How Much Does a Rabies Shot Cost for a Dog?




Your dog’s health can be significantly improved by receiving a vaccination against rabies.

The rabies vaccination is an excellent means of avoiding the disease and keeping your dog safe, allowing you to have peace of mind despite the terrifying possibility that your companion may get infected with rabies.

Since rabies may be passed from humans to other people, vaccinating against it is in your best interests. This is of the utmost importance because there is currently no treatment or cure for rabies in either humans or animals.

Additionally, vaccination can prevent rabies, making it the greatest line of defense. But what about its cost? How much does a rabies shot cost for a dog?

The price of a single rabies shot can range anywhere from $18 to $50. Actually, rabies vaccine for dogs is of two major types; 

  1. Rabies vaccine that protects dog for one year (costs around $18-$25 per shot)
  2. Rabies vaccine that protects dog for three years (costs around $25 to $50 per shot)

Factors affecting rabies price include the vet’s reputation, rabies vaccine type, dog age, and the clinic’s location.

How Does the Rabies Vaccine Protect Against the Disease?

The rabies vaccination, like all vaccines, assists in the production of antibodies in your pet’s immune system. These provide protection against the virus that can lead to rabies. The vaccination is entirely risk-free and may be administered to kittens and pups as early as s old.

It is critical for animals to get the rabies vaccine far in advance of any potential exposure to the virus and to adhere to a vaccination schedule to maintain the efficacy of their defenses against the disease. A booster dose for the rabies vaccination is given after the first year.

The following shots are given every one to three years after that, depending on the vaccine product used and the ordinances in place in the area.

Rabies Vaccine Plan for Canines

Two different rabies vaccination schedules are available for dogs: one lasts for one year, and the other lasts for three years (as discussed above).

Regarding the regularity of booster doses, there is only a minute difference between the two, but each effect is the same. For either choice, the first dose can be given as early as three months of age, followed by either a booster shot once yearly for the 1-year vaccination or a booster shot once annually for the 3-year vaccine starting one year after the original shot.

How Can You Keep Your Dog from Getting Rabies?

Rabies vaccinations are required for dogs practically all over the world. The vaccination serves a dual purpose by providing protection not just to the dogs but also to anyone the dogs could bite.

If your dog bites someone, it will be protected by the vaccination that is already in your dog. Because of this, the first question that each person who has been bitten asks is, “Has your dog been vaccinated?” And if your dog has been vaccinated, has it had its most recent shot?

Both you and the individual who was bitten may have peace of mind knowing that the rabies vaccine does not cause virus transmission. Your dog runs the risk of being killed or quarantined if the documentation is not kept up to date.

If there is any doubt, the dogs will be confined for ten days to check if they develop any symptoms of rabies.

In addition to giving your dogs the rabies shot, you should also consider keeping them indoors and preventing them from interacting with other dogs who have not been immunized.

If you have no choice but to take them outside, ensure they are securely attached to a leash at all times, and maintain constant awareness of your surroundings. It is essential to keep skunks and raccoons away from your dogs; they can transmit rabies to them.

Is There a Way to Reduce the Dog Rabies Vaccination Cost With Pet Insurance?

When it comes to providing your dog with the necessary veterinary care they’ll require throughout their life, enrolling them in a high-quality pet insurance policy can be a sensible way to save money throughout their lifetime. But does your insurance cover vaccinations? Especially rabies vaccination?

First things first: it will be determined by the service provider and the plan you choose. It’s possible that getting help paying for things like annual vaccines such as rabies will require you to add a “wellness rider” to your policy.


Rabies is a deadly disease and has the potential to transmit to humans from your furry companion. So, to avoid threatening your and your pup’s life, you must ensure that your pet is proper;y vaccinated against rabies.

There is significant variation in the cost of a single rabies vaccination, which can run anywhere from $18 to $50.

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