How much does dog ear infection treatment cost?




Ear infections are unfortunately one of those unpleasant visits to the vet’s office. Usually, the dogs may come in very much pain which means that they won’t be happy whenever the vet tries to look inside their ear and see what is happening.

How do dogs get ear infections?

The most common reason for infection of the ears is bacteria and yeast. They both normally live in the ear canal but sometimes the circumstances for them become better and they start to multiply more, causing an unpleasant feeling, pain, and yucky stuff in the dog’s ear. 

Usually, this is seen in dogs that have long ears, which means that this type of ear does not get proper ventilation. Breeds like the Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, and Beagle are more prone to infections. The reason is that the ear is prone to holding off the excess moisture because there is not enough airflow in and when you combine humidity and warmth, you have a paradise for party time for the bacteria and yeast. 

I think my dog has an ear infection

The easiest way for an owner to notice that something is wrong with his dog’s ears is when they start scratching them. Usually, a dog who is in pain will not be happy if someone is touching him in this sensitive area. Another way to know is that dogs who have ear problems tend to flap their ears a lot, like trying to shake off something and they tend to try and rub their head on the ground.

In many cases, the owners may notice that the dog ears are very smelly and that they may be wet. The reason for that is that they may be filled with pus that has an unpleasant smell and which is why most owners bring their dogs for a check-up.

What can lead to ear infections in dogs?

Sometimes owners love to give a bath to their dogs and they may end up filling their ears with water. Even Though this may not sound scary, it is a way it can very well be, especially if your dog has long floppy ears. Other times is that dogs love to stick their heads in bushes and branches whenever you take them for a walk. Foreign bodies can travel down the ear canal and stay there, causing pain and infection. The third reason for an ear infection is allergies, which means that resolving the ear infection does not solve the problem, as it can occur again in a short amount of time.

Types of ear infections in dogs

Usually, the most commonly seen case of ear infection is something called otitis externa. This is an infection of the outer part of the ear canal, and it is usually treated locally and with some help from antibiotics or antifungals given with food. 

The second type is more serious and it is called otitis media, which is an infection of the middle ear. This develops when the otitis externa is not treated or it is not treated completely. 

The third most serious type is otitis interna where the dog may show signs like walking in circles or loss of balance because the infection now has reached and is affecting the center for balance. 

Are ear infections in dogs easily treated and how much does it cost?

Depending on the severity, the dog will probably suggest different opinions. Sometimes regular washing with special solutions and some antifungals and antibiotic ointments are only prescribed. In more severe cases the dog may need to be hospitalized for more advanced veterinary care.

The treatment for an ear infection in a dog may be between $150 and $1500 or more.

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