How Much Does a Dog MRI Scan Cost For Pregnancy 




MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a technology that lets vets see inside your dog’s body without invasive treatment. It’s used for a range of different treatments and can be used for pregnancy scans. However, it’s significantly more expensive than a pregnancy test, setting owners back a few thousand dollars. 

What Your MRI Quote Includes

You might be thinking: “The vets only need to put my dog into the MRI machine, how can it cost so much?” And that would be a fair question. You see, MRI quotes encompass several different items throughout the MRI appointment. These can include: 

  • Anesthetic
  • Anesthetic monitor 
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Neurological examinations
  • X-rays

Are There Additional Costs?

Not all quotes will include all costs for your dog’s MRI pregnancy scan. The overall fees may include medication costs, admission fees, emergency appointment fees, and the price of anesthesia. Your dog may also need additional treatment post-scan, which can further increase the price. 

How Much Is An MRI Pregnancy Scan For Your Dog?

When considering the factors mentioned above, the amount you pay will vary dramatically from one treatment to the next. With this in mind, here are the average costs you can expect when getting an MRI done for your dog. 

In certain circumstances (such as a problem with the pregnancy,) local clinics or training vet offices will offer an MRI scan for around $1,000. However, this is considerably lower than the average, which is around $2,500. 

This will vary slightly depending on your location, with more expensive states costing around $3,500 for the scan.

If your dog requires a specialist MRI scan for its pregnancy, then specialist clinics will charge around $5,000, but don’t let this price tag scare you. This will only be the case in extreme circumstances if normal scans can’t determine the cause of a problem. 

Fortunately, most pet insurance will cover the cost of MRI scans, depending on your coverage. For example, 90% coverage of a $2,500 treatment will mean you only need to pay $250. 

MRI Pregnancy Scans: An Expensive Option For Pregnancy 

Although a great option for pregnancy, MRI scans aren’t cheap. On average, they’ll cost anywhere between $2,500 to $5,000, which is a big hit for dog owners. If your dog needs additional treatments, this price tag could increase even more. 

Before you start, your veterinary office will provide you with a total price that will break down the cost, so you can be confident going into the scan knowing it’s the best option. 

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