How Much Does a Dog DNA Test Cost?




As a dog owner, you could be interested in learning about the canine’s origin or whether or not it has a genetic propensity for a certain disease. The good news is that DNA testing can give you solutions to these mysteries. Nevertheless, what’s the price of a dog DNA test might be the question for many pet parents. In this post, we will discuss the typical cost of a DNA test for a dog, as well as the factors that can have an effect.

How Much Does a Dog DNA Test Cost?

A DNA test for your dog can range anywhere from $50 to $300, depending on the type of test you want. In most cases, the DNA test that is considered the most basic for breed identification costs between $50 and $150. Your dog’s DNA is analyzed in these tests so that breeds that contributed to its genetic composition may be identified.

The price of your DNA test can go up if you want it to be more in-depth and include other services like health screening and disease diagnosis.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Dog DNA Test 

Several factors can impact the cost of a dog DNA test. These include the following:

  • Specific Laboratory: The cost of a dog DNA test might vary based on the laboratory that administers the test. Because of the superiority of the services they provide, certain laboratories could have higher prices than others.
  • Type of test: The cost of a dog DNA test is going to vary depending on the type of test. As mentioned above, the basic breed identification test will be less expensive than a more thorough test that includes health screening.
  • DNA Testing Discounts and Promotions: There is a possibility that certain firms will provide DNA testing discounts or promotions; thus, it is important to look for any such deals.
  • Geographic Location: The cost of a dog DNA test might also vary based on your region. The costs of tests may be higher in metropolitan regions than in more rural ones.

Insurance Coverage for Dog DNA Testing 

The majority of insurance policies for pets do not cover the expense of canine DNA testing. On the other hand, several insurance providers provide extra packages as add-ons that cover genetic testing for various diseases and disorders. It is important to check with your insurance provider to see whether or not they provide this coverage, as well as the particular terms and circumstances that apply to it.

How Accurate Are Tests That Use a Dog’s DNA?

When carried out in a reputable facility, DNA testing on dogs are capable of producing very reliable results. The accuracy, on the other hand, might be affected by factors such as the quality of the DNA sample that is supplied and the breed database that is used for comparison.

How Exactly Do You Take a Sample of a Dog’s DNA?

A cheek swab or a blood sample can be used to collect DNA from a dog. Both methods are acceptable. Swabs taken from the cheek are non-invasive and may be performed at home; however, blood samples must be taken with the aid of a veterinarian.

What Information Can Be Obtained From a Dog’s DNA?

A DNA test on a dog can disclose information on the breed lineage of the dog, as well as potential health problems and other genetic factors. A dog’s age and gender may sometimes be determined using a DNA test.


The cost of a canine DNA test might change based on the kind of test that is performed, the laboratory that does the test, and the location of the geographic area. But on average, it usually lies between $50 to $300. It is essential to conduct research on various organizations and the services they provide to discover a test that is suited to both your requirements and your financial constraints. In addition, certain veterinary clinics and animal shelters may provide DNA testing for dogs at a reduced cost or no cost at all.

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