic the dog is, and what kind of care you provide it.

We hope that the information presented here will assist you in determining whether or not a Golden Mountain Dog would be a good fit for your family.

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