Hero K-9 Officer Faust Honored in Tear-Jerking Final Radio Call!




In a scene that could make even the toughest of us shed a tear, a heroic German Shepherd named Faust has been given a heart-wrenching farewell after eight years of dedicated service with the BNSF Railway Police Force in Texas. This brave pooch, renowned for his explosive detection skills, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of the community he served so valiantly.

The Ultimate Send-Off

k9 officer and german shepherd dog in car

Picture this: K-9 Faust, unaware of the emotional storm brewing, takes his final ride in the patrol car alongside his loyal handler, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer. On March 3, 2017, the Fort Worth police force witnessed a moment that will be etched in history. The tradition? A final radio call to honor the retiring officers. But this wasn’t just any officer—it was Faust, the dog who became a legend.

As they sat in the squad car, the dispatcher’s voice crackled over the radio:

> “K-9 partner Faust just completed his last shift after serving as an Explosives Detection and Patrol dog for eight years and one day, and he is now officially retired. Faust, thank you for your service to the BNSF Railway, the communities you’ve served, and most importantly, for serving and protecting your handler. Now, we wish you a well, healthy, and happy retirement. Radio clear.”

Faust’s whimpers could be heard as if he understood the magnitude of the moment, and Officer Schaffer, overwhelmed with emotion, planted a kiss on his faithful friend’s head. The touching video, posted on YouTube on March 6, 2017, has since gone viral, racking up more than 720,000 views.

A Bond Like No Other
k9 officer and german shepherd dog looking at each other in the car

Officer Schaffer’s heartfelt tribute on Facebook said it all:

> “Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift. He is now officially a permanent part of our family.”

But the story doesn’t end there. After three years of blissful retirement with the Schaffer family, Faust passed away in 2020 at the ripe old age of 13. Schaffer’s poignant words capture the essence of their bond:

> “The connection between Faust and me was unlike anything I’ve had with any other dog. He saw me at my best and my worst. He saw me laugh and cry. I spent more time with him than with my own family. We just had something special.”

Legacy of a Hero

german shepherd dog lying on the grass

Faust’s legacy of bravery, enthusiasm, and unwavering spirit lives on. His remarkable service earned him a posthumous induction into the We Ride to Provide (WRTP) Hall of Fame, a fitting tribute for a canine hero.

Faust, you were more than just a police dog; you were a beacon of courage and loyalty. Rest in peace, dear friend. Your legacy will forever be cherished.

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