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A horror to some and an adorable naked puppy companion to others, the hairless french bulldog is taking the internet by storm! Are you looking to jump on the trend or maybe you just want to know how this even happens to a french bulldog? 

What causes the hairless french bulldog to be hairless?

So technically hairless french bulldogs are not purebred french bulldogs. The hairless appearance is a result of breeding a french bulldog with a pug and a Chinese crested dog. They can come in many colors with black being the current most popular shade and some have small patches of hair on their backs or chests.

Are hairless french bulldogs hypoallergenic?

Even though they are hairless or have very little amounts of hair, the hairless french bulldog is not a hypoallergenic pet!

Health problems

With any hairless animal, there are a few potential health issues that you must take into account especially when walking outdoors.

A hairless french bulldog is much most susceptible to sunburn due to its lack of coat. You may need to purchase a pup-friendly sunscreen or even a UV-resistant lightweight jacket for your pup to wear in the summer to keep them sunburn-free.

The hairless french bulldog can also get colder more easily. With a breed like the Italian greyhound, we would say purchase pajamas for your pet but with french bulldogs, their anatomy can cause heatstroke so finding the correct balance is very important. We never suggest leaving them alone in any outfits for this reason.

How much does a hairless french bulldog cost?

The cost of a hairless french bulldog is surprisingly low. Possibly due to it not technically being a purebred french bulldog but also the low price could be because this is such a new breed, you can find a hairless french bulldog for sale from $1,500. The most expensive hairless french bulldog we found for sale was $4,000 and the breeder was already a highly respected french bulldog breeder.

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our article dedicated to french bulldog cost!

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