How much does a fracture of the jaw treatment cost in dogs?




In this article, we will talk about broken jaws in dogs, how they can happen, and how the vet diagnoses and treats them. And finally how much would the owner have to pay for this sticky and quite painful situation? 

What do we know about fractures of the jaw in dogs?

The upper and lower jaw, also known as the maxilla and mandible are bones that are also prone to fractures, especially when trauma is involved. Between those two, the lower jaw could be broken easily because it is the bone that actually moves, while the upper jaw is fixated on the skull. 

Another reason for fractures in this area is periodontal disease, which means that the bone may decay, making the jaw unstable and more prone to fracture.

Lastly, presence of bone tumor could also dissolve the bone itself, again leading to increased possibility for a fracture.

How do vets treat the broken jaw in dogs?

Normally, everything starts with an examination of the dog, followed by a series of X-rays to determine the exact location and type of fracture.

Stabilization of the mandible is usually done using a wire, which is secured with a special type of resin to make the immobilization even stronger.

Usually, the dog will need to have this for a period between 4-7 weeks. Owners need to be aware that in the beginning, the dog will probably not be happy about what was placed in its mouth, but they need to be persistent. 

Owners need to be aware that the healing process in some cases may last longer because this is an area of the body that is very much used.

Another thing is that the owner should be prepared for the fact that the dog may need to be put on a diet, as they would probably not be able to eat their normal food.

That means dry food will be avoided for the first week. A course of antibiotics will probably be prescribed as well as pain management. 

The owner should expect to pay between $1000 and $2000 for the examination, the imaging, and the surgery. 

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