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Aural hematomas in dogs can be a painful and alarming issue for pet owners, especially as the affected area of the ear swells up with blood. If left untreated, aural hematomas can cause long-term complications such as scarring and hearing loss. Fortunately, treatment is usually successful when administered in a timely manner, and the cost of aural hematoma dog treatment is generally fairly reasonable. But how much does dog aural hematoma treatment cost?

The cost of aural hematoma treatment for dogs will depend on several factors, such as the size and location of the hematoma, the complexity of the procedure, and whether any other treatments are needed. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$2,000 for your dog’s aural hematoma treatment.

What Is Aural Hematoma in Dogs?

The herm hematoma is used to describe a pool where blood drains outside of the vessels in the surrounding tissue. So this would mean that ear hematoma is a mass of blood that is usually found in the inner side of the ear of the dog and it usually can affect one ear. On rare occasions, it can be found on two ears. This condition is also known as an aural or articular hematoma. 

The reason why ear hematoma forms are because the dog shakes or scratches its head aggressively. Dog’s ears are covered with a thin layer of skin which is very sensitive and blood vessels here are easily damaged. This could lead to an accumulation of blood between the skin and the auricular cartilage, which causes a lot of pain for the dog. 

Even though this is a problem that is more commonly seen in dogs that have big and floppy years, it does not come as a surprise that dogs with short ears are affected as well. 

Causes of Aural Hematoma

Dogs do scratch their ears from time to time and that is normal. Everyone has an itch here and there. But, for them to get an ear hematoma, it means that there has to be another underlying condition. Here are the most common reasons that could lead to the formation of ear hematoma:

  • allergies
  • yeast and bacterial infection in the ear canal
  • skin disease
  • trauma
  • ear mites

Many owners report seeing their dogs being unhappy with their ears before the ear hematoma occurs, and it usually does not take long for it to form.


Symptoms of aural hematoma in dogs can include:

  • Swelling or a soft bulge on the inside of the ear flap, along with redness and tenderness to touch. 
  • The affected area may have a spongy feel when pressed and may feel hot to the touch.
  • Other symptoms may include head shaking and excessive scratching or rubbing of the ears.

Diagnosis of Aural Hematoma in Dogs and Its Cost

Whenever you bring your dog to the vet, with a swollen ear it does not take a lot for the vet to be certain what has happened. This type of injury is so specific that we as vets are pretty sure what’s wrong with your dog even after talking to you. But, in cases like this, what is actually more important is that we need to find out what led to this unpleasant situation. 

The first thing all vets do is a regular physical examination. In cases when the dog has pain in the ear, the dog would not be happy if the vet tries to touch it or even look inside it. That is why we always recommend for the dog be sedated, because this is the safest way for the vet and the dog, to get to the bottom of this. 

When the dog is sedated, the vet performs an examination of the ear in order to determine what caused your dog to shake its head so aggressively. Sometimes samples for microbiology will be taken and after that, the ear will be cleaned, if it needs cleaning. 

The vet may also try to take a sample with a needle from the hematoma, just to determine whether it’s only blood inside, but not an infection as well. If the vet suspects an allergy, he may suggest an allergy test be done as well.

Cost of Diagnosing

The cost for diagnostics and treatment of aural hematoma in dogs can range from around $50 to $250.

Treatment of Aural Hematoma in Dogs and Its Cost

As we already mentioned above, the reason why an ear hematoma occurs in dogs is that there is always an underlying reason for it. So the first thing that the vet has to do is treat it. The hematoma itself is usually treated surgically and your dog may need to have the cone of shame for a couple of weeks. This is only to prevent it from scratching and ripping the sutures open.

Ear hematoma could resolve on its own, but we don’t recommend you leave your dog untreated. First and foremost, they are painful. The second reason is that if you have an ear infection that is not treated, it could lead to potentially more serious consequences. To read more about ear infections, please follow this link.

Treatment for aural hematoma in dogs typically includes draining the accumulated blood and correcting any underlying causes such as ear mites, infections, foreign bodies, or allergies. 

  • This may involve cleaning the ear canal and treating it with antibiotics or topical medications depending on the cause. 
  • Surgery may also be an option to remove the accumulated blood and suture the edges together.

Cost of Treating Aural Hematoma

The cost of treatment will depend on the underlying cause and severity of the aural hematoma.

  • Vet examinations and lab tests may cost from $50-$250.
  • Anesthesia costs may range from $90-$1200.
  • Hospitalization fees can vary but typically range between $600-$1,200.
  • Medications cost between $25-$200.
  • Follow-up checkups cost range between $50-$250.

Prevention of Aural Hematoma in Dogs and Its Cost

The best way to prevent an aural hematoma in your dog includes:

  • Keep their ears clean and inspect them regularly for any signs of irritation or infection.
  • If your dog has allergies, make sure they are properly managed to reduce the risk.
  • Make sure your dog is not engaging in excessive scratching, head shaking, or other behaviors that may traumatize its ears.
  • Regular visits with your veterinarian will help ensure that any underlying ear conditions are diagnosed and treated before they become serious.

Cost of Preventing Aural Hematoma in Dogs

The cost of these preventative measures will depend on the care your pet needs and can range from $25-$200.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Treating Aural Hematoma in Dogs

There are several factors that can affect the cost of treating aural hematoma in dogs.

  • The first factor is the size and location of the hematoma. Smaller hematomas may require less treatment than larger ones, and depending on where it is located, some treatments may be more or less expensive.
  • The extent of the underlying cause will also affect the cost, as well as the type of treatment chosen.
  • The experience and expertise of the veterinarian performing the procedure will also be a factor in determining costs.  
  • Any complications that may arise during or after the procedure can affect the cost as well.

Final Thoughts

Aural hematoma in dogs is a common condition that can be treated and prevented with the proper care. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing further damage or discomfort for your pet, so it’s important to consult with your veterinarian if you notice any signs of swelling or pain in your dog’s ear. Treatment costs will vary depending on the size and location of the hematoma and can range from $300-$2,000.

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