How Much Does a Collie Cost? A Complete Guide




Owning a Collie can be a rewarding experience but people must understand that there can be many right and wrong reasons for owning a Collie.

Remember that Collies can live for more than 12 years so this purchase requires a lifetime commitment – one that you should be financially and emotionally willing to take on.

Find out all about Collie’s price in this guide.

Collie Price Summary – Here is How Much a Collie Dog Costs

Collie puppies can cost between $800 and $1500 with the national average price being $715.

The first-year cost of raising this herding dog breed is around $4494 whereas the average annual cost after the first year comes to $2247. 

Since Collies live for an average of 12 years, the lifetime cost of owning one can come to $26,964.

How Much Does a Collie Puppy Cost?

Our team analyzed nearly 20 ads to find out the price of a Collie puppy.

  • The minimum price of this cute dog breed was $0 (as the owner could no longer look after the puppy.) However, the minimum price for a purebred Collie dog from a reputed breeder was $800 while the maximum was $1500. 
  • The price of adopting a Collie from the breed-specific shelter was just $375. The shelter also dewormed and vaccinated the dogs.

Other Initial Costs – Equipment for Collies

The basic equipment to buy regardless of whether you are buying a Collie puppy or an older dog includes:

  • Crate with a liner – $50 to $300
  • Bed – $30-$50
  • No-skid anti-tip food and water bowls – $20
  • Basic grooming kit – $30-$50 
  • First aid supplies – $40
  • Leash, collar, body harness – $30-$50
  • Poop bags, and pee pads – $10-$30
  • Balls, outdoor play toys, dental chews – $10-$40


Dog Training Costs for Collies

Collies are herding dogs and they have the instinct of herding small animals as well as kids. They also have a tendency to bark. These behaviors need to be ‘trained’ out from the start. This is why your pet needs obedience training. Different training options have different price tags. Here are some options:

  • Training at home using videos, and books – $10-$50
  • Private trainer coming to your place – $45-$120 per session
  • Group training at PetCo – $40 to $149 for 6 weeks. 
  • Group training packages at PetSmart – 30-min. session: $35 and group classes are $119 for a 6-week package.
  • Board and train – almost $1000 a week.

Medical Costs for Collies

  • Your Collie puppy should be spayed or neutered before 7-12 months of age or as advised by the vet. Spaying costs around $500 while neutering costs about $100.
  • In addition, your puppy will need several vaccinations to guard against parvovirus, influenza, parainfluenza, distemper, etc. Vaccinations cost between $45 and $100 each time depending on the shots given.
  • Routine veterinary checkups can cost almost $45 to $60 per visit depending on where you live.
  • Your Collie will also need protection against external and internal parasites. Protection against external parasites such as ticks and fleas can cost around $150-$200 a year. Likewise, deworming to prevent internal parasites (worms) can cost between $8-$55 for three-month protection.
  • Other emergency costs (accidents, surgery, etc.) – $1000-$4000
  • Collies are susceptible to joint issues, Collie Eye Anomaly, and MDR1 drug resistance. Some of these conditions can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose, treat, and manage.

You can cover all or most of these costs through pet insurance. Pet insurance premiums usually come to $30-$50 per month.

Feeding Your Collie – How Much Does Dog Food for Collie Cost?

Collies measure between 22-26 inches at withers and weigh around 60 lb. Based on this, an adult Collie will need 45.75 lb. of food each month.

  • If you choose low-cost or inexpensive dog food, then the cost is around $1.75 per pound. This brings the monthly expense to $80.
  • Medium-range dog food can cost around $3. This brings the cost to $137 a month.
  • Premium or high-quality food costs around $5 which can bring your monthly cost to $290 or more. The annual cost of dog food alone can be over $3000!

Miscellaneous Costs of Owning a Collie

  • Microchipping – this can help you identify your Collie and find it in case it is lost. The procedure costs around $25-$45.
  • Car safety – If you travel with your pet, you will need a car safety leash for around $9-$45.
  • Grooming – Collies have a double coat that needs grooming every 4-6 weeks. A professional groomer could charge almost $30 per session – based on where you live. Alternatively, you can simply trim your pet minimally at home to save money.
  • Travel – Traveling with your Collie can be an amazing experience and many motels and hotels allow dogs. If not, you can board your pet at a pet hostel for $35 a night.
  • Pet sitters – The average dog sitter’s rate in the USA is $20-$40 a day.
  • Dog walker – Dog walkers charge nearly  $20-$30 for a 30-minute dog walking service.


Summary of How Much Does a Collie Cost?

As can be seen, Collies can be an expensive addition to a household. 

A purebred Collie puppy from a reputed breeder can cost almost $800 to $1500 with the national average price being $715. 

The first-year cost of raising this herding dog breed comes to $4494 (spent on medical, food, and training costs) whereas the average annual cost after the first year comes to $2247 (food, travel, medical costs, pet insurance, etc.). 

Since Collies live for an average of 12 years, the lifetime cost of owning it could come to almost $26,964.

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