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Goldendoodle is a popular designer dog obtained by crossing a Golden Retriever with a Standard Poodle or Miniature Poodle. They measure between 20-24 inches at withers and weigh around 70 lb.

If you’re looking to welcome a Goldendoodle puppy to your family, then it is a good idea to estimate how much it costs. This will help you set up a budget and plan your finances. 

This guide tells you exactly how much Goldendoodles can cost.

Goldendoodle Price – How Much is a Goldendoodle in the USA?

We reviewed almost 500 ads to find the exact price of a Goldendoodle puppy in the USA:

  • The average cost of a Goldendoodle puppy in the country is $709.89.
  • The minimum cost of a Goldendoodle pup is $0 as you can find free puppies on Craigslist or even in rescue homes and animal shelters.
  • The maximum price for this breed, from a reputed breeder, is $2500 although some show-quality dogs can go for over $3000 to $5000. 
  • Most Goldendoodle owners spend around $5045 on their puppy’s first-year expenses (including spay/neuter, dog training, medical costs, food costs, etc). After the first year, the price of keeping a Goldendoodle comes to around $2512.
  • The lifetime cost of owning a Goldendoodle is about $31,518.75.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Cost?

Goldendoodle Puppy Cost in the USA

Reputed breeders charge between $1000 and $2500 for this popular dog breed but the national average cost we found for a Goldendoodle puppy was around $700. Some trained or show-quality puppies are often sold for as high as $5000.

You can always consider adopting a Goldendoodle from a rescue home. Most shelters charge $300-$600 and this price often includes the initial vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.

Initial Costs – Equipment and Supplies

Keep your Goldendoodle happy and comfortable with these items:

  • Bed and crate – $50 to $300
  • Bowls – $20
  • Basic grooming supplies (brush, shampoo, nail clippers) – $40-$75
  • Toys (teething toys, rope toys, balls, dental chews) – $10-$40
  • Leash, collar – $10-$50
  • Cleaning supplies, potty pads – $10-$50

Medical Costs for a Goldendoodle 

On average, most pet owners spend nearly $400-$600 per year on medical costs for Goldendoodles. This price will vary greatly based on where you live and also your puppy’s health. The first-year medical costs for puppies are higher since they include spaying/neutering and several vaccinations. 

  • Routine vet checkup – $45 to $120
  • Microchipping -$25 to $50
  • Spaying or neutering surgery – $100 to $500 (spaying is more expensive than neutering)
  • Flea and tick prevention – flea/tick combination treatment averages about USD 50 for a three-month supply.
  • Deworming – Oral dewormers can cost around $15–20 per dose for medium-to-large-sized dogs like Goldendoodles. Topicals and injections can cost $15–35 per dose.
  • Vaccinations – first-year average (low) $115, (medium) $170, and (high) $250.
  • Allergy testing – $200 for a skin test and around $250 for a blood test
  • Emergency hospitalization/surgery – $1000 to $5000.

Goldendoodles, like most hybrid dogs, are generally healthy and hardy with few health issues. Some Doodles are known to develop health problems like hip/elbow dysplasia, PRA, etc. which can cost $1000s to treat. 

Pet insurance is one way of dealing with your beloved puppy’s health-related expenses. Good plans can cover basic vet checkups, vaccinations, and even emergency hospitalizations. Most plans fall between $30-$60 a month.

Dog Food Costs for Goldendoodles

The average adult Goldendoodle needs around 53 lb. of food per month. This will vary based on your Doodle’s age and activity levels, the kind of dog food you feed, and also your pet’s overall health.

  • Budget dog food costs $1.75 per lb. You will spend around $93 per month on feeding your adult Goldendoodle.
  • Medium-range dog food costs $3/lb., bringing the monthly cost to $160.
  • Most expensive or premium dog food costs $4.8 per lb. so you’d spend almost $336 per month and $3960 per year on dog food alone.


Other Costs of Owning a Goldendoodle

Here are some other expenses to consider when budgeting for your Goldendoodle:

  • Grooming – Goldendoodles need a lot of grooming. You can always learn how to groom your dog at home to save money. However, professional dog grooming may be needed from time to time and can cost between $30 and $75 for basic services.
  • Training – Doodles need a lot of training since they are smart dogs but also have a stubborn streak. The average dog training cost in the USA is $40-$120 per session with a private dog trainer. Many Doodle owners are known to spend between $500-$1000 in the first year on dog training alone.
  • Pet/travel/boarding – If you travel frequently, you could spend more than $500 to $750 a year on pet boarding. Alternatively, you can ask a good friend to look after your Doodle for free! Pet sitters charge an average of $45 per day.
  • Dog walker – A dog walker service can ensure that your Goldendoodle gets the exercise it needs. Most dog walkers charge $10-$30 per short walk. This could add to an expense of more than $300 per month.


Summary of Goldendoodle Price

Here are the key takeaways for estimating your Goldendoodle’s price:

Expect to pay anywhere between $0 and $2500 for your Goldendoodle puppy, although top breeders are even known to charge up to $5000 sometimes! The national average cost of a Goldendoodle puppy is around $700.

The first-year cost of owning a Goldendoodle usually comes to $5000 (spaying/neutering, food, vaccinations, training, etc.) After that, expect to spend around $2500 per year on your Goldendoodle. The average lifespan of this hybrid dog is 13 years which can bring your lifetime expense to over $30,000.

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