How Much Does a Dog Ultrasound Cost?




Your veterinarian may suggest an ultrasound scan in order to assist in the accurate diagnosis of your pet’s health. Let’s discuss what exactly is the ultrasound and how much does a dog ultrasound cost?

An ultrasound is a type of imaging device that sends sound waves into your pet’s body to create an “image” of a particular body area on the screen.

The cost of ultrasounds for dogs varies, depending on the vet’s reputation, area, type of scan, but, on average, the dog ultrasound costs around $250 to $550.

Factors affecting the cost of ultrasound in dogs

The following factors determine the total cost of ultrasound for your dog:

1 – Location

In larger cities, the cost of a canine ultrasound will likely be more than in smaller areas. If you live in a larger town and drive to a veterinarian in a neighboring low-income neighborhood, you may be able to save as much as thirty percent on the cost of an ultrasound.

2 – Specialized vet

An ultrasound performed by a specialist veterinarian will come at a higher price than an examination performed by a general practitioner veterinarian.

3 – Type of ultrasound (depending upon machines)

B-Mode ultrasounds, which only capture two dimensions, are more cost-effective than more advanced 4D ultrasounds or wireless scanners.

4 – Examined organ/condition

A standard prenatal ultrasound will cost less than an echocardiography heart test since the latter takes more calculations and measurements and therefore has a higher risk of error. Let’s have a look at different ECG costs according to respective organs or conditions.


If your dog is identified with heart disease, your primary care veterinarian may suggest you see one of our experts for a heart ultrasound, often known as an echocardiogram (ECG). These tests are used to assess the general health of your animal’s heart and to search for any anomalies. ECG typically costs around $300 to $400.

Abdominal ultrasound

If your veterinarian finds abnormalities in your dog’s urine/blood tests, they may prescribe an abdominal ultrasound to acquire a clear view of the condition. Abdominal ultrasound usually costs around $300 to $500.

Soft tissue ultrasound

The following are examples of some of the soft tissues in your pet’s body that may be examined with the use of ultrasound technology:

  • Ligaments
  • Eyes
  • Tendons
  • Thyroid glands

If an ultrasound reveals abnormal tissue, your family veterinarian or a veterinary expert may also use the ultrasound to assist in collecting tissue samples from the afflicted region. Soft tissue ultrasounds usually cost around $500 to $550.

Pregnancy detection ultrasound

Since ultrasounds do not use radiation, they are a safe alternative for usage during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Even though ultrasound is not the best method for counting the number of puppies, it is a useful tool for determining the condition. The cost of performing an ultrasound on a pregnant dog might run anywhere from $300 to $500.

Emergency Ultrasound (In case of injury)

If your dog has a medical emergency, an ultrasound can be performed to provide a clear image of what is happening in your pet’s belly and chest by revealing any abnormalities.

Emergency veterinarians can more rapidly diagnose whatever ails your pet using ultrasound scans, which enables treatment to start as soon as possible. Emergency ultrasounds usually cost around $250 to $350.

Does Dog Ultrasounds Fall Under the Coverage of Dog Insurance Policies?

When your dog requires an ultrasound, the very first thing you want to worry about is the bill, whether it’s a normal check or something more substantial. Fortunately, the expense of the surgery can be partially covered by the pet’s insurance policy.

If your dog sustains an injury and requires immediate medical attention, accident-only coverage will reimburse the cost of ultrasounds. In most cases, pregnancy tests and screenings for chronic conditions won’t be covered by insurance unless you also have accidental illness coverage (assuming that the chronic disease wasn’t a prior condition).


An ultrasound can be lifesaving for a dog that is experiencing a critical medical condition; it can facilitate the understanding of diseased organs and pregnancy, and it can monitor changes in your dog’s body following an accident. However, when it comes to the cost of a dog ultrasound, it falls between $250 to $550.

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