How much does a dog MRI cost?




Your veterinarian will have a much easier time making a correct diagnosis with the aid of a dog MRI. If your dog needs an MRI and your veterinarian suggests getting one, you may be curious about the Dog MRI Cost, what the process comprises, and how much it generally costs.

The Dog MRI Cost can range anywhere from $2000 to $4000, depending on the level of image complexity, dog age, type of dog MRI scan, the size (height and weight) of your dog, vet reputation, and location of the vet clinic/facility.

Some additional costs

When considering obtaining an MRI for your dog, it’s essential to remember the possible additional costs linked to the Dog MRI Cost.
These additional expenses might encompass the cost of medications, the accommodation of your dog in the clinic if he or she has to stay overnight for further procedures, entry fees, the cost of emergency care, and the cost of prescription drugs if your dog needs them while under anesthesia.

After your dog’s MRI, additional fees may arise based on further treatment or diagnostic imaging your canine companion might need.

Does dog insurance cover MRI?

Diagnostic procedures like MRIs and CT scans, crucial for pinpointing neurological or musculoskeletal disorders in dogs, are often included within comprehensive pet insurance policies.
You can find all the specifics about the Dog MRI Cost and other covered procedures and assessments in the documentation accompanying your insurance policy.

When exploring pet insurance, it’s advisable to choose a policy that offers optimal coverage while also fitting within your budget constraints.

How to get your dog an MRI if you can’t afford the Dog MRI Cost?

If the Dog MRI Cost feels too hefty, consider the following solutions:

  • Look for vet charities, vet teaching universities/colleges, or non-profit organizations that might help ease the Dog MRI Cost for your pet. Numerous establishments assist pets needing expensive medical procedures by offering financial aid.
  • Online crowdfunding platforms can be a way to seek financial support for your pet’s MRI.
  • Sharing your situation on social media platforms can be helpful. Familiar folks or even strangers might be willing to assist.
  • Discuss the Dog MRI Cost with your veterinarian. They might direct you to a more affordable imaging clinic nearby.
  • Research and compare the Dog MRI Cost in different facilities in your locality. Pricing can vary significantly.
  • Explore the option of setting up a payment plan with the clinic if you can’t pay the full Dog MRI Cost upfront.
  • Ask close friends and family for assistance. They might contribute monetarily or offer other means of support.
  • Stay determined! Investigate every available option to ensure the well-being of your pet.

What is the typical MRI wait time for your dog?

Your dog’s MRI duration can differ based on various needs.
Typically, an MRI scan can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours, factoring in the region being imaged, the number of necessary images, and the technician’s expertise.

Factors like the time for the anesthetic to take effect can also play a role.

Generally, expect your dog to be at the clinic for half a day or even a full day, post which you’ll receive the results and a detailed treatment plan.

However, this can vary extensively based on the treatment your dog requires; in some rare instances, dogs might be diagnosed and treated within a few hours.


While magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for dogs is a relatively new inclusion in veterinary practices, it has proven immensely beneficial for diagnosis and treatment.
Typically, the Dog MRI Cost might hover between $2,000 and $4,000, but several factors like the vet’s reputation, clinic location, dog size, age, and type of MRI scan can influence the final amount.

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