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No, these french bulldogs are not green and they don’t hate Christmas (although some might!).

The Grinch bloodline is an increasingly in-demand bloodline based out of California and it is found in the french bulldog breed.

Both the Grinch and Seuss french bulldog bloodlines are highly coveted among breed enthusiasts and the lines come with a slightly different appearance than a regular french bulldog.

Grinch french bulldogs are a little more bulldog-looking than other french bulldogs. They are considered to be a literal miniature version of a regular-sized bulldog which is why the bloodline is so popular.

How much does a Grinch french bulldog cost?

The craziest part of the grinch french bulldog isn’t the name, it’s the price! A grinch french bulldog can set you back up to $50,000!

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