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How Much Does Blood Work Cost for a Dog?

Published on November 15, 2022
Written by Dog Pricing

Complete blood count (CBC) and blood chemistry profile are the two main blood test results that provide an overall picture of your dog’s health.

They can assist in diagnosing issues such as malnutrition, infection, anemia, and inflammation.

Examining the dog’s blood can also reveal essential information regarding the functioning of the organs in your pet. For instance, it can assist in the diagnosis of renal disease as well as liver disease.

But what about its cost? How much does blood work cost for a dog?

The cost of dog blood tests might range anywhere from $150 for a simple examination to $2000 if a series of complex tests are required.

Therefore, If the dog does not have health insurance, the cost of the complete blood work will likely be somewhere between $200 to $1000.

Please note though that the cost of living varies from state to state and area to region, which means that prices will fluctuate accordingly.

The cost of most blood tests accounts for the specialized equipment and personnel required to carry them out, as well as the expenses incurred by the laboratory in order to process the results.

Most veterinary clinics put a lot of effort into maintaining costs at reasonable levels, with the goal of attracting as many pet parents as possible.

It is essential to remember that blood testing outcomes can vary not only between various labs but also between different times of the day.

For this reason, it is essential to compare the present results with those from the past in order to search for patterns in your dog’s health.

After completing the blood testing on your pet, your veterinarian will get in touch with you to discuss the test findings. If the results of the blood test come back abnormal, then it is possible that additional testing will be suggested.

This may consist of ultrasound or some other form of cutting-edge diagnostic testing.

You will also receive a copy of the results of the blood work performed on your pet from your veterinarian.

Additional Costs

If your veterinarian cannot tell what is happening with your canine companion after doing blood tests, they may suggest you have them perform a urinalysis instead.

This is a regular diagnostic test performed on your dog’s urine to determine how well the kidneys are working and identify issues in the urinary system, such as infections. In addition, a urinalysis can assist in the diagnosis of diabetes as well as cancer that affects the urinary system.

The cost of urinalysis for a dog often ranges from $80 to $100 on average. Your veterinarian may suggest more testing; however, this will be determined by the symptoms and alterations in your dog’s behavior.

If your veterinarian suggests that you get a test or procedure done, make sure to ask them how much it will cost in advance and whether or not your dog insurance will cover it.

Does Canine Blood Testing Fall Under Pet Insurance’s Coverage?

As long as the dog blood tests are not required as part of normal, preventative care for the treatment of pre-existing conditions, the expense of having them performed on a dog is typically covered by pet insurances.

Dog blood work is generally regarded as a diagnostic service by most pet insurance companies. An X-ray is another popular diagnostic procedure typically covered by dog insurance policies.

Get in touch with your insurance company and ask whether or not the blood testing your dog needs will be covered under your policy for pets. Your dog’s health insurance provider will most likely refund you for the cost of the procedure if it is determined that the expense was covered correctly.

Because of this, it is essential to request a receipt from your veterinarian’s office once the blood test has been completed. Your claim will be processed without any complications if you proceed in this manner.

Are blood tests absolutely important for dogs?

The majority of medical treatments require some sort of blood work. Before any medication or surgery is administered to an animal, it is critical to do bloodwork testing in order to evaluate the animal’s overall health.

The level of white blood cells, which is the most critical indicator of the health of a dog’s immune system, can be determined through a series of tests. During the blood test, they will also look for things like glucose, levels of digestive enzymes and proteins, as well as endocrine hormones.

The presence of particular compounds can either point to an ailment that has not yet been identified or help a veterinarian evaluate how effectively a known illness is being treated.

Without prior bloodwork analysis, invasive medical treatment or surgery on the dog could pose significant risks to the animal’s health.


Your veterinarian can discover any hidden diseases or other health problems that your dog may be struggling with by performing bloodwork on your dog. Furthermore, dog blood tests may cost anything from $150 for a regular examination to $2,000 for an array of advanced procedures.

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